Maneater Guide – All Hunters Boss | How to fight Infamy Level Boss

All Infamy Bosses/ Hunter Bosses in Maneater

  • Bayou Willy
  • Bobbie Bojangles
  • Pookie Paul
  • Candyman Curtis
  • Tyler Dixon
  • Butcher Boy Brady
  • LT. Shannon Sims
  • Mama Maybelle
  • CDR. Percy Metcalf
  • CAPT. Robert Brunlett

Defeating these hunters will reward you the full Bio-Electric Evolution Set, as well as several Organ Evolutions for the Shark. The strongest Organ Evolution – Brutal Muscle is also obtained via Infamy Boss Fight.

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Infamy Rank

Infamy Rank indicate your current fame level in the hunter’s world. This will only increase when you attacking humans or boats, making it is a critical part of the process to hunt down these hunters.

In Maneater, the Infamy level will raise when you causing havoc to humans or boats. This will cause the nearby hunters to hunt you down. There are ten bounty hunters in Maneater, each with their own special abilities and traits.

How to increase Infamy Level fast

  • Try to be a Land Shark – Jump on the ground once in a while and try to consume as many humans as you can.
  • Don’t let those boats safe! – Attacking small boat whenever you see it is also a good choice. Sapphire Bay area is full of them
  • Using the correct Organs – While humans are smaller than the Apex Predators, you will need good damage against their boat. This makes Organs like … or …. is the perfect fit when fighting humans enemies.
Maneater Infamy Guide

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Bayou Willy

Maneater Infamy Guide Bayou Willy

Location – Fawtick Bayou

Bayou Willy is your first human boss fight, he is only accompanied by two hunters, and they are both using just a jetski. Bayou Willy can be bested easily at around level 7 – 10 (Teen Stage) Defeating Bayou Willy will let you use the Bio-Electric Teeth – the first pat from the Bio-Electric Evolution Set.

Bayou Willy Reward

  • 425 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Bio-Electric Teeth
  • Infamy Rank Level 2

Bobbie Bojangles

Location –

Bobbie Bojangles is slightly more powerful than Bayou Willy and has a Skiff instead of the -Jetski. She also has two companions. Skiff has higher defense compare to the Jetski, but it is your chance to try out the Bio-Electric teeth in previous fight. Bobbie Bojangles can be faced as soon as you reach Level 7 or 8.

Bobbie Bojangles Reward

  • 700 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Hearty Organ Evolution

Hearty Organ is one of the best organs in terms of Health Boost. At Tier 5, this adds 600 to your Health. This is a perfect match for the durability focus Bone Set Evolution (Obtained by hunting down Apex Predators)

Pookie Paul

Maneater Infamy Guide Pookie Paul

Location – Sapphire Bay

Pookie Paul will be accompanied by two more Skiffs when you face him. Start the fight by attacking these skiffs. You can dodge their aiming by evasion. Try jumping all the water surface and pick out the hunters one by one.

Pookie Paul is using an Airboat this time, if your aim is on point, finish him off underwater.

Pookie Paul Reward

  • 1000 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Mineral Digestion
  • Infamy Rank Level 3

Mineral Digestion allows you to increase the amount of Mineral you obtained. This can be used throughout the game to boost your level up process.

Candyman Curtis

Maneater Infamy Guide Candyman Curtis

Location –

Candyman Curtis is a similar experience to Pookie Paul, you can easily target him and pull the fight underwater. The only thing to note is that he and his team has higher damage weapons. Candyman Curtis can be fight around level 12 – 15 (Adult stage)

Candyman Curtis Reward

  • 1550 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Adrenal Gland Organ Evolution
  • Infamy Rank Level 4

Tyler Dixon

Maneater Infamy Guide Tyler Dixon

Location –

This can be a challenge fight if you don’t pay attention to your Health. As Tyler Dixon used an USCG Small Skiff, it is hard to target him alone. Your best option is to take down the smaller Airboat around him (2 of them) and then focus on the man.

This is probably your first human boss fight that require you to back out and replenish your Health.

Tyler Dixon Reward

  • 1700 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Bio-Electric Fins

Butcherboy Brady

Maneater Infamy Guide Butcherboy Brady

Location –

Butcherboy Brady will use a small fishing boat and stay inside, making target him is impossible without destroying the boat. This fight also feature Hunter Diver – which deal pretty high damage up close. Focus on these targets first and then attacking the boat.

Butcherboy Brady Reward

  • 2000 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Bio-Electric Body
  • Infamy Rank Level 6

Bio-Electric Body allow you using the special ability of the Bio-Electric set,

LT. Shannon Sims

Maneater Infamy Guide LT.Shannon Sims

Location – The Gulf

Shannon Sims will be on a USCG Medium Skiff – a military boat. There will be another USCG Small Skiff nearby, which makes this fight a little longer compared to the smaller area fight you have used to. You will need to equip anything you got for this fight and try using the Bio-Electric body to gain an advantage against boat. Shannon Sims is best to fight around level 24 – 27 (Elder Stage)

This fight also has Hunter Diver, make sure you do not miss any of them.

LT. Shannon Sims Rewards

  • 2350 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Mutagen Digestion
  • Infamy Rank Level 7

Mama Maybelle (Level 45)

Location –

Mama Maybelle could be an easier fight compare to your previous fight with Shannon Sims. This is because she only uses a Yacht – which is an easy target compared to those military boats. Defeating this boss will let you use Bio-Electric Tail, an upgrade that lets you shoot lighting ball out of your Tailwhip.

Mama Maybelle Rewards

  • 2700 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Bio-Electric Tail
  • Infamy Rank Level 8

CDR. Percy Metcalf (Level 51)

Location –

This is similar to the level of Apex Orca (Apex Predator) Percy Metcalf will sit on a USCG Command Boat, and come with both Hunter Diver (Elite) and two smaller USCG boats. You will need to back out and regain your Health a lot in this fight. It will be easier to face this guy on Mega Stage (Level 30)

CDR. Percy Metcalf Rewards

  • 3000 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Bio-Electric Head
  • Infamy Rank Level 9

CAPT. Robert Brunlett (Level 60)

Location – Prosperity Sand

The final Infamy Boss, Robert Brunlett will use the Command Boat along with two medium USCG Skiff. The boat has a Lighting Shockwave that damage you once you getting close. The best organs and Evolution Set will be needed for this encounter. The best approach is to stop once in a while to regain your health, and return to deal damage to the USCG Command Boat.

CAPT. Robert Brunlett Rewards

  • 3350 Protein, Fat & Mineral
  • Brutal Muscles
  • Infamy Rank Level 10 (Final)
Maneater Brutal Muscles

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