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Current Best MHW Build for Great Sword

MHW Iceborne Great Sword

In Iceborne, the Great Sword’s new move is not as dramatically different compared to other weapons. It’s basically an upgrade to the final Charge Slash from the Great Sword, you will now perform a cartwheel roll double Charged Slash.

MHW Iceborne Build – Great Sword Armor Skills

Great Sword is pretty easy to build for. The main reason is there are not many moving parts for a Great Sword. You have a big Blade, a Charge Slash, and no Defense mechanic. Yes, you can use that blade to guard some attack, but I haven’t seen it incorporate nicely to Great Sword gameplay.

Weakness Exploit >> Critical Eye >> Attack Boost >> Focus >> Utilities Skill (HP Boost)

Typical Armor Skills used in Great Sword build

  • Focus
  • Attack Boost
  • WEX + Critical Eye

Follow the same vein of the vanilla Monster Hunter, you will need some kind of “Focus” to perform the Charge Slash 🙂

This makes Focus Level 2 a comfortable choice for Great Sword Player. You can experiment with Focus Level 3 or even Level 1. This depends on your liking when performing the Charge Slash.

When it comes to Weakness Exploit, you can now get this easily from Rajang Waist or Helm. Tenderizer Jewel is also easier to drop

When it comes to Augmentation, you will need to spend quite some time in the Guiding Land to gather materials to augment the Master Rank weapons. This depends on your time to grind this though. Similar to MHW, the Iceborne Augmentation process requires material from Tempered Monster.

Iceborne Great Sword Build Compilations

Below is a compilation of builds of the Iceborne Great Sword. Depend on your current progress, just pick one that is manageable and stick with it until the meta.

The Meta Build which is discussed pretty heavily on Reddit sub/r/MonsterHunterMeta are all focus on a stat call Effective Raw (Rough Translation: Highest Damage as possible) It is optimal for damage, not technically for speedrunner, but also not in the Comfy zone (Some sacrifice the benefit of HP Boost and Recovery/ Defensive skill for just some more damage)

If you are having trouble to find the materials for any of the weapon below, don’t forget I have the best Great Sword guide right here.

Iceborne Great Sword Build – Raw Damage

Weapons – Acid Shredder II

Kaiser Armor (Teostra) Beta x 3

Damacus Beta for Focus Level 2

Yian Garuga Beta for Critical Eye Level 2

This utilizes the no element of the Acid Shredder II and combine it with the Elementless Jewel – the classic Raw Damage build in MHW.

After this, you will need to max out Focus to shorten your charge time for Great Sword. Next off is to maximize Critical Eye/ WEX/ and finally some more Handicraft.

Iceborne Great Sword Build – Safi’jiiva Great Sword

Check out the full list of Safi’jiiva Great Sword here.

Again, this build still used Agitator Charm to further enhance your damage output.

There are no differences in the Armor section for this build. The main addition is Safi’s Shattersplitter. With the ability to put in Awaken Skill, the easiest option is Sharpness VI + 4 Attack V

This will give the Great Sword 1488 Damage – The highest number in the Great Sword tree (Abeit the whole weapon tree) Augmentation is the standard Attack and HP.

The Blast element will give you additional damage during the hunt, which is enough to carry you through Iceborne End Game.

Iceborne Build – Safi’s Dreamsplitter

Despite the name, the Dreamsplitter actually put the monster to sleep and let you perform the wake-up attacks with the Great Sword – which is one of the best weapons for wake up attacks.

You don’t need to add more Sleep to this build though, it is mostly used as a nice way to increase your damage and boost the team. Best for multiplay.

Iceborne Great Sword Build Conclusion

Great Sword is officially ranked 1 star in terms of difficulty in the game. This probably includes the fact that this has been a weapon since the very first Monster Hunter. With several new mechanics, Master Iceborne Great Sword is still a challenge for new players. But if you just prefer a big blade with big damage, the Great Sword is a perfect match for you.

Before the end of Master Rank, temporarily pick the Acid Shredder despite it looks. This is pretty easy to build

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