Minecraft Dungeons Unique Armors Guide and Location

All Minecraft Dungeons Unique Armor

  • Ember Robe
  • Archer’s Armor
  • Renegade Armor
  • Spider Armor
  • Soul Dancer Robe
  • Hero’s Armor
  • Cave Crawler
  • Stalwart Armor
  • Full Metal Armor
  • Titan’s Shroud
  • Splendid Robe
  • Fox Armor
  • Highland Armor
  • Frost Bite
  • Wither Armor

Same as weapons, each type of armor in Minecraft Dungeons has it’s own unique version and can be found throughout the journey to various missions of the journey.

All Minecraft Dungeons Unique Armors

Unique Armor has a lower chance to drop compared to weapons, so these armors are mostly found on Apocalypse difficulty. This is in my case at least, if you happen to find Unique Armor in lower difficulty, let me know in the comments!

There are 15 Unique Armors in Minecraft Dungeons. This number will be expanded when the new DLCs are released in the future.

Ember Robe

  • Burns Nearby Enemies
  • -25% Artifact Cooldown
  • 15% Movespeed Aura

This is the upgraded version of the Evocation Robe with -25% Artifact Cooldown and a boost to movement speed.

Ember Robe has a burning effect – same effect as Burning Enchantment.

Where to find Ember Robe in Minecraft Dungeons?

Same as all of the gear, Ember Robe is randomly dropped during your loot hunting journey. With that said, Evocation Robe are mostly found in Soggy Swamp, so you could try your luck with the Cauldron boss in Soggy Swamp for this burning armor.

Archer’s Armor

Archer’s Armor is the upgrade version of your standard Hunter’s Armor. This armor has a bonus to movement speed. Pretty good for early game and who prefer Ranged build all the way.

  • 15% Movement Speed
  • 10 Arrow Per Bundle
  • +30% Ranged Damage

How to find Archer’s Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Archer Armor can be dropped in Creeper Wood from chest or randomly drop during from mobs. Test your luck in this area for the best chance to get Archer’s Armor

Renegade Armor

Upgrade version of Mercenary Armor. Renegade Armor has a bonus to Attack Speed, along with the base Mercenary Armor bonus (20% Attack Damage, ~30% Damage Reduction)

How to find Renegade Armor in Minecraft Dungeons?

Renegade Armor can be dropped in mission 3 or 4, if you are lucky, Renegade Armor can also be obtained from the Black Smith.

Fox Armor

This is the upgrade version of Wolf’s Armor. Fox Armor has a bonus to cause an attack to miss. You also got your usual 20% Damage Boost and an area of effect to Potion.

How to find Fox’s Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Fox’s Armor can be dropped in the first mission and Creeper Woods mission. You need to be a little patience though, The Unique Armor is harder to find compare to weapons.

Spider Armor

Spider Armor is upgraded from Thief Armor and has a pretty badass look. Aside from the Attack Speed boost from Thief Armor, Spider Armor also has a bonus to Life Steal.

Where to find Spider Armor

Spider Armor has a good chance to drop in Redstone Mines – The mission which you had to fight the Red Golem. This is also a good place to farm for Splendid Robe, Fox Armor and some good Dual Daggers.

Desert Temple is also a decent mission for Spider Armor.

Souldancer Robe

One of the best armor for a Soul Build. This complement the typical Soul Robe with a new unique bonus – 30% Chance to Negate Hit

  • 30% Chance to Negate Hit
  • +50% Artifact Damage
  • +100% Soul gathered

How to find Soul Dancer Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Cave Crawler

Cave Crawler is the better version of Spelunker Armor – the armor that give you a small pet bat. Cave Crawler has a unique bonus to Artifact Damage.

Cave Crawler Location | How to find Cave Crawler

Cave Crawler can be dropped in Redstone Mines on Apocalypse Difficulty

Stalwart Armor

I almost never used … due to the 100% Longer Roll Cooldown. While we technically don’t rolling too much in Minecraft Dungeons, this penalty can still giving some hard time if you are surrounded.

That said, Stalwart Armor has an unique bonus to Defense every time you drink a potion, pair this with Protection and you are good to go with this armor.

Stalwart Armor is superb for close combat build, but does not benefit to Souls and Ranged focus builds.

How to find Stalwart Armor

Stalwart Armor has a high chance to drop in Fiery Forge on Apocalypses difficulty, but it may take a while and require some decent build to farming for it. Check out some of the comfy builds

Full Metal Armor

Another armor from the Fiery Forge. This also comes with 100% Longer Roll Cool down. Unlike Stalwart Armor, Full Metal Armor’s unique bonus has an offensive flavor +30% Melee Damage

If you prefer a more aggressive melee build, pick this over Stalwart Armor.

Full Metal Armor location

This armor can be dropped in Fiery Forge on Apocalypse difficulty. If you are super lucky, the Black Smith also can also give you this.

Titan’s Shroud

  • 20% Weapon Damage boost Aura
  • 100% Souls Gather
  • 35% Damage Reduction

Titan’s Shroud is the upgrade version of the armor those shielding mobs wear in the last mission. TItan’s Shroud is good for a durable soul build with a bonus to Weapon Damage aura.

Titan’s Shroud Location

Titan’s Shroud only dropped in Apocalypse difficulty

This bulky armor can be found in Fiery Forge

Splendid Robe

  • + 50% Artifact Damage
  • 25% Artifact Cooldown
  • 30% Melee Damage

Splendid Robe is the better version of the Arch-Illager’s robe. This top up the already powerful Battle Robe with 50% Artifact Damage bonus

If you are a sucker for Artifact, this is a must have for your build

How to find Splendid Robe

Splendid Robe can only be dropped in Apocalypse difficulty, so don’t expect to see this armor during your first and second playthrough.

On Apocalypse Difficulty, Redstone Mines is the best mission to farm for this robe. You can also start wearing the usual Battle Robe first before trying out this powerful armor.

Highland Armor

Remember the Scale Armor you often salvage right after you see it? This is the unique version of that armor. Highland Armor has an unique bonus to speed after Dodge, and that’s it. This armor can be found in early mission where you still don’t have to fight any boss at the end of the mission.

Highland Armor location

Creepy Wood is your best bet for farming Highland Armor.

Frost Bite

Upgrade version of Phantom Armor. Aside from 100% Soul and 30% Ranged Damage bonus, Frost Bite has an interesting effect that you should check out for yourself.

Where to find Frost Bite Armor

Frost Bite can be found in Fiery Forge in Apocalypse difficulty.

Wither Armor

This is the upgraded version of our Grim Armor. 35% Damage Reduction is a great addition to this armor. If you are struggle in the early stage of Apocalypse, you may want to grind a little for this armor.

Wither Armor is good for any Soul Focus build with a slight taste of melee combat.

Where to find Wither Armor

Wither Armor can be dropped in Desert Temple mission or Obsidian Pinnacle (The final mission) As usual, Unique armors have the best chance to drop on Apocalypse difficulty.

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Armors Farming

Despite the unique drop date of the armor. Minecraft Dungeons still genrally have an easy approach to gears drop. If you are looking for a particular pieces of Unique Armor, pick a mission with the Armor icon you needed and start grinding.

When will it drop will entirely depend on your luck, but at least you know where to put in the effort.

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