Monster Hunter Raise Sword and Shield Overview

Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise

Sword and Shield is still one of the best weapons to experience in Monster Hunter. This time in Raise, SnS got another big update to increase its speed as well as mobility.

Sword and Shield is the only weapon that lets you use items without sheathing your weapon. This still holds true in Monster Hunter Rise.

Sword and Shield Quick Guide

Advancing SlashX+A. This attack moves your character forward with an upward slash.
Typically used to close the gap and follow up.
Guard SlashYou can hold Guard Button (ZR) and use X or A to perform Guard Slash.
Round SlashDoes not explicitly show in Hunter’s Note in Monster Hunter Rise.
you can perform this by pressing X+A during a combo.
This attack can be performed mid combo with directional input
This can be used as a link to perform those endless combos
Scaling SlashA follow-up slash after Charged Slash
This brings you to the air and you can perform Falling Bash (A) or Jumping Slash (X)
Both these attacks build up the Mountable state of the Monster (Wyvern Riding)
Perfect RushA new combo introduces in MHW Iceborne
This new attack is performed by pressing X after the Back Step.
Pressing X at the right time will increase the damage dealt by each attack.
Falling ShadowA quick way to trigger Scaling Slash, you can perform a Falling Bash on the way down
WindmillUsing Ironsilk and perform multi hits attacks that cover a wide area around you.
The first hit nullify the monster’s attacks
Metsu ShoryugekiSnS Switch Skill. Perform an uppercut with your shield.
This can also be used as a counter-attack as the initial animation is a guard

Monster Hunter Rise Sword and Shield Control

Most of SnS control are not changed compare to Monster Hunter World or previous Monster Hunter titles. Perfect Rush (Introduce in MHW Iceborne) is still one of the combo for SnS in Rise.

The biggest addition for SnS is it’s two new Silkbind Attacks. One skill lets you quickly enter scaling slash and can follow with a Falling Bash for some stun damage. The other is a multi-hit attack that lets you build up the Mountable state of the monster.

Monster Hunter Rise Sword and Shield Silkbind Attacks

  • Falling Shadow (1 Wirebug)

This let you quickly get into the air and can perform a Falling Bash (With the Shield) or a simple Slash (X) These attacks are counted as Silkbind Damage

  • Windmill (2 Wirebug)

A multi-hit attack using the Iron Silk and swing your sword around. This can be used to quickly build up the Mountable state of the monster

  • Metsu Shoryugeki (SnS Switch Skill)

Sword and Shield Combo
  • Endless Combo

Previously in MHW, you can perform an infinite Lateral Slash combo by performing the Turn Slash (Directional Input + Attack Button) In Monster Hunter Rise, this has been changed. To perform the Turn Slash, you will need to press X + A mid combo.

Another way to perform an endless combo is to use the Guard Slash (With X) This will let you go on forever with your combo.

  • Windmill

To compensate for this be sure to use Windmill whenever you have the chance. This attack has an iframe at the beginning of the animation and can significantly build up your Wyvern Riding.

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