Sekiro – Miniboss Guide – O’rin of the Water

This fight is the finest example of a female’s psychology…

Lady O’rin is located near the end of your travel to Mibu Village. She will patiently stand there playing the Onsen. Your first encounter with this woman will be hilarious for sure.

Sekiro - Orin of the Water

Anyway, I will leave that for your exploration. In the end, you will still have to face one of Sekiro’s female miniboss.

O’rin of the Water

The origin of her is not clearly explained in the game. The only information we get (explicitly) is from the Samurai you meet before the fight with Lone Shadow Long-swordsman. He is lured to this area by the sound of the melody. If you don’t guide him to other areas, he will be sitting near the Sculptor Idol before this fight, exhausted.

Orin uses a Wakizashi, a shorter version of the Katana. This is often introduced in many Samurai movies as a weapon for a woman. I suppose this is the same here. But that does not mean she is powerless, on the contrary, this miniboss can cause you some serious trouble due to her unusual moveset and the beefy posture bar.

O’rin Moveset

Unlike other enemies who use a big weapon. Her moveset consists of turning and surprise attack using the Wakizashi. It will be hard to guess what she is going to do next. I suggest giving it some time to get used to her attacks, don’t be afraid to die several times here.

  • Double Slash – Dash forward with a Double Attack.
  • Jumping Round House Slash >> Sweep Slash – This is usually when she starts the fight.
  • Turning Combo >> Sweep Slash – Turning her body forward in a spinning motion and starts off the combo. On the second phase, this combo is performed on the opposite side and have one more hit.
  • Counter Slash – Occasionally she will perform an up slash in close distance. This is very fast and can catch you off guard.

O’rin of the Water Tutorial

To start off this fight, just go behind her without initiating the talk and start attacking her (Picking what to attack is entirely your choice)

The first thing to notice in this fight is her posture buildup is pretty slow, and reduce super fast. If you can deflect her all the way, then good for you. But if you don’t bother to deflect, there are openings for you to attack.

  • Bait her to use the Jumping Roundhouse Slash – She will always end with the Sweep Attack if the Jumping Slash is deflected. You can perform a Kick Jump here and strike her while landing.
  • Learn to Deflect her long combo – The combo where she turns her body is your best bet of dealing posture damage to Orin of the Water. If you can fully deflect this combo. The fight will be a lot easier. The timing of deflect is not that hard also

The Prosthetic Arm Mountain Echo can help here as it can stun her for a period of time.

The Prosthetic Axe is a great tool to finish off her first HP bar when you upgrade it to a certain level.

Defeating Orin of the Water will net you a Prayer Bead and the Skill Breath of Life (Shadow) This will recover a small amount of HP when landing a deathblow.

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