Nioh 2 Build Guide – Hatchet Build – The Fire God

I have just created the Nioh 2 Stat Calculator! With the quarantine, I am not sure what to do so I have decided to develop a calculator similar to the level up screen.

Select the weapon on the right table – As Nioh Damage scale with your level, this should be input by your choice. The purpose of this calculator is to give you an overview of Nioh 2 Stat, and show you what weapon pair can be used again each other.

With this, I was able to realize what is some of the best weapon pairs in the game. My first build in Nioh 2 was using mainly the Switchglaive and rely heavily on Onmyo Magic.

With the new Calculator, While there are several stats that scale with multiple weapons. I realize that the Magic stat only scales as a D+ stat with Hatchets – which means you can switch to Hatchets with some focus on Onmyo Magic on Way of the Strong.

This lead to my current build the Onmyo Hatchets – which does not require you to master the Magic stat, but can, later on, switch to other weapons pretty easily as Skill scales with a wide number of weapons.

Nioh 2 Hatchet Guide

The Hatchet is one of the two new weapons in Nioh 2 – This stat scale with Skill (similar to Dual Sword)

Hatchet Pros and Cons

-Can initiate attacks from afar
– Powerful Throw with the Right build
– Can deal good damage with Lethal Barrage
– Short Reach
– Require some time to master the throwing mechanic
– Some throwing Active Skill does not combine pretty well

The most special trait of the Hatchet is the ability to throw the Hatchet in all stances. Each stances feature a different throwing animation and deal a varying amount of damage. This allows you to perform some primitive strike before the enemy approach. With the right buff, this can deal a pretty devastating amount of damage for the enemy far away.

Nioh 2 Build – The Fire God

This build uses a light amount Of Magic to utilize the Fire Talisman, Shikigami and the … for a boost on the damage. This build

Nioh 2 Hatchets Build Skill

While Hatchet specialty is throwing, I find just standing afar and throwing out the Hatchet is a little boring. This build will finish the monster with Lethal Barrage as well as Human opponents with just one swift combo.

Lethal Barrage can also be combined with Damage Boost: Skill – which will let you boost the damage of this skill in according to your Skill stat level.

For other skill, you will need to get all the throwing upgrades to have a better time with those throwing attacks

  • Dual Hurl (Light/ Shadow) Reduce charging time and increase distance for Mid Stance Throw
  • Piercing Hurl (Light/ Shadow) Reduce charging time and increase distance for High Stance Throw

Later on, you will unlock the Dojo missions with the masters and finish this will let you open the Mystic Art for Hatchet.

There are two Mystic Arts for Hatchets

  • Tireless Throw – No Damage penalty on throwing distance
  • Trained Throw – Increase damage when you time the charge of the throw

This entirely depends on your playstyle, if you prefer throwing more, then Trained Throw could be a good option. For this build, we use Tireless Throw to sync with the Lethal Barrage combo.

BONUS – One of the secret skill for Hatchet is Deadly Spiral – the move from the boss Onishibata – This move let you perform a spinning attack and finish off with the Hatchet flying around.

While this may not have much effect on Single Enemy, I find this skill pretty useful when you need to clear out some small mobs while fighting a group.

Nioh 2 Hatchets Build – Stat

I personally continue with the Hatchets after the Switchglaive build with Onmyo Magic. So trying out the Hatchet is simply investing in some Skill on Dream of the Strong.

But for starter, you will need around 45 – 50 in Skill to increase the damage of the Hatchet and have an optimal experience.

Skill is the main stat for Hatchet (and Dual Sword)

You will need some Magic stat to use Onmyo Magic Talisman. This build mostly benefits from Fire Talisman, but you will occasionally need to change to Water (As there are several monsters that immune to Fire. There is a dedicated mission with the Fire theme!

The good news is that Magic also increase Hatchet damage – although at the least level compare to other stat

Magic increase Hatchet damage with a D+ Scale

The last stat the Hatchet benefit from is Courage, This stat has a C+ Scale with Hatchet and also increase your Ki Recovery Speed.

If you pick Hatchets as your weapon to begin the game, investing in Courage is also a good choice

Nioh 2 Hatchet Stat scale

SKILLB+ Basically the highest damage
COURAGEC+ Lower than Skill
MAGICD+ The lowest increment of damage for Hatchet.

While it is a no brainer to focus on Skill and Courage only you will definitely need some Magic on this build to use those Talisman and Shikigami. This requires around 25 – 30 Magic (For Ready Jutsu and some decent Magic power)

The rest can be divided into Skill and Courage as well as Strenght/ Stamina for Armor Set.

Dream of the Samurai Stat for Hatchets. The Oni Shibata Armor set has a 14 Stamina and 15 Strenght requirement

Check out the Nioh 2 Stat Calculator here!

As clan is just an option in Tea House, I will include it in the Stat section. For Hatchet, you can pick one of the following clans

Shibata – This is the easiest option to pick, as this provide you an increment in both Attack & Defense.

NOTES – The Charge Attack Boost only increase the damage of Charging forward attack (Those with an icon) While axe throwing is technically a charging attack, it is not a forward motion charging so it does not benefit from this bonus at all!

If you prefer a more technical approach, try out the Takenaka, this clan provides you bonus damage to enemies with abnormal statuses.

