Monster Hunter: World – Witcher 3 Collaboration Quest Guide

While not all events are big updates. This Wild hunt collaboration takes up around 2 GB after downloaded on my PlayStation system.

And it finally comes to PC! While the free title updates contain the Ciri’s content as well, the quest will not appear until next week. According to Monster Hunter: World Steam Schedule. I also covered the Ancient Leshen in MHW Ancient Leshen Guide

This is also the free title #5 updates for Monster Hunter World, after the Behemoth (This also explain the download size) Unlike previous Collaboration Events like Horizon Zero Dawn, Devil May Cry or most recently the Assasin Creed collaboration where main characters in other series only appeared randomly as cosmetic layer armor and weapons. This time you got to experience Monster Hunter World directly as the guest!

The White Wolf

MHW Witcher’s Equipment

Geralt comes to Monster Hunter World with his classic look and armor set. This provides him with the following armor skills:

Don’t be fooled by that Level 7 Attack – 5 of them are from Jewels!

For a quick rundown on these Armor Skills. You can check any of my Monster Hunter World weapons guide and builds here. Or my most popular Monster Hunter World weapon guide – The Sword and Shield!

MHW Witcher’s Power

Being a monster slayers for hire, The White Wolf does not need the knowledge of that Charge Blade Combo or How to do that Switch Axe Element Discharge. He is already skilled in swordsmanship as well as harness the power of runes stone.

Of course, You will not go out there and cast your Quen Sign, fence off monsters with Aard Sign or using Axii sign on the captain of the first fleet to get you that precious jewel. The only sign that is closest to the source material is Igni – Allow Geralt to conjure a blast of fire from his hand.

MHW Witcher Quests

After speaking to third fleet feylines you will immediately jump in the boots of the Witcher, while your main hunter go-to-do-something-else. Right after the mission, you will meet Smithy Apprentices, this dude will not make weapons for you, but instead allowing you to switch between 14 weapons of Monster Hunter World.

I guess this is to make sure you got the most out of the event without the excuse “I am not familiar with that weapon!”

If you want to try out new weapon as Geralt. Take a quick look at my published weapons guides here. Or if you want to have a quick rundown on the best Sword & Shield Combo, check out this Sword and Shield  in-depth Guide.

Note: The default weapon for this quest is Witcher’s Silver Sword – This weapon is a Sword and Shield weapon, with the shield cleverly modeled as the Quen sign, and the Shield Bash combo is treated as the Aard signs.

MHW – Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest

Everything to the witchers are just contracts. The clients pays and they will slay…

The objectives of the main quest are pretty straight forward: Speaking to NPC – Follow the markers – Fight – and repeat. With that said, you got to do all of this in Witcher style, as all elements will drastically change as soon as you start the quest (Font styles, Music, Interactive options & some minor HUD elements)

You will meet the Epidemic Researcher right after picking your weapon. You can then follow the conversation with her by choosing multiple dialogue options

As a call out to Witcher: Wild hunt and the Witcher series in general. Any dialouge choices that related to the main quest will be shown in yellow color. The remaining options are just for flesh out the story of the NPC.


Another interesting catch is all of the interaction are fully-voiced, which is a rare thing in our vanilla Monster Hunter World.

You can pick other dialogue options to understand more about the NPC

After investigating both of the Aponauth carcasses and try casting the Igni sign, you will then follow the trails to meet the Botanist 

After saving him with Igni sign, he will inform you more about the nature of the strange occurrences in the wood. Which finally revealed to be under the effect of the Leshen.

Hold up! You may continue to follow the trail deeper to find the Leshen’s totem. But there is an interesting guy here that help you trigger a sidequest…

Pukei -Pukei in peril

There are many Pukei-Pukei near the Botanist and mostly they are already dead, but there is still one of them right behind the tree stump.

Igni come to the rescue again, and this will start the first side quest (or the second depending on your exploration) of this Collaboration Event. This Pukei-Pukei will appear again at the end of this quest.

You can then continue with the main objective, venture deeper to find the Leshen’s totem in the heart of the woods. Shortly a group of Jagras will come and introducing you the first fight of the hunt.

