Best Longsword in MHW Iceborne [Pre-Fatalis]

Fatalis is the final update to Iceborne expansion. This update will potentially be the final meta of Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Let take a look at the current best Longsword in MHW and make sure you got one of these for your upcoming fight against the most powerful monster of them all.

Raw Damage Longsword

All about damage, these Longsword rule the meta and can be integrated into your build pretty easily. These weapons can be used against almost all monsters (Except those with Blast Resistance like (Raging) Brachydios or Alatreon)

Raw Damage Longsword build is similar to other melee builds, you will need to maximize Affinity, Critical Damage and reduces the Sharpening time, sometime even to zero (with Master Touch)

Check out Longsword build guide here

Safi’s Shatterblade

Safi’s Shatterblade rule the meta since the release of Safi’jiiva. This weapon allow customization of 5 different skills. You can get one level 6 skill along with 4 Level 5 Skill. Most players will opt for all Attack on these Shatter Weapons.

How to get Safi’s Shatterblade

Safi’s Shatterblade of course come from Safi’jiiva himself as a Siege Reward. For me personally, I think Safi’jiiva weapons are easier to get compare to the first Siege with Kulve Taroth, you can pick the weapon that you want to get and hope for the best.

Safi’s Shatterblade does require some grinding with the Red Dragon himself to get the most out of it. All those awaken skills can only get if you grind the Safi’jiiva Siege a lot. This may be a turn down for many players that already skip the Siege.

Safi’s Shatterblade generally has lower sharpness compare to other Longsword at it’s rank. This can be enhanced by equipping Master Touch.

– Customizable Skills
– Universal and can be used in any builds
– Unique design
– Lower damage compare to Lightbreak Edge
– Low Sharpness

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Lightbreak Edge

Lightbreak Edge Jewels

Raging Brachydios change the game with both it’s armor and weapon. Lightbreak weapon is currently the meta for almost all melee weapons. This is thanks to the powerful slots and superb base damage. You also have more Blasts compare to Safi’s Shatterblade.

Higher Blast show more values in solo play, as Blast Threshold is increased in Multiplayer.

Lightbreak Edge has a pretty unique design and can be used effectively with your raw damage build previously (Raging Brachydios + Teostra Armor)

How to get Lightbreak Edge

Lightbreak Edge can be made by keep farming Raging Brachydios. It often comes after a couple of hunts, but it generally requires less time to get compare to Safi’jiiva Shatterblade. If you don’t want to fight Safi’jiiva, this is your best pick for a meta Longsword build.

– Higher Blast compare to Safi’s Shatterblade
– High Base Damage
– Purple Sharpness
– Powerful Jewel Slot
– Does not work on Alatreon!
– Blast can bore you after sometime

Elemental Longsword

While you can use either Lightbreak Edge & Safi’s Shatterblade to clear through end game content, it’s a suicide mission if you bring those Blast Sword against the Black Dragon Alatreon.

Alatreon fight revolve around it’s elemental damage threshold, making it’s vital for equipping yourself with a decent elemental weapon.

While Longsword may not be a good weapon that syncs well with elemental builds (compare to Dual Blades/Bow) you will need these below weapons for besting Alatreon.

Kjárr Sword “Fire”

Kjarr Sword Fire Build

The classic Kulve Taroth’s weapon. Kjárr weapons are used for all elemental builds. For Longsword, you will need the Critical Element from these weapons to have an effective Elemental Build.

Depend on the mission you take on Alatreon, pick a corresponding elemental to counter him. Below is an example of a Fire Longsword build in the mission Dawn of the Death Star (Ice Active Alatreon)

How to get Kjárr Sword “Fire”

Kjárr Sword “Fire” (and other K járr weapon) are randomly obtained by beating the Tempered version of Kulve Taroth. The latest mission “Eternal Gold Rush” which tasked you with not just breaking, but slay the Kulve Taroth is the best mission to farm for Kjárr weapon.

How long to get it depends on your luck though, as the weapons are only be revealed at the end of the mission.

Kjárr Sword “Stream”

Kjarr Sword Stream

This Longsword can be used on Alatreon in the Special Assignment. This is almost the same as the Fire variant, with lower base damage and Affinity.

Adularia Edge

If you don’t have any Kjárr weapon for Elemental Longsword build, then make sure to try out this weapon.

Adularia Edge is one of the latest weapons of the meta. This LS is made from Frostfang Barioth’s material. The 540 Ice Damage is just a start, you also get a boost to Affinity with the 15% Base Affinity.

Adularia Edge doesn’t have the Critical Element treatment but can be enhanced by using Silver Sol Armor Set (Although it will be a little tricky if you are not used to Elemental Build) Another powerful Armor set is Safi’jiiva Armor, but again, these builds require you to have certain skill with the Longsword, as the trade off is pretty big.

Frostfang Barioth Armor set also provides a nice skill bonus to Pubnishin

How to get Adularia Edge

Similar to Raging Brachydios, Frostfang Barioth is the monster you need to farm for this weapon. Frostfang Barioth is generally easier than Raging Brachydios, but you will need a decent Ice Resistance armor set to make it out alive (in solo)

Dark Claw “Demise”

After all those hard works (Or fails) you may get enough material for one of the most powerful Dragon Longsword in MHW. Dark Claw “Demise” has dominated the Dragon Hunting meta for now.

Despite it’s big Dragon Element, Dark Claw “Demise” is best used with Alatreon Armor’s set bonus – Element Conversion. You will need two pieces of Alatreon Armor (Escadora Armor Set) to enable this skill. This will boost your Elemental Damage base on the your Element Resistance stat.

How to get Dark Claw “Demise”

Beat Alatreon or die Trying…

– High Base Damage
– High Sharpness
– Highest Dragon Element
– Hard to get
– Requires Escadora Armor to unleash it’s full potential

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