Nioh 2 Build Hatchets
Takenaka Increase Damage on Enemies that received an abnormal status

Nioh 2 Hatchets Build – Weapon

  • Radiant Flame – Imbue Fire – This can be used if you don’t have much focus on Magic stat and only has a small buff on Fire Talisman
  • Martial Artist’s Hatchets – Melee Damage + 4.0% – This is the best overall Hatchets as you can use a wide variety of Talisman on this weapon
  • Urn Splitter Hatchets – Oni Shibata Armor set

I have not come up with a Hatchet that increases the Lethal Barrage skill damage – but I believe this exists (as a tradition to Nioh RNG) This can also be a good affix to have on this build.

Nioh 2 Hatchets Build – Armor Set

Similar to Nioh, the best armor for each weapon is typically wear by the warrior that use that weapon. In Nioh 2, Oni Shibata is the boss you need for Hatchet Armor. This fight is a difficulty spike for me in Nioh 2, but the armor is one of your best option for this build.

At 4 pieces you get the sweet 20 Bonus to Hatchets Damage, and at 5 pieces you got buffed in Defense Departement. Finally, 6 pieces Bonus will once again increase your High Attack Damage. This is your final piece to a powerful High Stance Throw.

Another good sync with this build is the Fire Starter armor set which straight-up increases your Fire Damage.

Some other Armor Set to use when you min-maxing the option for the Shibata Armor

  • Red Demon – This is from Nioh, this armor has Active Ki Consumption and 15% Increase on Scorched Enemies. At 5 pieces it increases your damage by 7%!
  • Kingo Armor (The Crossed Sickles) – Best overall Melee Armor Set, increase Final Bow, Melee Damage, Backstab Damage and Melee ki Damage

Near the end of the game, try temper for below options:

  • Lethal Barrage Damage – only appear on Gauntlets – This boosts your main skill Damage
  • Increase Attack + Defense Hatchets – only appear on Gauntlets.

Nioh 2 Hatchet Build – Onmyo Magic Tree

As this build has slightly lower Magic stat compare to the full-blown Switch Glaive build – you will need to pick just some of the critical key skill for this build

  • Fire Talisman
  • Fire Shikigami
  • Thunder Shikigami
  • Water Talisman

Thunder Shikigami is needed in a tough fight where you need to quickly slow down the monster – this is demonstrated in my previous Onmyo Glaive build.

Additional Talisman (If you invest more on Magic)

  • Sloth Talisman
  • Weakness Talisman – This powerup your Lethal Barrage in a whole new level!

Nioh 2 Hatchets Build – Guardian Spirits

Makami – which gives you a small damage boost to Fire and some good overall stat.

Nine Tails

If you decide to use Fire till the end of your life, then using this Guardian Spirit and unlock it’s Fire Damage bonus (15%) your best bet. This Guardian Spirit also provides Anima Bonus with Scorched Enemies. (31 Total of Constitution and Strenght is kind of easy to get if you already decided to wear the Shibata Armor)

Some other alternative

  • Yatagarasu – This bird has a sweet 15% Bonus Damage to Scorched Enemies, but the combined stat requires Strenght + Hear – which definitely not a focus in Hatchet build, but you can get this in Dream of the Strong or higher difficulty.

  • Usura-Hicho is your best pal if you decide to use Water Talisman or a Water Hatchets.

Nioh 2 Hatchet Build – Souls Core

This build sync pretty well with the below Souls Cores

  • Ippon-Datara Soul Core – as this has a boosts to Scorched Enemy and deal a good amount of Ki Damage – which is needed when you are fighting the Yokai.
  • Koroka Soul Core – This boost your Fire Damage by ~5%

Finally, if you don’t have any better Soul core, the Infernal Oni-bi Soul core – which gives you a Fire imbue upon activation and ~4% boosts on elemental damage.

Nioh 2 Hatchet Build – Playstyle

Similar to the Switchglaive build focus on Onmyo Magic – This build also use the elemental as one of the damage boosts for your playthrough.

Any Human enemy can be finished off quickly with the Lethal Barrage follow by a finishing combo. For Yokai, you may need to keep some distance and using throwing (High Stance) and occasionally jump in for the Lethal Barrage combo.

For Yokai that are immune to Fire, Water Talisman can come to the rescue. This include the

As for bosses, you will need to cast some debuff before jumping in with Lethal Barrage.

Dream of the Strong Playstyle (NG+)

If you follow the previous build – Onmyo Glaive Master and has a decent Magic build to start Dream of the Strong – simply follow up by switching weapon to Hatchet!

Although Hatchet only has D+ scale with Magic – the Skill stat has a C Scale with Switchglaive – which in turn boost both your Switch Glaive build and the new Hatchet build!

SKILL has a C Scale to Switch Glaive

Using the same tactic of Switchglaive (Casting Shikigami and Debuff talisman to the boss) is also benefit the Hatchet greatly.

Of course, Hatchet sync pretty well with Dual Sword – as both have B+ scale with Skill. If your first run-through of Nioh 2 was using the classic Sign of the Cross build, switching to Hatchet would be a quick turn!


The Hatchet to me is a little awkward to play at first, as the reach is pretty short compare to the like of Switchglaive or Odachi, but if you utilize the weapon throwing power and powerful quick attacks, you got yourself a hybrid weapon for best range and melee power!

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