While these Jagras doesn’t pack much of a punch, they are pretty troublesome in a group. Your best options here are Igni and the Shield Slam combo (If you are still using the Silver Sword)

After these lizards, you will finally face the main boss of the event.

MHW Leshen – Demon of the woods

“Leshens dwell in dense, primeval woods. Fiercely territorial creatures, they hunt with stealth and cunning as their only companions. They use their inborn magic to control the plants and animals within their territory…”  -From fextralife

This monster (more like a demon to me) utilize plant and bird crow as it’s main attacks. Your first priority on this fight is to use Igni on him. This will stun for a short time and disable his Bird aura (Saving you some damage overtime) As for his root attacks, try to roll away as soon as he stuck his hand on the ground.

Finally, avoid his melee attacks at all cost! As it will cause bleeding, and without your accumulated items, this will make the fight a lot worse.

Check out my take on Leshen using Witcher’s Silver Sword:

There is a big boulder in the first area when you first encounter this boss. There is also some Red Pit lying on the ground for your sake of dropping that boulder to it’s head.

Again, I strongly recommended using the Witcher’s Silver Sword on this fight, as it allows you to use Igni quicker, and offer a lot of mobilities for Geralt. I personally abuse Shield Slam and Mounting Slash whenever I can and finish this fight with ease.

Leshen, just like the monster in MHW, will move to different areas during the fight. With the final area being the open area in Ancient Forest.

If you already saved the Pukei Pukei, he will appear at this final area to help you fight the Leshen. This is a welcome addition, as it can inflict Poison on the boss and can help you diverse the Leshen’s focus.

Don’t let that poor monster die though! You need to keep him alive to acquire the rewards after the quest! Life Powder (and EZ Life Powder) is your main tools to heal this monster. 

After you dealt with the Leshen, and the Pukei-Pukei is still alive. You will complete the “Pukei-Pukei in peril” sidequest and trigger another cutscene. This will also reward you with the most precious item of the game…

MHW Witcher Sidequest: The Chief’s issue

There is a requirement for this quest. You must already acquire the Meowlotov Cocktail, one of the rewards for collecting all the doodles in a map. These are also closely tie-in with the Lynian Researcher questline in the main game. In this sidequest, the Lynian Researcher requires this to fully understand the doodles you found in the area.

In Area 6 or 7, you will encounter some strange marks on the wall. By inspecting this, you will start the Chief’s issue quest line. As soon as you pick up one of these doodles. The Lynian Researcher will be marked on the map (Area 6) By meeting him, you will be informed on the location of a tribe in Rathalos’s nest (Ancient Forest Camp)

Go to this area and you will need to fight the Gajalaka here. Get rid of these guys and return to the Lynian Researcher, he will then inquire about the healer. You will then need to gather information from the Handler in the 1st area.

Finally, you will need to travel to Area 13 (Where a giant Vigor Wasp usually located) to complete the Chief’s Issue Sidequest.

MHW Witcher Event Rewards

Here is a quick summary on what you will receive upon completing Monster Hunter World Witcher content

Completing the main quest
  • Geral’s Armor Set
  • Witcher’s Silver Sword
  • New Guild Card Background
  • New Guild Card Pose
  • New Titles
  • Creature Capture Critical Bounties
  • Hunter’s Rune Stones (Igni)
Completing “Pukei-Pukei in peril” sidequest
  • Attack Jewel
Completing “Chief’s issue” sidequest
  • Gajalaka Shell Shock
Completing all the content
  • Wild Hunt title

Geralt’s Full Armor Set. There are two Attack Boosts on this set only. That’s level 7 Attack Boosts when playing as Geralt is a lie

What’s next?

That concludes our first encounter with Geralt of Rivia – the legendary Witcher. Did you know that not just Geralt is featured in this event? The “Lion Cub” is also coming to the New World! And she will face a greater threat compare to her master.

For Ciri, you could not play as her directly, but will need to go through a pretty hard fight! Check out the MHW Ancient Leshen Guide

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