Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts Guide | Best Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons employs a simple but satisfying combat system, you got a melee weapon, a bow, and three different artifacts to used during combat. These Artifacts are all active skills ranging from buffing your character to a big AOE Damage Blast.

How to find Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons?

Artifacts are rewarded upon mission completion in Minecraft Dungeons.

You can also buy it from Wandering Trader (After clear out 4 missions) with Emeralds. Prosperity enchantment can also boost your Emerald farming speed!

All Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Below is the list of all Minecraft Dungeons Artifact (Default Difficulty) This list will be updated periodically.

  • 01/June/2020 – Finished Default Difficulty

All Artifacts have cooldowns that can be reduced by using Cooldown Enchantment on the armor.

Firework Arrow

  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds
  • Effect – Blast, AOE Damage.

This is the very first artifact you will receive in Minecraft Dungeons. This changes your arrow into an explosion shot that can deal AOE damage. This is pretty straight forward and can be used when you manage to lure out a large number of mobs. The cooldown is also pretty high

Sync well with below enchantments

Fishing Rod

  • Cooldown – 5 Seconds
  • Effect – Stun

The first artifact introduces you to Stun effect. This little rod let you pull the enemy toward you and stun them in the process, not worth an Artifact slot in my opinion.

Death cap mushroom

  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds
  • Duration – 9.6 Seconds
  • Effect – Increase Attack and Movement Speed

This can be used when you face bosses. This add a huge bonus to your Attack Speed, and as a result increase your DPS.


Is that a book?

This little artifact introduces you to the Souls mechanic of Minecraft Dungeons. As soon as you equip the Harvester, the Souls Bar (on the left corner) will start to fill up each time you killed a mob. This is called Souls Energy, depend on the level of this bar, you can then unleash a powerful blast. The blast’s damage and radius is depend on your Soul Levels.

This sync well with below gear

  • Grim Armor – 100% Souls collect
  • Evocation Robe – 100% Souls Collect

Flaming Quiver

Pew Pew Pew

  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds
  • Effect – Fire (Damage/ Second)

This artifact gives you seven Burning Arrow to deal Burning Damage to enemies. If you have Scattershot or Multishot equipped, this can shoot out up to five Fire Arrows at once.

Sync well with below enchantments

Light Feather

Imma Head out…

  • Cooldown – 3 seconds
  • Effects – Stun

This is better than Wind Horn, as you also stun the enemies as you fly through the enemies. Light Feather is your savior in tight situation.

Sync well with

  • Any Gear

Torment Quiver

  • Cooldown – 1 Second
  • Effect – Knock Back

Similar to Flaming Quiver, this artifact gives your arrow souls element. For each use, Torment Quiver uses up around 20% of your Souls Bar, giving you three arrows with the power of the Undead.

Torment Quiver doesn’t have the burning ability of Flaming Quiver, but the shot is pretty powerful and can knock back enemies upon hit. These arrows also have a small area damage boost on each shot.

As this used up the Souls bar, you don’t have to wait for the cooldown to be able to use it again. One of the best artifact to sync with

Sync well with

  • Multishot

Tasty Bone

Woof Woof Woof

  • Cooldown – 30 Seconds
  • Effect – Not lonely

Summon a Wolf to fight for you. This doesn’t have much power I think. You probably less lonely when fighting with a Wolf.

Sync well with

  • ?

Wonderful Wheat


Another summon Artifact, this summons a llama to fight for you. Again, I haven’t find any benefit in this artifact yet.

Sync well with

  • ?

Wind Horn

  • Cooldown – 10 Seconds
  • Effect – Knockback

A quick blast that scare nearby enemies. This doesn’t deal any damage, it’s only pushes back the mobs to “5 blocks” and slow them. This can be used in the Corrupted Cauldron boss fight, where you are surrounded by all those purple mobs.

Soul Healer

  • Cooldown -1 Second
  • Effect – Recover your Health

Another Soul-related Artifact. This pendant allows you to use the Souls energy to heal your self and allies. The amount depends on your current Souls Bar. This is the best recover Artifact in-game

Lighting Rod


  • Cooldown – NA
  • Effect – AOE Damage

This Artifact is first dropped at the final mission. This is the strongest souls Artifact in the Default difficulty, instead of an AOE Blast, this lets out a Lightning Strike to all surrounding enemies.

Best Artifact Set In Minecraft Dungeons

As you can equip three artifacts for your character at one time, below are some of our recommendation for the best artifacts set

Basic Artifact Set

  • Fireworks Arrow
  • Fire Quiver
  • Harvester

This set is a basic set that you can equip early in Minecraft Dungeons. The AOE blast from Fireworks Arrow can help you clear out a group of mobs, while Fire Quiver can be used against bosses or elites mob. Harvester will be you ultimate move when you gather enough souls

Souls-Focus Artifact Set

  • Harvester
  • Torment Quiver
  • Light Feather/ Lighting Rod

This is a pretty standard set for a Souls build, you will deal with any close-up enemies with Torment Quiver shot, occasionally sent the whole group of mobs a blast with Harvester. In the beginning, if you don’t have Souls Collection increase armor, stick with Light Feather, this can help you escape a tough situation

Recovery Support Artifacts Set

  • Wind Horn
  • Soul Healer
  • Light Feather

This is mostly used when you have a powerful team, and your job is just to healing and support. Both the stun and knock back from Wind horn and Light Feather will be a great hel to your party.

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