Monster Hunter Rise Hammer Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Hammer

Hammer in Monster Hunter series is pretty straight forward. You have a normal attack & a charge attack, compare these two buttons and you got an “update” version of the charge attack. The main goal is always to knock out the monster in the fastest way possible.

This still hold true for Monster Hunter Rise Hammer. You can now combine Hammer knockout power with the mobility from Wirebug. The icing on the cake? All those Silkbind Attacks for Hammer can also be charged!

Big Bang ComboHammer combo, tap A repeatedly to deliver the finisher.
Require each hit to connect to the target to continue the combo.
Charge AttackTrigger by holding ZR. Has 3 levels, attacks will change depending on the current charge level
Charge SwitchZR + A – Changes Charge Attack action and set your charge level to max
Silkbind Spinning BludgeonCost 1 Wirebug
The new move in Monster Hunter Rise. This allows you to perform a spinning attack without a slope.
The number of hits depending on your charge level
Great for closing the gap, but pretty useless when you are close to the monster.
Require some calibration to get the most out of
Impact CraterCost 2 Wirebug.
The new move in Monster Hunter Rise, allow you to jump up and deliver a crushing attack down below. Great to deliver some serious damage to downed monsters.
Dash BreakerHammer Switch Skill attacks.
Interchangeable with Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon

Hammer Control in Monster Hunter Rise

monster hunter rise hammer guide and overview on new move in monster hunter rise

Hammer Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

The Hammer Spinning attacks are still here, but require you to use it along with the Wirebug. This attack can be charged by holding ZR.

monster hunter rise hammer guide and overview on new move in monster hunter rise
  • Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon – ZL + X. Allow you closing the gap with a Spinning attacks.
  • Impact Crater – ZL + A. Deliver a Rising attack and another downward attack on the way down. The number of hits depend on the charge prior to activation.

Monster Hunter Rise Combo

The main goal while playing Hammer is always knocking down the monster. Before Monster hunter Rise, you can do this by delivering multiple levels 2 Charge Attacks to the monster (ZR + X), occasionally pop in some Overhead Smash (A)

Charge II >> Slide Smash >> Overhead Smash II >> Up Swing

monster hunter rise hammer guide and overview on new move in monster hunter rise

monster hunter rise hammer guide and overview on new move in monster hunter rise

With the addition of the new Silkbind Attacks, you can now do this with more style. For a monster that is not close to you, make sure to use Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon as a close-up to deliver some stun damage to the monster. After that, follow up with the basic Charge Attack. Once the monster is down, Perform an Impact Crater to secure the damage and follow up with the Big Bang combo (A > A> A> A> A)

Level 3 Charge >> Impact Crater

This is a great finisher for any downed monster. A guarantee for high damage, stun build-up, and badass.

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