Nioh 2 Build Guide – Spear – Thousand Thrust

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Nioh 2 Spear Guide

Spear is one of the five main weapons back in Nioh (prior to the DLCs) Spear is very friendly to new players as it’s main stat is Constitution – which provides the biggest increment to your HP Bar.

Spear has good reach and good targeting combo (Thrusting) If you are new to Nioh series, then Spear is definitely a good choice to pick up and play.

Nioh 2 Build – Thousand Thrust

This build use heavier armor compare to other builds, this mean you will need some Stamina and Strength to be able to wear these armor effectively.

Spear build can also benefit from Heart as Spear also has some combos that require a moderate amount of Ki.

There are no main Active Skill to dealing damage in this build, but your most common used attack is High Stance combo to Piercing Rain.

This skill get bonuses from the armor set Warrior of the East

With that said, this Build can also benefit from other Armor set like

  • Red Demon Armor
  • Mataza’s Armor

Nioh 2 Spear Build Skill

Below are must have skills for this build

  • Piercing Rain
  • First, Second and Third Rule of Thrusting – This increases your Piercing Rain damage
  • Relentless I, II, III – Increase Ki for more combo.
  • Merciless Barrage – This replaces your Grapple skill and receives a bonus from Warrior of the East armor set
  • Spear Flourish – This allow you to counter the enemies if they are trying to attack during your recovery animation.

Nice to have Skill for Spear

  • Wild Spear – Can be used when you are confident with your damage.
  • Windmill – This skill has the potential of some good damage, but is a little slow for my taste.

Nioh 2 Spear Serect Skills. These skills require you to fight certain bosses to obtain

  • Bracing Breeze – A counter Skill from Mataza
  • Triple Threat – Another new skill from Nioh 2. This also comes from Mataza

Nioh 2 Spear’s Mystic Art

  • Stability – This empower your Thrust damage and increase the range of Spear attacks

The rest of your skill points can be put to Melee Mastery to increase Spear Damage.

Nioh 2 Spear Build – Stat

Your main stat for a starter Spear build is Constitution

At 99 Constitution increases your HP by 2395 – This makes Spear build more durable compare to other builds like Dual Sword or Hatchets

Spear Stat Scale

At 99 Strength increase 170 Attack to Spear
Same thing for Skill

For Stamina, you will need around 15 to comfortably wear the Warrior of the East armor set. As Strength can also increase equipment weight (although at a super low level) You can put points to Strength when you need some minor boost to equipment weight.

You will need around 30 Magic for this build for some light use of Onmyo Magic. This is mainly for Weakness Talisman and some elemental Talisman to boost your damage.

If you prefer Dexterity over Onmyo Magic, then by all means, go ahead! There is a very specific set for Ninjutsu and Spear – The Iga Jonin Armor Set!

Nioh 2 Spear Build
Nioh 2 Ninjutsu Spear, why not?

The final stat for Dream of the Samurai Spear build is like this

Nioh 2 Spear Build – Armor Set

It’s not very hard to find a Spear Armor set in Nioh 2. During my playthrough, there is more than 5 Armor Set with a specific buff for Spear! (Crying in Tonfa)

For this build, we use the one from Honda Takatsu – Warrior of the East. This armor set has the following bonuses

  • Merciless Barrage Damage + 25% – This is a quick buff to your new Grapple
  • Damage Taken -3%
  • Melee Damage +4%
  • Attack Bonus (Constitution) A

The 5 Pieces options are very powerful, this straight-up increases your Spear Damage, and also increase other weapon damage if you use this armor along with the new weapon.

Over the course of progressing through the story, you also encounter other Spear users, and each of them will have their own set and bonuses for Spear.

The Red Demon armor also makes a return from Nioh. However, as Li Naomasa does not appear in Nioh 2, you will get this armor randomly after chapter 4. The Red Demon Armor set has a strong focus on Fire Elemental and boosts your Spearfall Damage

On Dream of the Strong, you can get Yasakani Magatama – This little item will reduce the Armor requirement for set by 1. This allows you to mix and match between different armors.

I personally combine Warrior of the East and Mataza Armor. With the Spear on the second slot and the accessories from Mataza set, you will get the Melee Damage 4% as well as Attack and Defense increase for Spear!

Nioh 2 Spear Build – Onmyo (Ninjutsu) Magic Tree

For Spear, you are good to go with the raw damage build, as Spear has a powerful High Stance Attacks and is easy to control. You don’t need to solely focus on any Active Skill, as the Spear base attack is pretty powerful. The normal combo is High Stance Light Attack >> Flourish and occasionally perform the Piercing Rain if the enemy has openings.

Following the same vein of previous Onmyo Magic builds (Switchglaive, Hatchets, Odachi) You can easily integrate Onmyo to Spear build with around 25 – 30 Magic.

Spear build can benefit from Onmyo Magic (Or Ninjutsu Skill) greatly, for this build, I put 30 Points in Magic, and upgrade the Onmyo Magic skills to have the following

  • Barrier Talisman III – This helps your Spear combos easier to manage
  • Fire/Lighting/Water/Purification Talisman (Depend on your liking)
  • Weakness Talisman – To increase the attack enemy receive
  • Sloth Talisman – In case you want to finish the fight more quickly.

Fire Spear Build

If you decided to add a little flame to your Spear, then Red Armor is your best option. This Armor set has a 5 pieces bonus of increase damage to Scorched Enemies.

Another Armor set sync with Fire element is the Brilliant Strategist armor set. This set has a strong focus on Fire and can boost your Attack significantly.

Nioh 2 Spear Build – Guardian Spirits

In this build, Atlas Bear is picked thanks to it’s 5% Damage bonus to melee damage, this straight up increase your normal attack as well as Skill Damage.

For secondary Guardian Spirit, Makami is picked for a small boost to Final Blow Damage

If you decided to integrate Elemental to Spear build, the following Guardian Spirit is great for the respective elements

  • Shin-Roku – Lighting
  • Yatagarasu/ Nine Tails – Fire
  • Isanagami – Water

Nioh 2 Spear Build – Souls Core

Magatsu Warrior Soul Core

  • Active Skill Damage 2%

Enki Soul Core

  • Melee Damage vs Human

Nioh 2 Spear Build – Playstyle

In this build, your best combo is High Stance Light Attack follow by Piercing Rain to clear out the small enemies. With this build, you can easily clear out those annoying Gaki or Skelenton Warriors before they even reach you.

The Mid Stance Strong Attacks are all thrusting, and can be used to poke the enemies from afar

High Stance Light Attacks >>> High Stance Light Attack >>> Piercing Rain (When opponents have an opening >>> Repeat

For Human enemies, the approach is the same, but you can poke them and combine with Flourish in between High Attacks, this will deplete the Ki Bar allow you to perform Merciless Barrage more quickly.

Lighting Shikigami (Or other Shikigami) and debuff can be fire directly before the fight to make fights easier. As you got the most HP out of this build, one shooting is harder compared to other weapons. This reduces the number of frustration deaths.

Dream of the Strong Playstyle (NG+)

Strength can be a secondary stat for Spear

On Dream of the Strong difficulty, you can pick other Stat to focus on, Both Strength and Skill has a C scale with Spear, making combine this with Odachi or Dual Sword is super easy!

If you still want to empower your Onmyo Magic on Dream of the Strong, then continue to boost your Magic and unleash more debuff to your enemies!


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