Monster Hunter World Iceborne – Viper Tobi Kadachi

Game Informer just dropped another gameplay video of MHW Iceborne, making the hype for the upcoming Iceborne expansion go to a new level. The video show an additional two more subspecies monsters (Previously it was Odogaron and Anjanath)

You can check out the awesome video here.


MHW Iceborne Tobi Kadachi

The first monster is definitely a Tobi Kadachi, but this time dress up with a darker color and a more touch on the orange. Just as Electric Anjanath and Dragon Odogaron, the main change for the subspiece is the element they are carrying.

For Tobi Kadachi in Iceborne expansion, this nimble beast power up it’s tail with poison needle and earn the title “Viper Tobi Kadachi”. The video shows a more aggressive Tobi Kadachi that dealing poison to all of the team.

MHW Iceborne Paolumu

It is a susprise for me, I was wondering if we will see an ice Pukei Pukei…

Our fluffy Paolumu this time got two big red dots on it’s neck fur and is more aggressive than ever. There is even a one shot sleep attack that you cannot do much after getting hit. And just as the monster, you probably receive more damage when getting attacked in this state.  And with the changes in color pattern, this version is called “Night Shade Paolumu”

MHW Iceborne Release Date

As mentioned previously in my post cover MHW Iceborne. The release date for this massive expansion is September 6th for consoles, and later in winter (no exact time yet) for PC Players.

While waiting for the big day, you can check out all the new move for each of 14 weapons in below guide.

MHW Iceborne Expansion will be released on September 6th for Consoles! 

Ultimate Iceborne Weapon Guides

Iceborne Weapon Guides

Capcom also open the festival fest again for console player (ending 29 – August) During this time, all previous event quests are available. If you have stopped playing Monster Hunter World, this is definitely the best time to jump back in!

I will cover all the essential things to do before Iceborne in the upcoming posts. For now, Happy Hunting!


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