Sekiro – Boss Guide – Guardian Ape

After dealing with Genichiro at the top of Ashina Castle. You will then be instructed to go to the Gun Fort and venture on to the Sunken Valley.

This will be a long journey for a new player to From Software map design, but I recommend not to looking for any guidance on how to get there. This is because one of the charms of these type of games is how you manage to discover new place base on the little hints of the NPCs.

With that said, you will encounter one miniboss and finally arriving at the destination to see the big boss of this area.

The Guardian Ape

After navigating through a horde of monkeys, it is pretty self-explainable to see a big bad gorilla at the end of the map.

This white fur Ape will test your skill again the large enemy. Definitely, with that size, you don’t have much chance to stand and face this guy heads on. But as a reminder before the fight, don’t try to run away most of the time also. As his HP is quite big, running around just lengthen the fight duration.

How hard is he?

This fight alone took me another 2 or 3 hours to beat (First encounter) This is because (again) most of the time I was running around trying to dodge his attacks and poke him with a Thrust.

Sound familiar? That how you defeat any huge boss in Souls game. Sekiro Guardian Ape will test your abilities on fighting huge frame boss, a not so common type of enemies in the entire game.

Guardian Ape’s moveset

  • Unblockable Grab in close Range
  • A big combo and with him slamming both hands to the Ground.
  • A huge swing end with him falling sitting on the ground >> (Occasionally) follow up with a small rampage to counter.
  • Fart
  • Jump Sh**t Throwing

Yeah, the last two are real things, and he use that last move quite often when you are in long range, which inflict Poison (make sense) and deal a huge amount of damage (aroun 80% HP) if you get hit

Sekiro Guardian Ape Tutorial

Right off the start, you can rush in and deal three hits and quickly back out, or simply waiting for him to stand up. Always wait for him to attack first.

The first guarantee chance to attack this guy is when he performs his combo that ending with a big slam, after dodge this at a safe distance. Come back and sneak in one or two hits and back out. Don’t be greedy on your attacks though, as he will counter it very quickly.

He will throw his “product” at you very often if you are far away. On my first attempt at this big bad monkey, I was just running around the whole time and dodge this in just a split second by jumping forward while running. This does help negate this throw, but does not give you any opening for attacking him. Later, I found out that you can just go straight to him while he is getting his sh**t and stand below. As soon as he gets on the ground, there will be an opening.

Occasionally in the fight, he will stand still and roar, the grab icon for your prosthetic arm will flashing, if you press L2 (LT on Xbox) at this point, you can quickly close in the distance while making him off balance. Upon landing, you can perform the slash.

Finally, when he lies his back on the ground and start rocking left and right, just wait for a brief second for him to finish the attack and quickly close in to attack.

That’s about all of the strategies with this boss. As he is a wild beast, that posture will not break at any point during the fight (You can technically parry some of his attacks though) So this will probably will take you around 5 or 6 minutes (less if you are more aggressive during the fight – which is recommended once you learned all of his moveset)

Sekiro - Guardian Ape Guide

Here it comes again…

SPOILER ALERT! I recommend taking on this boss before reading the guide! As there are some plot element here… If you already know what happen next, then read on.

He resurrected.

Sekiro - Headless Ape - Guardian Ape

With his head on one hand, and a sword on the other. This certainly looks creepy.

In this new form, this ape changes all of the attacks. The good thing is all are pretty easy to dodge.

  • Four swords thrust
  • A wide area roar that inflicts Terror (Instant Death once it is full)
  • A Forward Sweep Slash that brings the whole of his body down.
  • An unblockable Sweep slash start with him jumping up high on the air
  • A reverse sword swing
  • A full sword swing combo

How to counter?

Sekiro - Guardian Ape Guide

Your bread and butter in this second stage are to attack him when he performs the normal Sweep Slash that brings his whole body to the ground. This can net you three to four hits. Occasionally, you can also dodge his Unblockable Jump Sweep attack and start attacking. As soon as he recovers, back off immediately as you will get caught by his roar and receive a ton of Terror build up.

The second important thing to note is that this version of Sekiro Guardian Ape is an Apparition-type enemy, which mean if you have Divine Confetti, it is time to use it!

Finally, remember to cure Terror build up by using Pacifying Agent. As this status is capable of killing you instantly, don’t be greedy with your attacks.

I personally used Divine Confetti the entire fight (Stage 2) This does increase the damage done to him in a short time. Below is a video tutorial for this fight.


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