MHW Build Iceborne – Bow Build Ultimate Guide [2020]

Another guide on the MHW Iceborne Build Guide Series. This one will focus on Bow – The weapon that has many up and downs since the release of Iceborne

Why? Check out this video…

MHW Iceborne Bow Guide

First and foremost, all elemental damage for Bow is nerfed! But that does not mean it is weak now, you just need to play more carefully with Bow build.

Now, you will get the new cool move call Thousand Dragons – but to actually use it to deal damage in a hunt? That’s another story!

Thousand Dragons

After Piercing Dragon (New move of Bow in Monster Hunter World) The fan favorite ranged weapon has another powerful skill shot. To fire out this powerful shot, you will first need some Slinger Ammo. This can be retrieved by picking from the environment or by attacking the monster up close with your Arrow (After jump on with a Clutch Claw)

After that, by bringing up the Slinger and hit Playstation 4 TrianglePlayStation 4 Circle you will then loaded all of the Slinger ammo to the bow and fire out a powerful single blast.

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MHW Iceborne Build Bow – Armor Skills

Jewel, jewel, jewel

MHW Iceborne Bow is one of the weapons that require you to have a lot of jewels to have some comfy time with it. Below are the must-have jewels you needed

  • Mighty Bow Jewel – To Power Up your Charge Level – more damage on your shot (I checked, I got one of this during my 400+ hours of gameplay Good luck!)
  • Spread Jewel – To power up your up close Spread Shot.
  • Force Shot Jewel – Increase your normal shot damage.

As for Armor Skill, you will need Stamina Enhancement Armor skills

  • Stamina Surge – Most players are comfortable with 1 level of this combine wit the use of Dash Juice. This speeds up stamina recovery.
  • Constitution – Same thing for this skill, this reduces your stamina depletion rate.

Finally, don’t forget to have some supplements inside your inventory!

  • Dash Juice

These items will give you the time you need to deal more damage instead of hanging around the stamina bar.

MHW Iceborne Bow Build – Armor set

TL;DR? Silver Rathalos is your goal when playing the bow. This is to get the True Critical Element.

With four pieces of Silver Rathalos armor set, you will get both

  • Slinger Ammo Secret – Give you more slot for Slinger Capacity – Which can use to power up your Thousand Dragons, but you never use this so don’t bother
  • True Critical Element – Upgrade version of the Critical Element armor skill in base MHW

The Silver Rathalos fight is only at MR 70, so before that, you need to stick with High-Rank Rathalos Armor, pretty hard I guess, so you may want to change weapon in Master Rank and return to Bow after reaching MR 70 and has all Silver Rathalos Armor pieces.

MHW Iceborne Build – Bow Build Compilations.

It’s all about spark…

To master the bow is to master the elements of MHW, you will need to have one bow for each of the element below

MHW Iceborne Build Fire Bow

mhw reddit build - Bow Fire

The Glavenus Bow takes over the Anjanath Bow as the best Fire Bow in Iceborne.

Hard to get jewels on this build

  • Physique Level 4
  • Tenderizer/ Physique Jewel
  • Mighty Bow Jewel 2
  • Refresh Jewel

The Kaiser Vambraces is picked for WEX.

MHW Iceborne Build Water Bow

This build require Free Element as it uses the Royal North Wing – The Guild Palace Bow. If you don’t have the materials for this, Laguna Bow can be used instead.

mhw reddit build - Bow Water

Charm is used to boost Water Attack.

Hard to get jewels

  • Challenger/ Physique Level 4
  • Refresh/ Release Jewel

These combinations are so rare that I haven’t seen it myself…

This build drops out Forceshot in favor of the Release to unlock the Water element in the Bow. The high number of Water damage is enough to compensate for Forceshot.

MHW Iceborne Build Thunder Bow

mhw reddit build - Bow Thunder

Kirin Gloves is used to boost Thunder Attack. Critical Eye comes from Charm.

MHW Iceborne Build Ice Bow

mhw reddit build - Bow Ice

MHW Iceborne Build Dragon Bow

mhw reddit build - Bow Dragon

MHW Iceborne Bow Build – Safi’jiiva Armor & Bow

PC Player will encounter this red dragon on 12 March.

The current meta bow is Safi’s Shatter Bow – which is pretty easy to use and also syncs perfectly with the Safi’jiiva Armor set

You can still use the Silver Sol Armor Set with any of the Safi’jiiva Bow (As all of them come with elemental effect, check out the full list of Safi bow here)

Iceborne Bow Build – General Safi Bow Build

All Safi’jiva Bow comes with their innate element, you will just need to add all Elemental Awaken Skill to the weapon and you got yourself a new elemental Bow (The Strongest)

mhw build reddit bow

Iceborne Bow Build – Safi’jiiva Armor Set – Risky and Aggressive

If you don’t like farming for all Elemental Safi Bow, then the Safi’s Shatterbow is enough to get the job done.

As you don’t need the Silver Sol for Safi’s Shatterbow, you are free to use the most dangerous Armor set to your build

This will strengthen your Bow to a whole new level

Furor Jewel and Fury Charm IV is used for Resentment – This armor skill sync well with the True Dragonvein Awakening Armor skills.

The list of hard to get jewels are still the same

  • Forceshot Jewel
  • Refresh/Attack Jewel
  • Mighty Bow Jewel

This build guarantee the highest damage output, with the condition that you know how to perform the Bow.

MHW Iceborne Build – Best Bow Build in Iceborne?

The bow is still pretty overpowered once you get all of its jewels and know what armor skill is needed. Your comfiest option is currently the Safi’s Shatterbow, but before that, picking out any of the elemental Bow above, suit up your Silver Sol armor and jewels. With just this, you are ready to slay the monsters.

The builds above are based on the MHW Build Reddit community builds as well as some of my personal input.

Builder Link buttons are linked to Honeyhunter awesome MHW Builder tool. Be sure to check out his/ her Patron!

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