Sekiro – Boss Guide – Folding Monkeys

Right after the fight with the Guardian Ape, you will need to journey to a new area to gather the required materials for the main mission. The next destination is Senpou Temple.

In this temple, you will first face Armor Warrior – a mysterious soldier who is a little out of place to the Sengoku era.

At the main hall of this place, you will see a big statue of Buddha and again, rung a bell. This time, instead of bringing back the past memories, you are moved to an area with the name “Hall of Illusion” Upon visiting this place, you will be informed about the special tenants of this area.

Folding Monkeys

If you are just like me and confuse by what to do in this area. You can go straight ahead and visit the monk stand in the middle of the building in front of the big tree. He will then explain the nature of this place and the traits of each monkey.

  • Green Monkey – Has a very good ear.
  • Purple Monkey – Can see far away.
  • Orange Monkey – Timid and can alert other monkeys.

“Fighting” The Monkeys

Sekiro - Folding Monkey Guide

It is easy to notice that there is technically no harm done to Wolf from these monkeys. The goal of this entire area is to trap you inside. So your main objective in this is to catch (basically Finish them with a gruesome stab) each of the monkeys and get out of the Illusion hall.

I suggest visit all the buildings around the area. There will be a note on each place explaining the purpose and the charateristic of each buildings.

As each monkey has it’s own special ability. You will need to chase or lure them to a specific building to counter that trait.

After examining all of the room. It is time to ring the bell you just acquired. This bell’s purpose is to reset the monkey position (as well as Wolf) This time, run straight toward the middle, past the big tree, you will then reach the big bell, and conveniently the Green Monkey will sit just above the bell on the other platform.

Ring the bell two times and you will stun the Green Monkey. Jump up the platform to finish him off. 

Your next target should be the Purple Monkey – The seeing one. He will probably be waiting for you on the right side when you look from the platform. Chase him toward the building and jump down. Open the door to let the wind blow out all of the candles. This will then make the whole area dark and disable “anyone even with great eyes”

As he probably runs off at this stage, just ring the bell and return back to starting position. From here, go straight to the middle and make a sharp left toward our building. You will then see the Purple Monkey confused as he could not see clearly anymore. Jump down and finish him off. 

Finally, for the Orange monkey, as he doesn’t have any special ability. You can just chase him following his footstep. Treat the chase as a stealth section and sneak up on him while he is unaware.

But that is not all. You probably notice that at this point, the HP bar is just 75% depleted, meaning there are still one monkey lurking around. For this sneaky one, just stroll around the rooftop a little, phantom monkeys will then appear and start attacking you. Defeating them and the culprit will reveal himself. Finish him as soon as he appears.

Sekiro Pupeeter Skill

These monkeys also provide you with the Ninjutsu ability “Puppeteer” Which is one of the most overused skill late game…

This is my take on the Folding Monkeys (2nd Playthrough)

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