Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Water Element Odachi

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The Odachi is one of the two DLC weapons of Nioh. This weapon makes a come back in Nioh 2 as one of nine weapons in the game.

Nioh 2 Odachi Guide

Odachi is introduced firstly in Nioh as a DLC Weapon, at first, it has the impression of a faster Axe only, but over time, players come up with many powerful builds using this Japan Great Sword.

I was on the same wagon too! Back then the Moonlight Swordsman Build did come out!

Odachi is good to break the opponent Ki with Crashing Wave, and finish them off with Finish Blow.

Odachi Playstyle in Nioh 2 remains much of the same, and you can still refer to that old guide for some info on the Active Skills needed. However, with some new armor set, Nioh 2 does have some interesting builds for the Odachi.

For Yokais, skill like Moonlit Snow with around six successive slashes can deal devastating damage with the right build. This build focus on increasing the damage received of the enemies with the Saturated Effect and follow up with Skill to finish the fight.

Nioh 2 Build – Odachi – The Water Demon

This build takes inspiration on one of the boss in the game – which is still trigger some PTSD for me on Dream of the Samurai.

The build will utilize some light Magic for Water Talisman and Water Shikigami. This is for Saturated effect – which comes from Water elemental. This ailing status will increase the damage receive for the enemies. With the power of the Odachi, this build is one of your best one for clearing out Yokais and bosses in quick manner.

Another need for this build is Carnage Talisman, this is to trigger the special bonus of an armor set for this build.

The Magic build has had a bad influence on me after the Switchglaive build and Hatchets build previously.

If you already follow an Onmyo Magic build, this build is pretty easy to pick up.

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Stat

Odachi has B+ Scale with Strenght, but it is quite different compare to your usual B+ Scale. The initial Damage Up is 4, meaning the Odachi users have a small damage boost at some level compared to the rest of the weapons.

In below screen, with the same Stat in Strength and Magic, Odachi has 28 Attack boost compare to the normal 27 Damage Boosts

I find out this in my Nioh 2 Attack Damage Calculator – a stimulation of Nioh 2 Level Up screen.

Odachi Stat Scale

B+ Scale
C+ Scale
C+ Scale

The Odachi is one of those weapons that does not have a D+ Scale with any stat. With C+ Scale to Stamina, you can also safely wear any heavier armor with Odachi build with a second stat of Stamina.

For this build, your main stat is still Strength

  • B+ Scale – +2
STRENGHT is the main stat for Odachi

The Second Stat that scale with Odachi is Heart

The final stat is Stamina, which also has a C+ Scale with Odachi in Nioh 2

As you will need around 25 – 30 Magic to use some of the Talisman, make sure you had some room for this stat as well. The rest of the stat should be distributed to Strenght or Constitution for the armor (Constitution is around 15 is good for this build)

Below is a typical Odachi Stat build for Dream of the Samurai (Level 99)

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Skills

Nioh 2 Best Odachi Skills

  • Twin Moon – This is mostly used when you don’t have the opening for below Active Skill.
  • Crashing Wave – For depleting Human Enemies Ki bar
  • Moonlit Snow – This is your main way to deal with damage to Boss and Yokais.
  • Devastating Thrust – To open the fight with style.

The rest of the points can be put into Melee Damage boost for Odachi (After you unlock the Mystic Art) Or you can put points on other Active Skills base on your liking.

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Weapon

This build uses the Sekishu Kazusada as the main weapon. Before this weapon, these Odachis are good to use.

  • Sunderer – Get an increment in Melee Damage (4%)
  • Jiro Taichi – Strong Attack Damage 6%
  • Bloodstained Blade – Melee Damage vs Zero Ki Enemies

Below are some options to Temper for the weapons

  • Active Skill Damage
  • Saturation Accumulation
  • Break
  • Active Skill Ki Damage
  • Moonlit Snow Damage Increment (A little hard to get)

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Armor Set

Moon Prayer Armor Set

The Armor set in this build is the Moon Prayer Armor set. This is for the Seven Misfortunes, Eight Hardships bonus

At three pieces you will get a boost to 5% Melee Damage and you got Scorched/Saturated/Electrified a little longer. Seem like a bad thing, but this is the trade-off for getting 5% Damage early than other sets.

