Nioh 2 DLCs – Latest Info and Update

Nioh 2 DLC

Similar to Nioh, Nioh 2 will have three DLCs line up in this year. The first one will be released from 30 – July – 2020.

While we don’t have much information in English regarding this upcoming release. The latest tease for this is posted in Koei Tecmo twitter account here

Nioh 2 DLC Updates

  • New Weapons
  • Added a new Weapon Type?
  • New Yokai
  • New Guardian Spirits
  • New Difficulty
  • New Location/ Maps

Nioh 2 Latest State

The highest difficulty in Nioh 2 right now is Dream of the Strong – which is equivalent to the previous Way of the Strong. In this difficulty, the Yokai will deal more damage while providing more Armita for your character. You also get to the higher rarity equipment

These equipment can also be soul match to increase the stat. A new system in Nioh 2 is .. which increase the

Nioh 2 Photo mode

After all the waiting, Koei Tecmo finally decided to implement one of the coolest features of video games of this generation – The Photo mode. You can now line up your combat stance for some cool looking shots

Nioh 2 Builds Guide

If you are just starting out on Nioh 2, Check out the compilation of the below Nioh 2 Build Guides below. We have covered the following Nioh 2 Builds

  • Sword Build
  • Kusarigama Build
  • Spear Build
  • Dual Sword Build
  • Odachi Build
  • Hatchet Build
  • Switchglaive Build

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