Minecraft Dungeons Gauntlest | All Unique Gauntlets in Minecraft Dungeons

Another weapon-specific post, this features Gauntles – An unique weapons that appear in Minecraft Dungeons since Adventure Mode.

How to find Gauntlet in Minecraft Dungeons

Gauntlet weapon start to appear from Adventure difficulty and can be obtained randomly from the Black Smith or dropped from the following mission

  • Soggy Cave – The end boss is Corrupted Cauldron
  • Cacti Canyon – The end boss is Evoker

Minecraft Dungeons Gauntlets Overview

Gauntlet is the shortest range weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. To compensate for this, it is the highest attack speed weapon in the game.

With the Attack Speed bonus, Gauntlet is suitable for enchantment that has percentage base proc (Critical, Lighting…)

Despite the fast Attack Speed, Gauntlets has a pretty long combo that ends with a downward slam from both hands.

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Gauntlets

There are currently three unique Gauntlets in Minecraft Dungeons. More are expected to be appear in upcoming DLCs.

  • Souls Fist
  • Fighter’s Binding
  • Mauler

Minecraft Dungeons Souls Fist

In my playthrough, Souls Fist is one of the most common drops compare to the other two Gauntlets. All of my Souls Fist was from the Blacksmith instead of the drop during grinding.

Souls Fist come equip with Souls Critical Boost. This ability increase your critical chance base on yoour

Minecraft Dungeons Fighter’s Binding

This is currently one of the best weapon in Minecraft. This is thanks to the powerful ability to speed up your attack even further with Turbo Punches. Combine with Deathcap Mushroom you can shred anything from Group of Mobs to the hardest Boss in the game.

The downside is that it is so easy that you may not want to use it later on. This is the best weapon for both grinding and boss fight.

Minecraft Dungeons Mauler

This is a more basic version compare to other two.

Minecraft Dungeons Gauntlets Enchantments Guide

Critical Hit will triple the base damage of your weapon. The best way for this enchantment to shine is to pair it with High Attack Speed weapon

Similar to Critical Hit, Radiance has a proc chance on hit (30% To trigger) This is your best enchantment for recovery on Higher difficulty

Gauntlets Build are mostly contains the following enchantments

  • Critical – For a boost on damage
  • Radiance (For Recovery)
  • Sharpness (If you are lucky)

Standard Enchantments

  • Critical Hit
  • Radiance
  • Sharpness

All about damage

  • Sharpness
  • Sharpness
  • Sharpness

As you can get a speed boost by using Deathcap Mushroom, focusing on damage is better for Gauntlet.

Minecraft Dungeons Guide and Builds Series

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