Nioh 2 Burst Counter Guide – All 3 Yokai Shift Burst Counters and How to use them

This is a mini-guide on Yokai Shift Forms – Which is a new mechanic in Nioh 2 and is critical for almost every build.

FormsSpecial Mechanic
BruteBurst Counter is triggered by attacking first
Has a Parry attack using L1 + Triangle in Yokai form
FeralBurst Counter is triggered by dashing in enemy attack at the last moment
Can cancel attack and Dash in any direction
PhantomBurst Counter is trigger by Blocking the attack at the last moment
Strong attacks can teleport you to your enemy.

Each Burst Counter type has its own benefit, but some provide more flexibility than the other and came with set back as well.

Nioh 2 Brute Form Yokai Shift

The Brute form doesn’t wait for the Burst Attack to happen to react, it is just a matter of who acts first. As soon as the enemy growing red, you can press R2 + O and stop it right away. However, many bosses have a Burst Attack that has very fast activation windows, which you cannot perform the Burst Attack.

Nioh 2 Feral Form Yokai Shift

Feral Form allow you to perform a Dash in any of the direction quickly and has twice time the distance compared to your normal dashing with X. If you Dash in during Yokai’s Burst attack, you will perform the Burst counter.

The drawback is you may be too far away to perform the actual counter, and the direction sometimes is misleading. The Default direction (without directional input) is backward

Nioh 2 Phantom Form Yokai Shift

Finally, Form is the easiest of them all as it has the same benefit of a standing block. You can still block the attack if you miss the timing for the counter, but it can affect your Ki just like a normal block.

If you wanna take a good look at the counter, the Phantom Form is a good choice for you to practice the timing. If you prefer a faster way of countering, then the Feral Form Dash is your best option. Finally, if you are risky and confident, the Brute form can power up your attack arsenal by a whole new level.

Nioh 2 Best Yokai Shift?

There are no single best Form for you to pick on, as the Yokai Shift is very situational. You will need to pick one base on your situation and build.

The Switchglaive build I posted utilize Shin-Roku – A brute Yokai Shift forms which enhance your Lighting Damage as well as allow you to perform pre burst counter to electrocuted enemies.

TIPS – Almost all Forms require certain mastery skills before you can fully use it. Don’t rely too much on the Transformation until the end game – where you have enough skill to extend the Transformation time as well as reduce the depletion speed.

I think the best time to use these forms is when the boss has below 30% HP and you want to finish things off more quickly. I personally transform on the second stagger attack on bosses.

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