Nioh 2 Build Guide – Switchglaive Build – Onmyo Glaive Master [2020]

A Magic focus builds using Nioh 2 Switchglaive – a new weapon in the game.

Want to check what stat scale with what weapon a quick glance? Check out my Nioh 2 Stat Calculator here!

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Guide

The Switchglaive has the ability to transform between three forms when it is folded with quick attack, a Naginata-like weapon in Mid Stance and a big Scythe in High Stance.

The Switchglaive gameplay revolves around the smooth transition between these forms in the attack.

The main stat that affects Switchglaive is Magic – which means along the way of mastering this new weapon, you got the power to imbue Magic Element to your weapon! Making Switchglaive a powerful build with Elemental Status.

Nioh 2 Build – Mystic Glaive

This build features heavy use of Onmyo Magic – with the buff from Lighting Talisman.

Switchglaive Skills

With that said, must-have skills for Switchglaive is the three “Switch” Skill

  • Retribution – Switch to High Stance (Scythe form)
  • Blade – Switch to Low Stance (Guillotine)
  • Edge – Switch to Mid Stance (Glaive)
Nioh 2 Build Guide Switch Axe - Switch Stance

Mastering this Switch mechanic will give your opponent some hard times, as Switch Stance: Retribution can deal a high amount of Ki damage (if blocked) and pretty high damage if not blocked.

There are a couple of other skills that utilize the O button similar to Sign of the Cross, but this does not have the upgrade of quick sheathing the weapon similar to Dual Sword. So I don’t use this one much often. This can be used to trap the enemy when they chase you.

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Stat

Quick summary.

  • 15 – 18 Stamina
  • 35 – 45 Magic
  • Strenght and Other stats are enough to wear armor at the early game.
Nioh 2 Switch Glaive Build

Other stats is around 10 – 12 – This is mostly to use the armor at early game. Your goal is to have enough stat to wear the Golden Boy Armor set.

Your stat priority should be Magic >> Equipment Related Stat

In the beginning, you may want to put in 2 – 5 Points to stat like Constitution, Strenght or Stamina to wear the armors.

Your best early armor should be the Omnyo Magic Armor which enhances the power of Omnyo Magic Skill.

On Region 2 Soaring, you will face the White Face Imagawa Yoshimoto. This guy specializes in Lighting and his armor set can carry you till the end game pretty easily on this build.

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Weapon

After finishing the story, I just used whatever I picked up that has higher rarity and damage…

Generally, you can equip any stronger Switchglaive as you progress through the game, but some of them have very good Special Effect that can benefit from this build

  • Seven Scalp Switchglaive – 5% Mid Attack Damage – Mid attack is probably most used in this build
  • Martial Artist’s Switcglaive – 7% Strong Attack Ki Damage – For your abuse of Retribution Stance Switch
  • Night Heron’s Switchglaive – Melee Damage 4% – Best overall stat for starting out Dream of the Strong

There are also several Switchglaive that give you imbue elemental, but mostly you will use Lighting Talisman on this build, so it depends on your liking mostly.

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Armor Set

The Golden Boy Armor Set

The most powerful affixes of this set are the 3 set bonuses and the 5 set bonus

  • Lighting Damage + 15% – This increases your Lighting Talisman Power
  • Melee Damage vs Electrified Enemies +20%

However, to wear this without making your character running out of Ki is definitely requires some good chunk of Stamina.

Only at Stamina 15, you can have a good time with it. But at that point, you have yourself a powerful set that enhances your Lighting Omnyo Switchglaive Build

For foes or bosses that are not weak to Lighting, I personally stick to the Fire or Water Talisman.

Boss Guide

Imagawa Yoshimoto

The basic approach for this guy is to close in and perform your Mid Stance combo follow by a High Stance switch – and then repeat.

He doesn’t have a counter move when he uses his Naginata, but for Dual Sword, you may need to slow down your pace as when he starts blocking with his Dual Sword, there is 99% he will perform a counter.

The biggest opening of this boss is when he performs a Forward thrust with his Dual Sword and follows up by a strike. This attack has pretty long wind up animation, so you can run away when he performs the lunge and close in while he finishes the attack.

After cheesing this guy, you will need to get both the Bow and the Dual Sword. While you may need a Rare Master Archer Bow, the Dual Sword can be uncommon as you probably don’t use it much for this build. We only need this for the bonus!

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Omnyo Magic Tree

If you picked the Switchglaive for your first playthrough. Your main stat is obviously Magic – which is natural to utilize Onmyo Magic into your play style. This Skill tree features elemental like Fire/Water or Lighting and later on provide you with HP Recovery and other Buff/ Debuff Talisman.

Why Lighting?

