Sekiro – Mini Boss Guide – The Ogres

Meeting the Ogres

Chained Ogre is the very first mini-boss type enemies that are introduced in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. They are not undead but attacks furiously for whoever in their path.

It is not clear what made a person to become Ogre, but most of your encounters with this type of enemies they are in chained.

I believe the chain is for comically to introduce these Ogres. As they broke them easily anyway, they somehow just feel more irritate when you come near.

Ogre Moveset

Not much actually, as they rely on their huge physical frame and hatred. Below are the moveset of these guys:

  • Kicks – Occasionally perform two kick in a row and finish with a front stomp.
  • Running Drop Kick – When Wolf is away from him.
  • Slam – When you are up close, he will perform this attack.
  • Running Grab – This is what make these guys famous on Reddit… This running grab has some questionable frame and will cause you some trouble facing this guy.
  • Unblockable Grab  – He will also perform this when you are close.

Ogre Strategy

Most use attacks of these guys are both of the Grab. In a fight with these guys, you will see them perform these moves 70% of the time. While the close grapple can be easily avoided after some practice, the running grab can still cause a lot of trouble

It is calculated that 99.99% Players got one of their deaths by the Running Grab from the Ogre in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Your first encounter with this Ogre is at Ashina Outskirt. Just before the fight you can Eavesdrop the soldiers in front and know that these guys are weak to fire. There are chances that you may not have the tool to produce fire at this stage, so let check on the first steps on how to deal with this guy.

  • The Ogre’s normal attack is pretty slow and easy to guess. You can dash in and bait him to attack and then push (Forward) PlayStation 4 Circle This will let Wolf dodge behind and you can land two hits on him.
  • Just running (HoldPlayStation 4 Circle)  around him to force him to attack and perform the thrust attack by holding R1 .

You can repeat this strategy until the end of the fight. However, his most dangerous attacks are the running Grab and the above may not help you to dodge it completely as the running animation will overrun the dodge animation of Sekiro. This will require some practice to know when will he perform the Running Grab.

Right after these Grab attacks, you can also see the Grappling Mark flash. This allows Wolf to use his Prosthetic arm hook to jump in and attack. The Ogre will flinch when they are hooked, and you can land an attack on landing. This is more effective with the Shinobi Skills “Grappling Hook Attack” to deal more damage upon landing. This also makes this skill one of the first priority to take.

Sekiro - Grappling Hook Attack Skills

Later on, If you have access to the Flame Vent, this Prosthetic tool can help flinch these bastards for a good 3 seconds, enough to attack him (around 4 hits is enough, make sure you are not caught by the grab)

Sekiro - Flame Vent Guide

This memo shows the direction to get a Shinobi Tool

Ogre Location

Sekiro Ogre

You will need to do this three times…

The Ogre at Ashina Outskirt is not the only miniboss of this type in Sekiro. You will often see these guys accompanied the Ashina Troops. Below is the location where you can fight these red-eyes giant.

Ashina Outskirt

The very first Ogre you face. Cannot be missed as he is heavily featured in promotional materials as well as youtube videos. The only different of this enemy to Souls Games are the grab attack I believe. As most of his attacks are slow (but deadly) It makes the fight look similar to other Dark Souls or Bloodborne enemies.

The Ogre here dropped a Prayer Bead and Shinobi Medicine Rank 1 – A very useful skill to increase the healing effect of your Gourd.

Ashina Castle 

This Ogre will appear after you gathered the materials needed for the main quest. Just below the Ashina Dojo. You can access this area via idol near Ashina Castle – Upper Tower Antechamber. 

Defeat him will rewards you with a Prayer Bead and Shinobi Medicine Rank 3

Ashina Outskirt Stairway (End Game)

At the end of the games, if you are not rush to the final fight and take some time to patrol the Ashina Outskirt one more time. You will see this guy at the area between Ashina Outskirt Stairway.


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