Sekiro – Boss Guide – Owl The Great Shinobi

Returning from the depth of Ashina, you will shortly realize all of the Idols in Ashina Castle is somehow disabled, and the only idol that you can access is the Ashina Dungeon. This, of course, showing that something big has happened at the castle and our Kuro may be in danger as well.

I will leave the exploration aside. Your main path of the return will always come to the Ashina Outlook. Here you will come to the first big decision of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

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Owl – Great Shinobi

Being the adopted father of Wolf, this old man is definitely not a joke. His moveset contains the best of Shinobi’s skills, ranging from skillful dodging maneuver to powerful strike


  • Double Shuriken >> Jumping Downward Slash – This one of his most common combo. But this also leaves him wide open for attacks
  • Somersault Shuriken – Owl will perform a flip while throwing multiple shurikens at you. The flip kick is quick and will demand practice to deflect it.
  • Gourd Prevention Mist – Cause no damage, but will impair your Gourd for a period of time.
  • Shuriken follows by Charging Slash – A powerful and deadly attack that covers a wide distance.
  • Fire Cracker Evade – Throw Fire Cracker capable of dealing damage while evading Wolf’s attacks.

On his second phase

  • Somersault Poison throw – The shurikens are replaced with the poison mist.
  • Smoke Escape – After getting hit, he will stomp the ground with a smoke explosion. This can leave you stunned for a brief of time. Remember to dodge right away.

Great Shinobi Owl Guide

Focus on reducing his HP before going toe to toe with that Posture bar.

At this stage, you probably realize that Posture damage is one of the best ways to deal with Sekiro bosses. But in Sekiro, there is also some enemy that has a big bar of posture damage and reduce very quickly after receive damage from Wolf.

Owl is one of them. In this fight, your focus should be his Vitality (HP). When this is dropped to around 30% His Posture decrease rate will be slowed down. And this is your chance to build up this precious meter. You can also continue to damage him if you are not confident on your deflect.

To effectively dealing damage in this fight, you will need to catch all of his openings:

  • After the Jumping Downward Slash – This is actually very easy to dodge, as soon as you see him throwing three Shuriken, simply run away and make a turn toward his back. This will land you two hits easily.
  • After he throwing the Gourd prevention bomb – If you are close enough, he is opened to attack in this stage.

That is basically how to deal with your Father, this guy has a good balance of offense and defense, so baiting him for deflection does not work very well compared to other bosses. The prosthetic tools that are good in the fight are:

  • Fire Cracker
  • Prosthetic Axe

Owl Rewards

Sekiro Owl Great Shinobi guide

Turn out one of the key items for your journey is kept by the father. Defeating Owl will advance the main quest and net you the memory of the great Shinobi.

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