Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Overview

Long Sword Monster Hunter Rise

The Long Sword is famous for it’s powerful counter attacks, with the addition of Silkbind Attacks in Monster Hunter Rise, you can now perform an even crazier combo with Long Sword.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Quick Guide

Spirit GaugeNormal Attacks will fill up this gauge.
Spirit Gauge has 3 levels and is increase every time you land a special attacks
Spirit SlashUse Spirit Gauge to deliver Spirit Combo.
The last hit in the combo will increase Spirit Gauge level by 1
Foresight SlashA dodge maneuver that allows you to perform a counter-attack
Follow up with ZR to deliver an attack that
increases Spirit Gauge level
Special SheathTemporarily sheath your sword and ready your next attack:
– X – Iai Slash, a double slash that fills up your Spirit Gauge automatically
– ZR – Iai Spirit Slash Use up one Spirit Gauge level to deliver a powerful attack
Soaring KickA Silkbind Attack that lets you close the gap. This is your main method to perform Spirit Helm Breaker now
Serene Pose A Silkbind Attack that let you counter the monster
Sakura SlashUse the Wirebug to Slash through the target. Increase Spirit Gauge level by 1
Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Guide

Long Sword control in Monster Hunter Rise

At first glance, Long Sword’s control is almost the same as other Monster Hunter titles. Your main bread and butter are still the Spirit Combo (Pressing ZR while the Spirit Gauge is filled)

Fade Slash can still be performed to occasionally change the direction of your attacks. Finally, Foresight slash is still your materials for cool-looking counter-attacks (It still takes some time to get used to though)

Special Sheath (ZL + B) – A new attack introduced in Monster Hunter World makes a return in Monster Hunter Rise. The Iai Slash (Press X during Special Sheath) will deliver a double slash, if landed, your Spirit Gauge will increase automatically. Always remember to land this attack during the fight. This is to keep your Spirit Gauge at a good level.

If you are confident, Pressing ZR during Special Sheath will deliver Iai Spirit Slash, a wide area counter-attack that deals a good amount of damage while making you look like a badass in anime.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Silkbind Attack

Silkbind Attack is the new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise. Using the Wirebug, all 14 weapons can deliver unique attacks to the monster and build up the meter to perform Wyvern Riding, an advanced version of mounting where you can control the monster (Attack, Dodge…) For Long Sword, you will start with the following Silkbind Attacks:

  • Soaring Kick – Pressing ZL + X – Use a Wirebug to launch a jump kick forward, if connect, you will deliver a Plunging Thrust, if you press ZR during the jump kick animation, you will deliver Spirit Helm Breaker instead.
  • Serene Pose – ZL + A (Cost 2 Wirebug) – Another counter attack for Long Sword. Ready your Sword and wait for the monster to attack.

All Silkbind attack will contribute to Wyvern Riding

Long Sword Switch Skill – Silkbind Sakura Slash

Another new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise is the Skill Switch system. This allows you to customize your Silkbind attack with a new one.

For Long sword, you will get the Silkbind Sakura Slash.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Combo

Your main goal while using Long Sword is still keeping the Spirit Gauge up and maximize it’s level whenever possible.

The best way to do this is to combine both Offensive (Spirit Combo) and Counter maneuver (Foresight Slash, Serene Pose)

The biggest difference for Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise is the change to Spirit Helm breaker. This move can only be accessed by using Soaring Kick now. This is not a bad thing though, as Soaring Kick will also deal special damage and speed up your Wyvern Riding.

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