This trait is compensated by the Damage Bonus (Ailing) on 4 Pieces Bonus.

Next off, you will get an 18% Reduction on Damage Taken under the bad Ailing Status

Finally, with all 6 Pieces equipped, you will have a 25% Melee Damage bonus – one of the strongest boost out there. But this comes only when your HP is flashing.

This Armor set is your best bet for a powerful boost to damage, but this requires some skills to play as most of the time you are inflicted with an ailing status.

The best way to trigger ailing status on yourself is using buff like Carnage Talisman – This buff will apply a Defense Down as well as boosting your attack.

Onmyo Warrior Armor Set

Another good Armor set to use with Odachi in Nioh 2 this time is the Onmyo Austerity. This armor set drops by doing the optional quest provided by the character in Interim.

Onmyo Warrior has the following bonus

  • Onmyo Magic Power +25
  • Devastating Rush Damage +15%
  • Reduce Attack when hitting an enemy with Onmyo Magic
  • Damage Bonus scale with Onmyo Magic Power

This Armor set comes with the Great Kanemitsu, an Odachi with no innate attribute. This means you can customize the options of this Odachi with Tempering.

However, consider using this if you want to focus more on Magic on your second playthrough on Dream of the Strong, as you may not have enough stat to get out most of the benefit from this interesting armor set.

On Dream of the Strong, you can use Yasakani Magatama to combine bonuses from the Armor Set.

Nioh 2 Odachi build – Onmyo Magic Tree

Water,Water, Water

This build is all about dealing the most damage to the enemies – which means you either boost up your own attacks or make them more receptible to damage. The Saturated effect does just that. After get inflicted by this effect, the enemies will receive more damage from your attacks.

You will need Water Talisman and Shikigami on this build to trigger a saturated effect.

Another must-have Talisman for this build is Carnage Talisman, which will enable the armor set effects.

On Dream of the Strong, when you have some more points to spend on Magic, try out other utilities Talisman like Sloth, Weakness Talisman.

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Guardian Spirits

You can easily use the Usura-Hicho for Water Damage buff.

But the best Guardian Spirit for this build is Isanagami – the blue whale with a castle on it’s back.

Isanagami straight up gives you 250 Life with it’s a base bonus, and with a combination of Strenght and Constitution of 42, you get the Melee Damage bonus vs Saturated Enemies. This is by far have nothing to complain!

Nioh 2 Odacchi Build – Soul Cores

Any Ki break enhancement build is enough for this build, for starter, Enki Soul Core is a good pick.

To maximize your Damage with Saturated Enemies, Gyuki Soul Core will be used as this also increase your Damage by 10%

Namahage Soul Core is also a good match for this build with the Melee Damage bonus against Zero-Ki Enemy.

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Water Demon Playstyle

Your first priority is to apply the Saturated Effect. If you have some spare points in Onmyo Magic, try using the Lighting Shikigami as well to slow down the enemies. Next off is Carnage Talisman, this will apply a Defense Down status to the monster, triggering the Damage Bonus from the Armor Set.

What make this build powerful is the damage buff you receive from the Saturated Effects, combine this with the already powerful Odachi, you got yourself one of the best weapons for speed run Nioh 2.

The rest is simple, you can either perform a quick Moonlit Snow (For Yokais) or depleting Human enemies Ki Bar with Crashing Wave.

Dream of the Strong Playstyle

If your main stat is Strength in the first playthrough, you can focus on Magic on Dream of the Strong and combine bonus from Onmyo Magic and Odachi powerful Active Skills.


This is my third build that still utilizes Onmyo Magic! The previous builds are

Switchglaive Onmyo Glaive Master

Hatchet Build – The Fire God (Technically using Water Talisman at some point, but still utilize other Talisman)

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