Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun was picked by many players thanks to it’s mobility and ease of use in past Monster Hunter titles. With the addition of Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise, Light Bowgun has two new attacks that can significantly change your playstyle
Wyvern BlastSet up an explosive trap that explode on attack.
Great for building up burst damage
Silkbind GlideCost 2 Wirebug
Pulling you forward during combat
Follow up with ZR to fire a powerful close-range blast
Fanning VaultCost 1 Wirebug
Vault forward why controlling your Bowgun to aim directly below you
ZR to Fire
A to place a Wyvernblast
X to reload
Fanning ManueverInterchangeable with Fanning Vault
Allow you to use iron Silk to flank left and right
Boost your attack power

Light Bowgun Control in Monster Hunter Rise

The general control for Light Bowgun remains the same as in other Monster Hunter entries. You can place Wyvernblast with A, fire off with ZR and aiming with ZL.

The biggest change is the Silkbind attacks, you will need to using Right Button and X/ A to perform Silkbind Moves

For melee weapons (Sword and Shield, Insect Glaive, Hammer…) the Silkbind attacks are performed by pressing ZL + A/X

Light Bowgun Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

Similar to Heavy Bowgun, during combat, your Wirebug control is the Right Button, as the ZL button is already used for aiming. If you have just switched from a melee weapon, this could take a while to get used to. Overall, it’s pretty intuitive after some time.

  • Fanning Vault – R + A. A forward vault that allow you to fire in mid are for the enemy below you. Pressing A during this will fire out a Wyvernblast directly below you. This adds more mobility to Light Bowgun
  • Silkbind Glide – R + X. This is by far my most favorite move for Light Bowgun, aside from pulling you forward and closing the gap with the monster, you can also follow up with ZR to deliver a powerful close-range blast.

Fanning Maneuver can be treat as an alternative of Fanning Vault, instead of Jumping, you can now swiftly change your position on the groud. This skill also boost your Attack Power.

Light Bowgun Playstyle

Just as Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun playstyle revolves around picking the right ammo types. Specifically for Light Bowgun, some ammo type comes with Rapid Fire option – which greatly speeds up your rate of fire.

Depend on your builds an preference, you can follow with the classing Spread RF builds or something more orthodox like Sticky Ammo build for LBG

Remember to use your new Silkbind Attacks! Fanning Vault can be a great move to setup Wyvern Blast, or escape during a tight situation.

Silkbind Glide is your ultimate this time. This skill allow you to quickly close in and deliver a powerful attack.

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