Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades

Dual Blades are still one of the fastest weapons in the Monster Hunter series. This time, it got a boost to mobility thanks to the addition of Wirebug – a new mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Quick Guide

Demon GaugeIncrease this gauge by using attacks in Demon Mode.
Demon ModeTrigger by pressing ZR, This modes give Dual Blades knockback immunity, change attacks & evasion.
It’s best to use this with Dash Juice or other Stamina Recovery boosts
Archdemon ModeOnce the Demon Gauge is full, you will enter this mode. This mode doesn’t drain Stamina while still retain moves in Demon Mode. Once the bar is emptied, Arch Demon mode will end.
Managing Demon Mode & Arch Demon mode is the main mechanic to play Dual Blades.
Piercing BindDual Blades Silkbind Attack #1, Cost 1 Wirebug
Pierce monster with one blade, if this connects, triggers subsequent hits.
Landing more hit where the weapon is stuck will deal more damage to the monster
Shrouded VaultA quick forward dash using Wirebug, getting hit during this will trigger counter spinning attack

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Silkbind Attacks

  • Piercing Bind (ZL + X)

This new move allows you to pull a quick combo, which is quite similar to Demon Dance. As this is Silkbind attacks, it will boost the process to mounting and control the monster.

  • Shrouded Vault (ZL + A)

A quick dodge manuever performs with the Wirebug, if you get hit during this, it will trigger a spinning attack – which deals special damage and build up the Silkbind Damage to trigger a mount attack.

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Combo

The Combo for Monster Hunter Rises a pretty much the same if you already tried this in Monster Hunter World. You can still switch to Demon Mode and unleash the Demon Dance to fill up the Demon Gauge and enter Arch Demon mode.

Dual Blades Useful Combos (Monster Hunter Rise)

Monster Hunter Raise Dual Blades Combo

The main playstyle for Dual Blades has always been moving in and out of fight with Spinning Slash (B during Demon/ Arch Demon Mode), This attack lets you close in quickly to set up for other attacks. After finding a good standing position, simply unleash Demon Flurry to fill up your Demon Gauge.

In Monster Hunter Rise, make sure to combine this playstyle with Dual Blade Silkbind attacks. While Shrouded Vault serve as a evasion/ counter maneuver, Piercing Bind can be used as a secondary Demon Flurry.

Piercing Bind attacks will only trigger once the first hit connects. Make sure to pick the right time for this attack.

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