Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun is still going strong for any players that prefer a powerful arsenal. In Monster hunter Rise, you can still use all of those ammo type from previous Monster Hunter entries. You can still modding your Heavy Bowgun with either Shield or Reload mods.

The biggest addition is unarguably the Wirebug – a new mobility mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise.

Special AmmoDepend on your HBG, you can load a special ammo
Wyvern Heart – A turret-like ammo type, increase fire rate and damage for a period of time.
Charged ShotYou can hold down Fire button to charge your shot.
Free Silkbind GlideCost 1 Wirebug
A quick glide forward
Anchor GuardCost 2 Wirebug
Absorb damage and deliver a counter shot
Counter ChargerInterchangeable with Free Silkbind Glide.
Another parrying skills, this also boost your charged shot.

Heavy Bowgun Control in Monster Hunter Rise

Heavy Bowgun (and other Ranged Weapon) doesn’t have the luxury of combo here. You pick an ammo type and go with it. This time, remember that you can charge your shot by holding down Fire button. This increase the damage of your shot

Heavy Bowgun Silkbind Attacks

For Ranged Weapon, the combination to perform Silkbind Attacks are different compare to melee weapon, you will need to press R + X/A instead of ZL + X/A. The main reason is because ZL is already occupied for aiming for ranged weapon.

  • Free Silkbind Glide – This Silkbind attack generally serve as a mobility tool for Heavy Bowgun. You pull out the Wirebug >> Slide forward. This can be followed up with a melee attack, but that would not be the most powerful attack for Heavy Bowgun.
  • Anchor Guard – This is where the fun begins. Anchor Guard empower Heavy Bowgun defense and will deliver a devastating blast if the monster struck you during Anchor Guard. It will pin you in place, but will let you absorb an attack

In this, the first attack from Izuchi is absorbed, but the latter attack from the lesser ones are still count. Make sure to pick the right attack to absorb!

Heavy Bowgun Playstyle

Heavy Bowgun doesn’t have the luxury of “best combo” as melee weapons. It’s more about picking the right ammo type at the correct time.

The safest way to start off with Sticky Ammo. Just hit the monster with a couple of these baddies, and switch back to other ammo types when waiting for the Sticky to explode. This build up stuns and deliver some moderate damage to the monster.

Generally, for almost all monsters, you are safe with Spread Ammo. The main draw is that it delivers consistent damage but will require you to be close with the monster most of the time. Pierce Ammo is an alternative choice if you prefer distance, but Pierce Ammo is not good against small size monster.

When the monster is downed, you can switch to Cluster Bomb for some further damage.

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