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Finally got into Dream of the Wise Difficulty!

Nioh 2 | Darkness in the Capital Updates

While there are many small changes and tweak to the existing system, the biggest change is definitely Dream of the Wise difficulty.

  • Dream of the Wise Difficulty – Similar to Nioh’s Way of the Wise, this new difficulty will let you replay the entire Nioh 2 map with new monster’s placements, some buff for the Yokais and allow more builds to be possible as the RNG is expanded.

On Dream of the Wise, you also get the following upgrades

  • Ethereal Rarity – A new item rarity for Nioh 2’s equipment, these equipment comes with
  • Increase +Value on equipment drops – For my playthrough, most equipment drops from Dream of the Wise are above +17
  • Stone of Penance – An item that let you increase the Yokai’s damage in exchange for better drops and accessories upgrade. The maximum value is + 9

Nioh 2 Fist Guide

Nioh 2’s Fist scale with Strength (Similar to Odachi) If your main stat is Strenght then a transition to Fist is pretty easy.

Fist’s skill tree contains various quick attack combo at close range, as well as some unique counter move.

Check out the full Fists skill tree here

At first glance, Fists tend to have a similar playstyle to Tonfa, however, being a Strength weapon means you don’t have the luxurious Ki recovery, so beware for that Ki depletion rate. Fist also has passive skills that make comboing with this weapon is pretty easy

  • Unbroken – Allowing to perform normal attack right after an active skill, increase the unbroken stack, each stack will increase your Active Skill damage (maximum 30%)

Fist does have one attack that deplete the Ki bar entirely in exchange for a single punch

  • Limitless – Deplete your Ki bar for a single punch. With no optimization, this single punch can hit ~10 k Damage on Dream of the Wise (wo Stone of Penance)

This is also the bread and butter of almost all Fist builds out there. However, the opening of this skill require a lot of customization and require you to deplete the Ki bar of the boss to perform it successfully.

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Dragon Ninja’s Apprentice

The name basically tells you what this build all about. You are good to go with the full Hayabusha Armor set, which can be farmed in Darkness in the Capital new region.

Hayabusha Set bonuses

Farming Ren Hayabusha also lets you get some of his ninjutsu skills which does have stronger damage compare to the usual Ninjutsu art.

The bonus is the Izuna Drop – a nostalgic call to Ninja Gaiden series.

This is a Dream of the Wise build, so you will also need the Grace bonuses. Marici’s Grace is what you need here

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Stat

In Nioh 2, during your first and second playthrough ( Dream of the Samurai/ Strong) You will need to stick to the main stat of the weapon you have picked (Sword – Heart, Dual Sword – Skill, Odachi/Fist – Strenght, Tonfa – Courage…) This is to get the highest DPS as possible.

After that, depend on your build, you can opt for the stat that you want. With the addition of weapon roll like Attack Bonus or Transform to [Stat]

Dream of the Samurai/Strong/Demon

For Dream of the Samurai and Dream of the Strong, you should max out Strength to increase Fist weapon damage, combine this with 50 points in Magic (For Onmyo uses) and you are good to go.

If you are trying Fist weapon from Dream of the Demon, you will need to Temper the Fist with the Attack Bonus (Stat)

Attack Bonus [Stat] is required to increase damage from weapon that does not scale with your main stat

Dream of the Wise

On Dream of the Wise, you can upgrade your stat to 150. Magic is still good at 50, so you can max out Strenght for more damage on the Fist, and put in the remaining points toward Dexterity – This is to increase Ninjutsu Damage as well as get the bonus out of this build.

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Skills Tree

Fist main focus is in flexibility and nimbleness – which is quite similar to Tonfa, abeit

Best Fist Skills

  • Limitless – This is your main bread and butter. Get it!
  • Fist of Reckoning – a nice move to deal with normal Yokai
  • Spinning Kick & Kick Cycle – Good for depleting Human’s ki bar

For Mystic Art, Unbowed is good enough for this build

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Onmyo Magic & Ninjutsu

With 50 points in Magic, you can pick Purification Talisman for Yokais,

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Weapon

The Dragon Ninja Armor set contains a Fist Weapon – The Falcon Claw, so it is pretty easy to just pick this up as the main weapon for this build. You will need the following option on the weapon

  • Active Skill Damage – Increase damage of your active skill (Limitless damage)
  • Transform Bonus [Stat that you maxed out]
  • Attack Bonus [Another stat that you maxed out]
  • Melee Ki Damage
  • Skill Ki Consumption

The addition of Transform Bonus let you scale another stat to your weapon damage, result in an even higher damage number.

