MHW Iceborne Monsters Guide – Ebony Odogaron

Ebony Odogaron

  • Weakness – Fire
  • Element – Dragon

Ebony Odogaron is one of the new subspecies introduce in MHW Iceborne expansion. You will first face this monster in the Assigned Quest ..

Iceborne Ebony Odogaron Guide

There are not much of a difference in term of appearance for Ebony Odogaron. It bears a darker color compared to the “vanilla” Odogaron. But this beast surely packs a punch.

Ebony Odogaron prefers to jump around a lot and attack you from all direction. Don’t hesitate to use mantle such as Temporal or Rock Steady to get some easier time with this beast.

Iceborne Ebony Odogaron does not inflict bleeding to you, instead, this monster’s element is Dragon.

Ebony Odogaron also got some updated moveset with two new moves:

  • 360 Tail Swipe – Occasionally when you are too close, Ebony Odogaron will perform a 360 Sweep that deals a moderate amount of damage and knocks you down.
  • Flying Fire Ball – It is not technically Fire Ball, as it falls under Dragon element. Ebony Odogaron will jump up and fire out projectiles at you, inflicting Dragon status in the process.

Fighting Ebony Odogaron will definitely a challenge as you probably not used to nimble and speedy monsters. If you find his annoying to attack, a Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap can help a lot.

Remember to use your Clutch Claw! If you don’t know how to perform the Flinch Shot, check out my guide below:

Iceborne Ebony Odogaron Armor

Ebony Odogaron appearance is the same as the Master Rank Odogaron Armor. The color palette is of course different.

Overall, I don’t find this armor set interesting, as the only addition is a focus on Dragon Element (In both elemental and Resistance)

You can also get Latent Power – which is pretty subpar compared to other attack focus armor skills.

There is also Tool Specialist, but I have yet to find a meta build that uses these armor skills.

Death Garon Alpha

Armor Skills

  • Critical Eye Level 3
  • Dragon Attack Level 4
  • Latent Power Level 3
  • Dragon Resistance Level 2
  • Power Prolonger Level 2
  • Tool Specialist Level 3

Death Garon Beta

  • Critical Eye Level 2
  • Dragon Attack Level 3
  • Latent Power Level 2
  • Tool Specialist Level 2
  • Power Prolonger Level 1
  • Dragon Resistance Level 1

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