Minecraft Dungeons Unique Weapons | How to find Venom Glaive

  • Location – Soggy Swamp
  • Recommended Difficulty Scale – V
Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Guide - Venom Glaive

Venom Glaive is one of the early unique weapons that you can find in Minecraft Dungeons. This Glaive allows you to release Poison Clouds on hit and has a longer reach compare to all other weapons. This can make your progression through Default Difficulty much faster.

Minecraft Dungeon Venom Glaive Stat

Venom Glaive is a unique weapon that you can find during your journey through Minecraft Dungeons. This weapon has a high base attack damage and specializes in Area damage. Upon attack, this also releases a poison cloud that deals damage over time to nearby enemies, saving you one slot of enchantment for just a 30% Poison Cloud trigger.

Venom Glaive also comes with two enchantments slot. This means you can pick two out of the enchantements to enhance this weapon ability. Some good options for the Venom Glaive

  • Weakening – Reduce enemies Damage
  • Freeze – Slow down enemies speed
  • Stun – Has a chance to stun the enemies
Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment Sharpness
If you don’t know what to pick, Sharpness is never a bad choice

Minecraft Dungeons | Venom Glaive location

Venom Glaive can be dropped at Soggy Swamp Mission right after you complete the first mission.

I got my Venom Glaive after fighting the Enderman, an elusive enemy in the dungeon of Soggy Swamp.

Minecraft Venom Glaive Location Guide

Soggy Swamp also has the following gear drops

  • Glaive
  • Dual Dagger
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Evocation Robe

Soggy Swamp Mission Quick Guide

This mission can be a difficulty spike if you somehow got past all the previous fights with ease. While it is not a big golem, the attack patterns can be pretty annoying.

Corrupted Cauldron Guide

This boss will quickly swamp you with little purple cubes that deal projectile damage, making your Health dropped real fast. The best way to fight this guy is to circle around him and try to snipe down the outside cube with arrow.

As soon you clear out the small mobs, equip artifacts like Firework Arrow or Fire Quiver and shoot it straight at the boss. If you feeling a little risky, you can pop the Purple Mushroom and try to sneak in for quick hits. However, the boss has an area blast that can take up to 50% of your Health.

In the end, this fight requires more tactics compare to the fight with Red Stone Golem. Defeating him will randomly drop a crossbow or bow depending on your luck. I got a Scatter Crossbow via this fight.

Venom Glaive Build

Venom Glaive is pretty versatile and can be combined with armor-like Evocation Robe or any armor that focuses on enhancing defense. A quick build using Venom Glaive

ARMOR – Evocation Robe– Burning/ Snowball
– Cool Down
WEAPON – Venom Glaive– Weakening
– Chain
ARTIFACT #1 – Soul HarvesterNA
ARTIFACT #2 – Fire QuiverNA

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