Using Falcon Claw – A Claw Fist type weapon will also let you use Tiger Claws – a secret skill that add more attack to Archer’s Impact

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Armor Set & Accesories

You will need four pieces of Hayabusha armor to unlock the full set bonuses (along with Falcon Claws and Dragon Sword) The remaining armor slot will be used for Marici’s Grace. The easiest option to pick is the helmet.

Armor Set’s stat

  • Limitless Damage (Gloves) – The best addition to your single most powerful skill
  • Ninjutsu Power –
  • Attack (Gloves/Helmet/Chest Armor) –
  • Elemental Weapon Damage
  • Active Skill Damage

For Marici’s Grace, you will need both the Ranged Weapon slot to have this grace to unlock the 4 pieces bonuses (2 x Ranged Weapon, 1 piece of armor) For Ranged Weapon, you don’t need to grind for any specific option, but if you really want to min maxing your damage, then Damage Bonus (Agility) is a nice addition as the Hayabusa Armor set is a light armor

Accessories Stat

On Accessories, Yasakani Magatma is already a must for any builds, your second accessories can be anything you like, but the best options to grind for are as below

  • Melee Damage vs Zero-Ki Enemy ~20%
  • Melee Damage vs Purified Enemy ~20%

These two are the main stat you need to grind, as it provides a 40% damage boost (80% if you are lucky and get those two on both accessories) to your attack, which is the best increment in all of your build.

Other utility option

  • Anima Charge – let you use Yokai Ability more often
  • [Status] Accumulation Increase – Help to inflict Confuse on bosses
  • Ninjutsu Power – Further enhance your damage with Hayabusa set

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Guardian Spirits & Souls Core

Namahage Soul Core

Melee Damage vs Zero Ki enemy is the main reason for this soul core.

Enki Soul Core

Active Skill Damage

Nubppeppo Soul Core

This soul core seems to suck, but it is one of the best DPS increase Soul Core in Nioh 2. Once you use it, you will receive a damage buff (Berserk) for around 15 seconds

As Soul Core can not be tempered, it’s entirely depend on your luck for getting the best options:

  • Yokai Ability Damage – This increases your Soul Core Ability Damage – a nice addition, but not the best skill to have on the Soul Core.
  • Attack – A boost to attack from the Soul Cores is always a nice addition
  • Anima Bonus (Ninjutsu Hit) – This is required for an optimal play where you need to Yokai ability, it also syncs well with Damage Bonus (Anima)

Nioh 2 Fist Build | Playstyle

That’s all the buff you need for defeating the boss!
And that’s all the de-buff you need to apply to the boss!

Regardless of weapon, all of Nioh 2 builds will contain Onmyo Magic buff and debuff before the fight. If you are not familiar with that playstyle, check out the very first Onmyo Magic Build – The Switch Glaive

Before the fight you will need the following buff

  • Barrier Talisman Buff – To speed up that Ki Recovery.
  • Carnage Talisman Buff – A little more damage
  • Purification Talisman – This is the best talisman to use on a weapon. This speeds up the Ki depletion process. This will also inflict Purified status, leaving only one more elemental to get the Confuse status.

As soon as the boss fights start, you will need to inflict the Confuse status as fast as you can, as well as draining the boss Ki (Purification Talisman can easily do this trick) to stun them. As soon as the boss collapse, use Nubppeppo Soul Core ability to receive the Damage Buff, and perform your most powerful attack – Limitless (R1 + Square on High Stance)

For Human bosses, use the Spinning Kick and Kick Cycle to deplete their Ki bar. If you don’t like being too technical, simply use this combo

Paralytic Groundfire >> Apply Confused Status >> Nuppeppo Spin >> Limitless

Confuse status can be achieved by applying two differents elemental statuses to the boss. Depend on the boss’s immunity, use either Lighting/Water Feathers (Ninjutsu skills) to inflict a secondary elemental effect.

Nioh 2 Builds Compilations

Below is a list of Nioh 2 starters builds (Dream of the Samurai/ Dream of the Strong difficulty) These builds can serve as a base line for your journey on Nioh 2 Dream of the Wise difficulty.

More Dream of the Wise Builds will be published in the next few days… Stay tune!

  1. Anonymous

    There are a few things you’ve mentioned that I don’t quite agree with. I won’t mention them all but one of the main is your soul core choice. Nuppepo, Namahage and most importantly Gozuki is the idea set up on Yuma Guardian spirit. The active skill bonus from Enki is pretty low and does not come anywhere near to matching the extra damage Gozuki allows you to do. Gozuki rips through the enemies ki and providing you have melee vs zero ki damage on accessories practically every time you use Gozuki you then get approx. 40%, or even more if having melee vs zero ki on weapons and armour, damage bonus to all attacks rather that few % extra damage on active skills from Enki soul core.

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