Sekiro – Boss Guide – Corrupted Monk

Around halfway to Sekiro, you will be tasked to gather different items in exotic regions around Ashina Castle to complete the ritual for Kuro. The normal progression path is as below:

Ashina Outskirt (Gyobu Oniwa) >> Ashina Castle (Genichiro) >> Sunken Valley ( Guardian Ape) >> Senpou Temple (Folding Monkeys)

The last item will require Wolf to travel to Ashina Depth which is located near the well where you faced the Lone Shadow Longswordsman. I will leave the journey to your exploration, but eventually, you will need to face the powerful mini-boss in Sekiro  – Mist Noble and the innocent lady Orin.

The ghost enemy appear at this point of the game is actually tie in to Sekiro days night circle system (Yes, Sekiro does have that).

After the bridge, you will encounter the High priest house – which is currently surrounded by the infected villager. There is a secret route under his house and a small quest line upon meeting him.  On the left side of the house is the road leading to the end of the village. Upon arrived at this place,  you will be greeted by a ghost monk (indicating by her transparent form)

The Corrupted Monk

The background story of the boss is not quite clear at this point – Just as in any Souls game before this. But let keep that aside, for now, this humongous monk using a Naginata – a traditional battle weapon that favor by the female warrior of Sengoku Era in Japan. Just by the look of her appearance, you definitely know it will not be an easy fight.

I did not regconize this guy is a “her” until she screams…

Corrupted Monk Moveset

  • Spinning Naginata Attack – The Corrupted Monk will often start with a spinning attack with her Naginata. This deal a lot of Posture damage if you decide to stand still and block. The range of this is also ridiculously large if you decide to Hop away.
  • Side Slash Combo – In close Distance, she will perform several side slash. These are executed in quick succession.
  • Upper Slash >> Jumping Downward Slash – In Mid-Range, she will occasionally point her hands in front to target Wolf. If you are close enough, she will perform the Up Swing, shortly followed by the Jumping Downward Slash. This combo hit very hard, make sure you block or Deflect all of the hits.
  • Jumping Side Slash – The animation is the same as the Upper Slash combo, but she will perform a roundhouse slash instead.
  • Thrust (Unblockable) – Occasionally performed after her Side Slashes are deflected.
  • Sweep Attack – Occasionally mix up during combo.
  • Evade Sweep Attack– The Monk will back away after getting hit with a sweeping attack.

Corrupted Monk Strategy

It is very questionable for a woman to have this kind of physique…

With that size, the Corrupted Monk is definitely not easy to wear down, so don’t try to exhaust her posture at the beginning of the fight. Instead, just focus on dealing damage to her. When you deal around 30% of her HP, the posture bar will turn yellow, and this is when you can begin to build up Posture Damage.

The Corrupted Monk will have several openings as below:

  • After the Jumping Slam – If you dodge or deflect this, you can quickly follow up with two attacks.

  • After finishing her Spinning Attack – You can quickly close in and attack her.
  • After the Mikri Counter – Any success Mikiri Counter will allow you to get one or two hits to the enemy. Corrupted Monk is not outside of this.

Her Side Slash combo is pretty easy to deflect and it is often accompanied with a Thrust which you can then use the Mikiri Counter. Actually, this should be your bread n butter on this fight.

You can rely on Deflecting most of the fight if you are confident, but her attack still deals a lot of Posture Damage when blocked. I suggest picking out some of her moves to deflect (The side slash combo) and just dodge the other.

Here is my video guide

Snap Seed

The Snap Seed is an item you first acquired during your journey to Hitara Estate in the memory lands. The description of this does not help much I believe. But presumably, it has some uses again the “Illusion” And surprisingly, it is capable of dealing with the Corrupted Monk here.

The fact that Snap Seed can be used here also hint us the origin of this monk.

Defeating the Corrupted Monk will net you the Mibu Breathing Technique that lets you breathe underwater indefinitely. This will later help you to obtained various secrets and unique items.

At this point of the game, you are opened to several endings upon return back to Ashina Castle.

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