Sekiro – Mini Boss Guide – Seven Ashina Spears

Spears were a long time favorite weapon during ancient time. The Sengoku era of Japan is not outside of this. You already faced the powerful Samurai and the practitioner of Ashina Style with the Katana.  It is pretty self-explainable to finally having some officer of Ashina that love to using the spear.

Gyobu Oniwa is definitely one of the Seven Spears we see here, but where are the rest?

Seven Ashina Spears


  • Charging Slash>> Jumping Spear Smack – This is a heavy attack. You can still be staggered even when successful Deflecting the attack.
  • Side Dash Thrust – The Samurai will move a little and perform a powerful thrust.
  • Charging Thrust Attack (Unblockable) 
  • Multiple Thrust Attack (Unblockable)

Seven Ashina Spears Location

Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi – Moon Tower

The first time you encounter another Ashina Spears member is when you return to Ashina Reservoirs. If you decide to make a short trip to the Moon Tower where Kuro was hold capture at the beginning, you will see a powerful General is waiting here, and instead of the Odachi, he uses a giant spear to annihilate whoever comes near.

You can stealth kill this guy by sticking to the left side of the stairs. This allows you to grapple on the ledge of the tower right behind him. This will take out his first HP Bar.

Mikiri Counter is your best option to fight any of the Ashina Spears. These guys love those thrust attacks. Normally, enemy will be open after Mikiri Counter, but it is not the case for Ashina Spears. They will not flinch.

Another deflect is needed to finally knock them out of balance and susceptible to attacks.

Finally, most of the attacks from Ashina Spear will take longer wind up. Slow down your deflect instinct is also one of the way to quickly familiar with their moveset.

You will have a Prayer Bead upon defeating the Ashina Spear.

Shume Masaji Oniwa – Ashina Reservoir (Burning Ashina)

Can be found only when Ashina Castle is on fire. If you have some trouble finding this area at this stage. Check out the below short video

This time, he is not alone anymore, as soon as you arrive at this place, you will see our guy standing with another Samurai. This guy has the same moveset as the Generals we fight before. Technically, their HP and posture are weaker than their official counterpart, but facing two guys at the same time is never an option for a skilled Shinobi.

The fact is I didn’t even bother to try facing these two heads on. I used Mountain Echo to pick the other guy out, using Puppeteer Ninjutsu on him and take out the Ashina Spear.

The rest of the fight is the same as the Ashina Spear at Moon Tower.

Sekiro Pupeeter Skill

Gyobu Spear Tip

After killing Gyobu Oniwa, there is another special item can be used to create the Prosthetic Spear. This item is also located near the Moon Tower. However, it is locked. The key to this Gatehouse can be found near your path to Senpou Temple.

The two guards on the bridge right before the Ashina Abandon Dungeon are tasked to have this key.

Sekiro - Prosthetic Spear Tool

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