Monster Hunter World – Clutch Claw Guide [Flinch Shot Tutorial]

MHW Iceborne – How to perform the flinch shot and knock down the monster?

  • Equip Slinger Ammo (Stone/Red Pit/Pods dropped from the monster)
  • Make sure you have enough stamina.
  • Aim the slinger at the head of the monster with L2 (LT)
  • Press O/ B to fire out the Clutch Claw
  • Hit O/ B Again to using the Claw Attack to change the monster direction (Facing Wall)
  • Press R2/RT to fire out all Slinger Ammo and knock down the monster when it hits a wall!

If the monster is flying, simply unleash the Flinch Shot while staying at the monster’s head, this will let you knock down it immediately!

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The Clutch Claw is one of the newest addition to the hunter’s arsenal introducing in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Not just a simple tool for the Slinger, the Clutch Claw let the hunter performs various actions that can significantly enhance your hunt.

MHW Iceborne Clutch Claw Basic Guide

At the very first glance, the only new thing for the Slinger is that you can now fire out the Slinger with all weapons during some special attacks.


However, it is definitely more than that. With the Clutch Claw, you can now use the Slinger to attach to the monster at any time at the cost of stamina.

During this animation, you can perform the following actions:

  • Attack using your current Weapon – (Triangle/ Y) – This will let you damage the monster part, weaken it in the process. The monster will also drop Slinger Ammo after this.

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  • Clutch Claw Attack (Circle/ O) – This is another attack to weaken the monster part. If perform on the head, and the monster is not enraged, you can change the direction of the monster. This is for the ultimate move
  • Flinch Shot (R2/RT) – With this, you can use all of the Slinger Ammo and fire out a powerful shot to the monster. If you perform this on the head of the monster, this will make it run forward. If it hits a wall during the run, you will knock down the monster and deal a big amount of damage in the process.

Attacking the monster using the Clutch Claw (Or you weapon) will weaken the monster part, and allow you to deal more damage to that part later on.

This make MHW Clutch Claw an essential tool in Master Rank. This is because the monster’s HP pool is way higher compared to Low and High Rank.

When you dealing damage to the weakened part, a small triangle icon will be displayed as an indicator.

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MHW Iceborne Clutch Claw Advance Guide

To utilize the power of the Clutch Claw to the max, make sure you know when to use the Flinch shot, and when it is just the best to follow the normal route.

Below are several key things to note when using the Clutch Claw in MHW Iceborne:

  • Staying on the monster with the Clutch Claw deplete stamina rapidly. Make sure your Stamina Bar is full before using this move. This is to prevent being dropped off automatically and tired (stun) for a short amount of time.
  • You cannot control an enraged monster! This means you cannot change direction, or ram it to a wall when it is enraged (Red Eye Icon)
  • You can ram it multiple time during a hunt. The best option is to equip some Slinger Ammo after each transition (monster move to a new area) and try to perform the Flinch Shot asap when the fight starts.
  • Alternate between Mounting/ and Flinch Shot knock out (Ram the monster to the wall) for mount-friendly weapons (Sword and Shield, Insect Glaive) to consistently knock down the monster.
  • While sticking on the monster with the Clutch Claw, you are still vulnerable to all of its attacks (unlike mounting) So make sure you pick the right time to get personal.
  • Ram the monsters to each other. Yes, if they are fighting each other, you can align the Flinch shot to ram them. And yes, both monster will be knocked down.
  • Don’t forget your weapons specific attack with Clutch Claw! Each weapons will have a specific tie in move with Clutch Claw. These moves utilize the current weapon characteristic to get on the monster more quickly! All of these moves can be checked in your Hunter’s Note.

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MHW Iceborne Clutch Claw Tips

  • Rock Steady Mantle

As you will need all the time and space for a success Flinch Shot, mantle like Rock Steady can help you have a peaceful time picking the right moment to perform the Flinch Shot!

  • In doubt? Change it’s direction!

Sometimes you may not sure if your Flinch shot will knock down the monster. There are cases when the monster change it’s a course in a flash while it has already faced the wall. You can minimize this by pressing O/ B when sticking on it’s back and change its direction a few time to align the shot.

  • Dash Juice

You probably cannot claw the monster’s head right away, but moving while sticking with Clutch Claw drain the stamina bar rapidly. Items like Dash Juice is a huge help if you want to be safer while hunting with Clutch Claw.

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