MHW Iceborne Builds – Heavy Bowgun Meta Guide [2020 MR Kulve Taroth]

Similar to Light Bowgun, the appearances of Master Rank Kulve Taroth doesn’t change much for the Bowgun family.

The previous Taroth HBG – Taroth Assault “Glutton” can now be upgraded to Rarity 11 with 330 Damage, but this is still behind the Safi’s Burstcannon (With Awaken Skill can reach 428 Damage)

MHW Iceborne HBG Build – Armor

Similar to Light Bowgun, you can now use the Raging Brachy Chest and Waist for Agitator Secret unlock and 5 points in Agitator, the rest can be supplemented with Challenger Jewel 4.

Safi’jiiva are used for Dragonvein Awakening – the current meta for damage focus build, this skill is combined with Resentment (Increase Attack damage when you have the red portion of HP)

HBG Build Jewels

  • Spread Jewel 3
  • Release/Vitality Jewel 4
  • Critical Jewel 2
  • Tenderizer Jewel 2
  • Attack Jewel

MHW Iceborne HBG Build – Best Heavy Bowguns

Safi’s Burstcannon

Mentioned previously in my best Heavy Bowgun compilation post, this Heavy Bowgun is currently your best option for Spread build even with the updated version of Kulve Taroth Heavy Bowgun.

Safi’s Snipecannon

Another Safi’jiiva Heavy Bowgun. This one specialize in Pierce Ammo with the focus on Wyvern Snipe

The only change to this build is you swap out the Spread Jewel 3 for the Pierce Jewel 3 instead

Demonlord Beastmaster

The king of the jungle – Furious Rajang with 450 Raw Damage and 10% Affinity will give you a powerful boost to the Normal Ammo.

Similar to Pierce and Spread build, you will need Forceshot Jewel 3 to empower the Normal Shot.

Magda Gemitus Vulcan

For Sticky build, you will never go wrong with the classic Magdaros build. Combine this with the Zorah armor set for Artillery Secret, knocking out monster and deal serious damage is your specialty.

Kjarr Assault [Insert Element] Heavy Bowgun

Master Rank Kulve Taroth allow you to get materials to upgrade all the Elemental HBG. This is where elemental HBG Build shine.

All Kjarr Heavy Bowgun comes with Critical Element and can be boosted with Level 4 Elemental Jewel.

MHW Iceborne Heavy Bowgun Builds – Builds Compilations

These below builds used the above Heavy Bowguns with a different focus on Ammo Type. Depend on your liking, you can pick between Spread/ Pierce or Normal Ammo.

For a more focused builds, you can pick the elemental builds below for monster that are weak to corresponding elements

MHW Heavy Bowgun Spread Build

Heavy Bowgun Mods

  • Close x 4
  • Special x 1

This is one of the general purpose build for Heavy Bowgun and can be used in both solo play and SOS helping.

You got a decent DPS from Close Range mods as well as the focus on Spread Ammo. Release Jewels give you a boost to ammo. Agitator adds more damage to your shots when the monster is angry.

Similar to other Safi’jiiva builds, the Dragonvein Awakening combine with Resentment add a huge boost to DPS.

MHW Heavy Bowgun Pierce Build

Weapons – Safi’s Snipecannon

Although Pierce Ammo may give an impression of an Sniper who standing far away and dealing damage, in Monster Hunter, you still need to close in to get the most out of any range builds.

This build still use 3 x Close Range Mod, Power and Special mod is used to boost the Wyvern Snipe damage.

The difference compares to Spread build is the Pierce jewel 3 – which is a no brainer to boost the Pierce Ammo Damage.

MHW Heavy Bowgun Normal Ammo Build

Weapon – Demonlord Beastbuster

Mods used

  • Recoil x 1
  • Reload x 1
  • Close Range x 2
  • Special x 1

This build is used mainly for the insane damage from Furious Rajang’s Heavy Bowgun (450 + 10% Affinity)

Forceshot Jewel 3 x 2 will be used instead of Spread or Pierce to boost your damage.

MHW Heavy Bowgun Build Sticky Ammo

Weapon – Demonlord Beastbuster

The Furious Rajang’s Heavy Bowgun can still be used as a Sticky Heavy Bowgun thanks to it’s support for Sticky Ammo 3

MHW Heavy Bowgun Builds – Elemental heavy Bowgun

Weapons – Any Kjarr Assault Variant

This build used the full Safi’jiiva Armor Set, for a full sync on Resentment and True Dragovein Awakening.

Depend on your goal’s elemental selection, you will need the corresponding elemental jewels to boost up the damage.

Mods used

  • Reload Up x 3
  • Power x 1
  • Special x 1


Master Rank Kulve Taroth is currently the latest title update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. While this update allow you to use all those fancy Kulve Taroth weapons once again, it is mostly benefit the elemental builds. This makes the previous meta (Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang) is still viable.

For Heavy Bowgun, you can still use the Furious Rajang’s Heavy Bowgun for both Normal and Sticky Build.

The builds above are taken from the awesome work at reddit, you can check out other Heavy Bowgun builds in this albulm

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