Monster Hunter: World, the Devil Hunters enter the battle!


The long awaited collaboration content is finally here

So the long awaited contents is available now. Capcom’s Devil May Cry series finally earn its place in the collaboration event in MHW. Dante has always been famous for his stylish action in combat, does the armor and weapon still retain the same style? Let’s find out!

How to access the event

Evet quest are special types of quests that can only be access in a period of time. This is also currently the only way to get collaboration content (Previously Street Fighter, Megaman & Horizon: Zero Dawn)

This time the quest for Dante armor set is Code: Red which can be accessible from below time frame…

MHW - DMC - Timeframe.JPG

Schedule for DMC collaboration content

or you will be remind every time going to MHW at the login bonus screen

Monster Hunter: World_20180430141506

Your Daily alarm, please make sure this is checked

During this time period, you can access the quest board, select Event type of quests and pick up the “mission”

MHW Quest Category

Events is a quest category which can be selected in Quest Board

MHW - Events - DMC quest

Choose your poison

What to do?

As the name and the list of monsters suggest, you have to slay four “red” type monsters – Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos and the Elder Dragon Teostra, the HR for this is 14.

Those are all formidable foes, make sure you know the drill and prepare some Flash Bug with you for cough…Ratha…cough

MHW - Events - DMC - Taking Teostra.jpg

Out of the four, Teostra seem to be the highest threat

Each monster is famous for it’s aggressive fighting style, we have the Anjanath deadly charge, Odogaro Bleeding inflict attacks, Rathalos flying attack and finally the Teostra with it explosive charge attacks.

Quick Tip: Make sure the flying monsters never have a chance to fly, as their most deadly attacks are performed during airbone time.

However, despite the challenging monsters, CAPCOM did modify the HP & Strenght of these fours a little as you have to face them one by one. So you can still easily solo these four if you wish to – A small test for the just-finished-story players. I have tried and manage to solo it in 30 minutes – Well, it’s something

MHW - Events - DMC - Rewards.jpg

Rewards for the event, you will need Red Orb – common in DMC, to create Armor and Weapons

If you are more for guarantee result, try searching for SOS flare with the “Event” as condition, there are many hunters doing it right now.

MHW - Events - DMC - Multiplayer search

Try searching for SOS flares under this condition

MHW - Events - DMC - Session list

Many hunters are on it last time I checked (30 – April)

My ranting: The rewards from my multiplayer sessions are lower from my single one (As above) For multiplayer, I only got one Red Orb each run. What about you guys?

Reap the reward

So your main material in this event is Red Orb, this time, the armor pieces are seperated (not like a full outfit like before event) so your looks will be changed accordingly to the armor equipped.

MHW - Events - DMC - Dante's hair

Cosplaying 101 – It’s all start with the hair

You will need a total seven of these to craft the full set (including the Sword) This is how the set look

MHW - Events - DMC - Rewards - Full Set Appearance

The look is taken directly from Devil May Cry 2

MHW Dante’s Devil Sword – SSS while hunting Monster.

MHW Dante's Devil Sword

Sword materials, require two Red Orbs and two gems, something that need farming

Quick notes: The material list contains some basic material from the four monsters, but will require three gems (Anjanath, Odogaron & Teostra) this will take sometime as … RNG is applied in this game, so… take your time hunters.

For the sword, it is categorized as Charge Blade, so you will have some time swinging the infamous sword in Charge Blade style, one thing to note is the shield is hidden comesticly in this model, represent as a ring of light at your character’s hand – a pretty sweet attention to detail from the developer.

One thing to notice is the armor stat this time is pretty good – comparing with the previous two events. Here is how your stat gonna look like for the full set:

MHW - Events - DMC - Rewards - Full Set stat.jpg

These stats are pretty solid for an Event Amor set (till now)

You will get Weakness Exploit level 3 – enhancing your Affinity (Crit rates) when attacking weak spot. Combine with this is Critical Eye & Evade Window which inturn give you more Affinity boosts and a good chunk of evasion. The last thing on the house is that these armor pieces are seperated and will inturn give us hunters one more thing to customize the set.


So that’s how to get Dante’s armor and Sword – a great set for hunters who are currently using Charge Blade as main, and also a chance for other who want to test something new. What’s next for MHW? A God of War collaboration? I can wait to see.


Monster Hunter: World_ Horizon Zero Dawn Event

Luckily I came back in Spring Blossom Event – got my hand on these sweet costume!

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