Best Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Despite the simplicity in combat and gear, Minecraft Dungeons still has many powerful weapons for you to choose from.

Below is the compilation of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. All these weapons are ranked base on their damage, ease of use, and utility skills.

This list will be updated regularly when I find new build and new weapons.

For a quick list of reference

  • Truthseeker
  • Souls Fist
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Hearstealer
  • Venom Glaive
  • Gravity Hammer
  • Purple Storm
  • Harp Crossbow

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Weapons

Unique weapons are the upgrade version of a weapon type and come with a small backstory for each of them. This is the same mechanic you may found in other Action RPG titles (Diablo III, Torchlight series…)

The below compilation list is base on my personal opinion. The main criteria are the ease of access (How often it is to drop) and how well it syncs with a build. The best weapon always depends on your current builds.

All Unique Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

For a list of all Minecraft Unique Weapons, check out my compilation in this post.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Melee Weapons


Minecraft Dungeons Hawkbrand

This is one of the easiest unique weapon to drop in Minecraft Dungeons. Hawkbrand is your standard sword, similar to almost every other Action RPG. The different is this Sword has a higher chance to cause critical hit.

Hawkbrand can easily be outdated after a while, but on Apocalypse difficulty, pairing this with all three enchantments can still give you some decent damage.

Easy to get
Good for almost any build
Can get outdated pretty quickly
Require all three enchantments to get powerful

Truthseeker – Knife (Soul Knife)

High Damage
High chance to Drop with Radiance, Anima Conduit
Easy to Drop in Soggy Swamp
Easy to go with Souls Build
Slow Attack Speed
Hard to Trigger Radiance

This is the upgrade version of the Soul Knife. Truthseeker has all of your typical Soul Knife boosts, from collecting souls to powerful one-hit attack.

Looking for a Truthseeker build? We got you covered!

As Truthseeker is a one-hit weapon. Itt syncs well with enchantments that create a projectile in your last hit of the combo. These enchantments are an indirect boost to your damage.

Good enchantment for Truthseeker

  • Swirling
  • Shockwave

Check out all Powerful Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

Souls Fist (Gauntlets)

Fastest attack speed
Sync well with Critical
Good pick for builds that requires Radiance or Stun
Shortest Range
Lowe Base Damage
Require good build for it to shine

Gauntlet weapons type appear in Minecraft Dungeons from Adventure difficulty. These weapons have short-range, but compensate that with the fastest attack speed in the game.

Soul Fist can be found in Cactus Canyon mission as a random drop. If you are lucky, Souls Fist can also be obtained from the Blacksmith.

Soul Fist comes with an innate ability to increase Critical Chance. In my playthrough, Soul Fist also come with Critical – which double the critical chance on this weapon, making those big number appear more often.

With the insane Attack Speed, Soul Fist are good for any enchantment that has chance base proc. The following enchantments are all good for Souls Fist

  • Stun
  • Radiance

Heartstealer (Claymore)

Heartstealer is a one hit weapon similar to Hammer and Knife with a slight area of effect damage. The main trait of this weapon is the ability to leech health and regain some of your HP for every hit.

As a one hit weapon, Heartstealer is good for Swirling or Shockwave enchantments. This also has a good synergy with Gravity – which will pull mobs to the weapons impact point after every hit.

Venom Glaive (Glaive)

Minecraft Dungeons Venom Glaive

The Venom Glaive is one of the earliest unique weapons you can find in Minecraft Dungeons. This also comes with the handy Poison Cloud, dealing extra damage to group of mobs.

Venom Glaive has slightly lower attack speed compare to Sword. As a glaive, it also share a 3 hits combo pattern. Glaive are generally good for dealing area damage, so enchantments that enhances this trait is always good to have.

Good for early game (Default Difficulty mission 2 – 7)
Good design
Easy to farm in Soggy Swamp
Moderate Attack Speed
Can be boring after a while

Check out our guide on Venom Glaive location and how to use it.

Grave Bane

If you don’t like Venom Glaive, this is the one for you. Venom Bane traded the Poison Cloud for more damage when dealing with Undead – a pretty common enemy type in Minecraft Dungeons.

Hammer of Gravity

Powerful one hit combo
Can enhance easily with Swirling or Shockwave
Good with Thundering
Slow attack speed
Not go well with percent base enchantment

This hammer has the ability to pull in enemies with every attack, making it Splash Damage effect affect enemies. With the simplicity of Hammer one-shot attack, you can combine this with enchantments like Swirling or Shockwave – both of these can proc with just one Hammer Slam, making the already powerful slam become more deadly.

The downside of this hammer is that it does go well with enchantments that has a percentage on hit (Radiance, Critical…)

Minecraft Dungeons Best Ranged Weapon

Purple Storm

Purple Storm is a Trick Bow that comes with Accelerate – which will increase your attack speed for every arrow that was shot. Combine this with another Accelerate enchantment, you will surprise with the damage output it provides.

Purple Storm is good for bosses, and can deal a ton of damage while keeping you in a safe distance.

Below are some good enchantments that combine perfectly with Purple Storm

  • Accelerate – To further enhance your attack speed
  • Fuse Shot – Increase damage every 3rd shot

Harp Crossbow

This is the upgraded version of Scatter Crossbow – which has the ability to shoot three arrow at once. The Harp Crossbow increase this number to five, giving you 5 arrows with the same damage every shot.

If you stand close to the target, all five arrow will take out a good chunk of health.

Harp Crossbow sync well with

  • Chain Reaction – All five arrows cause this skill to happen more often, and will help you a great deal in fights against a large group of mobs

The build I used in Adventure mode utilize the Harp Crossbow with Torment Arrow.

Chain Reaction is a powerful enchantment – which only appears in Adventure difficulty and above. You can check out the full list of powerful enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is your best weapon in Minecraft Dungeons?

Don’t you agree with this list? What is your favorite weapon in Minecraft Dungeons? Drop a comment below

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