As soon as you unlock Omnyo Magic, you can select one of four elemental Talisman to start with

ElementStatus/ Effect
FireScorched – Damage Overtime
WaterSaturated – Increase Damage received
LightingElectrified – Reduce movement and attack speed
PurificationPurified – Recieve more Kidamage and disable Statuses effect.

Lighting abnormal status slows down the enemy – an effect similar to Sloth and can make your life easier in some fight. Combine this with Sloth later on and you are guaranteed to have an easier time with all the bosses. If you don’t like this approach, simply not using this status!

Lighting is also picked due to the Armor Set Golden Boy – This armor set is pretty easy to get and provide you with many options that are good for new players.

NOTE: While the startup Burst Attack while the Yokai is electrocuted is now slower, your timing will need to adjust as well as you have a higher chance of missing that precious counter!

Due to this, I personally recommend the Brute Yokai Form on this build. As you can act before the attack animation finished.

Check out my Yokai Forms Guide here

However, for a certain boss fights that you cannot actively apply the status effect, stick to the Phantom or Feral Yokai form for Burst Counter. We will go into more detail on the Yokai forms below.

Onmyo Magic is a powerful addition to any builds, check out my other builds using Onmyo Magic.

Nioh 2 Hatchet Build – Fire

Nioh 2 Odachi Build – Water

Nioh 2 Talisman (Buff and Debuff)

After the starting node of the Onmyo Magic tree, you can then get other utilities Talisman.

This time, Sloth can be obtained after spending points in the Purification tree. I don’t remember if it is already nerfed in Nioh 2. But using this is still pretty powerful for bosses that have fast attacks and you are trapped in a tight area. During my playthrough on the first time – This talisman work on all bosses ( aside from giant bosses with multiple parts)

Later on, you can expand the Lighting Omnyo tree to Lighting Shikigami. This can Apply electrify in one single good blast.

This can apply the status effect in one single blast for enemies that is not immune to Lighting.

For utility Magic Skill, you can get the Oasis then Rejuvetiation for recovery. This is to save the Elixir for the boss fight for each mission. This Talisman can recover around 70% of your HP

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Yokai Form & Yokai Abilities

For this Switchglaive build, in the beginning, you are good with any of the Yokai Shift types, but I recommend using either Feral or Phantom. Both of these Yokai Shifts allow you to get out of harm ways and perform a counter if your timing is right.

Later on, as using Lighting becomes your second nature – the Yokai will be electrified as soon as you start the fight. This make their Burst Attack slower – allow you to easily counter with Brute Form Burst Attack.

Nioh 2 Build Switchglaive – Guardian Spirit

Ame-no-Mitori (Feral) – This bird boosts your Lighting Damage by 20% as well as boosting your Running and Ki Recovery Speed.

Later on, once you start using the Lighting more often, you will need to switch to Shin-Roku (Brute) Brute form can help you land those Burst Counter more easily since the enemy is slowed down due to Lighting.

For Yokai Abilities, start off with Enki as this has pretty solid Ki Damage. Later on, try using those bosses Soul Core with bonuses to Magic and Lighting. This build does not rely on Souls Core, so use whatever you like!

Nioh 2 Switchglaive Build – Playstyle

This playstyle focuses on enhancing your weapon with Lighting elements and cut through the monster. This focus on fast attacks and switching between Stance seamlessly with the Switch Stance skill

The Lighting Shot talisman or Lighting Shikigami talisman can occasionally be used to quickly apply the Electrocuted status to the Yokai. For bosses, your main goal should be throwing out the Shinkikami as soon as the fight starts for a chance to apply for the Electrocuted status.

Electrocuted enemies will have their actions slow down, giving way for you to deal more damage – My most favorite combo is the Mid Stance Attack >> Retribution

This will cut down the Yoki or Enki as this attack has a high chance breaks their horn in one fell swoop.

The bonus from Golden Boy (Master Archer) armor set further enhance the Electrified status as it increased your damage by 20%.

What is the worst time playing this build? It is when the monster is not weak to Lighting. This will reduce your damage as the set bonus does not perform at its fullest. You can still use other Elements like Fire or Water – which means you will need to put points into these Talismans later on.

Immune to Lighting? No worry!

However, over the course of my playthrough through the base story mode, I only count a small number of enemies that are immune to this status.

Below is a typical Switchglaive Gameplay build


The Switchglaive fill in the last stat that was missing a Weapon in Nioh. With Magic as the main stat, Switchglaive players have the benefit of Omnyo magic and can make your gameplay a lot easier with all those buff and debuff talisman.

Have you tried out the Mystic Switchglaive build? Did you also use Lighting? Drop a comment below.

I made a Nioh 2 Stat Calculator at this link!

Nioh 2 Build Guide

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