God of War – Fighting the Ultimate Foe

So we took out eight Valkyries in my last post – God of War – Valkyries and How to fight them.

Completing that is not a minor task, but by fighting them, Kratos & Atreus also had the chance to venture to the Valkyrie questline with the information from Mimir and the Valkyries you fought.

Turn out all these powerful warriors were trapped and neglect their godly task – Guiding the warriors to Valhalla. Upon defeating a Valkyrie, Kratos will obtain their helmet. At the moment you place the final helmet to these thrones, a suspicious Realm Tear will appear in the middle of this huge council. Upon opening this Realm…

Sigrun – Queen of the Valkyries

Standing in front of Kratos is a figure with the golden armor. This is Sigrun – the queen of the Valkyries and the one that sealed all her warriors to the physical form.

As usual, you will need to release her from this “suffering”.

At this stage, you are already well familiar with all the Valkyries move set. The good news is, there are no new fancy skill or any strange attack from Sigrun.

That health bar

God of War - Valkyries - Sigdrun HP.jpg

Boss Creation 101 – Give them more Health

Until this time, that is the longest HP bar in the entire journey. You can also notice that she is very durable compare to other Valkyries as well.


As mentioned, there are no new moves, but Sigrun is the master of all the abilities. She has all the moves, both the special one and the basic ones, combine into many deadly attacks. A small mistake will cost you all those hard times chipping through her HP bar.

Below is the moveset I listed in the previous post

God of War – Valkyries and How to fight them

Basic Attacks

All Valkyries are capable of these moves and will incorporate these into their attacks pattern.

  • Wing combo – The Valkyries will attack with their wings. Your shield can counter this, but the attack range is wide and commonly a starter for another deadly hits.
  • Wing projectiles – At a certain range, the Valkyries will flap their wing and shoot our several knives toward Kratos – Block this with your shield.
  • Forward Stab – Occasionally, the Valkyries will quickly lunge forward and stab you with their right-wing – These attacks look simple, but they often came out very suddenly and is unblockable. You can only dodge this attacks by swaying to the right of Kratos (Press X + Push Right on the analog) as Left is their range of attack.
  • Forward Scythe Strike – At far range, the Valkyrie will lunge forward and attack with a Scythe Swing. This will break your stance if blocked, try to parry this lunge attack instead.

Advanced Attacks

More deadly attacks and typically see in later Valkyries:

  • Ring Projectile (Flying) – The Valkyrie will be airborne and throw a barrage of rings toward you. Raise your shield during this attack because if you miss the first ring, there are very high chances that you will receive all the subsequent hits as the fire rate is very ridiculous. Don’t try to dodge this attacks either.
  • Ring Projectile (Flying, Unblockable) – Same as the above, but this time there will be a red prompt (unblockable) Your best option is to evade this one
  • Scythe Strike (Flying) – Fly up and strike with the scythe at very fast speed. Try to parry this one.
  • Scythe Explosion (Flying) – This is one of the most powerful attacks with a super wide area of effect and also is unblockable. The best way to counter this is to throw Leviathan axe right to their face as soon as you see they swing the Scythe in a circle.

Notes: These flying attacks can be easily countered by throwing Leviathan as soon as the Valkyrie fly up, this will stun them and causing the attack to be interrupted, however, try not to spam these axe throws as you will be caught off guard.

  • Scythe Slam (Unblockable)   – A forward slam that causing blind to Kratos (Unable to lock on target and stunned for a brief of time) and deal high damage. The area of this attacks is also large, try roll out of the way as soon as you see they approach, if you got hit by this, try roll out immediately as they will follow with another attack right after.
  • Scythe Shockwave  (Unblockable) – Using the scythe and send out a shockwave toward Kratos, these attacks are also unblockable, so dodge this, but they will follow up with a Forward Scythe Strike.
  • Wing Protection – When struck, the Valkyrie will cover themselves by the wing and deflect your attack. As soon as you see this, roll out immediately as they will release their wings and dealing some serious damage.
  • Cyclone Attacks (Melee & Range)- A very fast spinning attacks using the wing, kind of unblockable as you will receive the rest after getting hit by the first hit, but can be easily dodged. There is another variation in range, which shoot out a volatile of projectiles when you are far away.

This time the Special Attacks are also available to Sigrun, and she will use it a lot during the fight.

Special/Ultra Attacks

These attacks are only used by some specific Valkyries (Goldul, Hildr) or shared between some later sisters, all are very powerful.

  • Ice Projectiles – Hildr – She will shoot out a volatile of ice shards, Kratos can block these at ease, but she will finish with an unblockable big shard – Dodge as soon as you see her body glow Red.
God of War - Valkyries - Ice Attacks.JPG
You can block these, but she will finish with a surprise unblockable shard

  • Meteor Strikes – Goldul – She will call forth several meteors and strike down in a line. As you surely cannot block a meteor, you can only roll out of the line, be careful to not to step to the ground affected by the meteor, it will also cause burn damage continously.
God of War - Valkyries - Meteor Attacks.JPG
As soon as the fight started, she will greet you with this shower
  • Flying Grab – These attacks are first used by Rota, where she will fly up and approach toward Kratos at high speed. You cannot block these attack, as soon as she hit, she will grab Kratos and deliver a very powerful strike. Make sure you are out of her flight path, this attacks often last for three rounds. Most used by Rota, Goldul and Hildr may occasionally use this as well.
  • Divebomb Grab – This is the name I made up, you can also name this “Super Grab” This attack is very quick, one of the quickest in this list also – The Valkyrie will disappear and jump down on you in a split second, as soon as you hear “Vahalla!” hit X immediately, you may also want to hit X three times in a row, as they will continue this attacks two more times. Another iconic move of Rota & Goldul.
God of War - Valkyries - Dive Bomb Grab.JPG

Sigrun is very fond of these Advance Attacks and mixing all of them in a very deadly way. Some noticeable combination:

  • Wing Protection >> Forward Thrust/ Wing combo – Normally other Valkyries will be stunned if you attack right after they open the wing, but this time Sigrun has followed up after this, make sure you are not tricked by this.
  • Divebomb Grab x 2 >> Forward Thrust – While the diving grab can be evaded if your timing is correct, mixing this up will occasionally surprise us with a heavy attack.

This makes your chance of dealing damage to her very slim, below are the guarantee time where you can send out some Runic Attacks:

  • After interrupting any Flying Attacks – Just like other Valkyries, these are your best chances to dealing damage, the R1 R1 R1 R2 combo should be your default attacks by now or any Runic Attacks that favor quick execution and high damage.

  • Parrying the Forward Scythe Strike – She will use this attack right after the Shockwave attack. Master your parry skill for this one.
  • When she finished three Dive Bomb Grabs – Sigrun will occasionally perform the full Dive Bomb Grab combo x3. Right after this is your chance to attack.

Gear set up

As this is the hardest fight in the game, make sure you bring with you the best armor set. The most beneficial armor set at this stage would be Ivaldi Amor – obtained from Niflheim – Unlocking and overcome Niflheim.

This armor set will give you a total of nine enchantment slots. In this fight, you may want to maximize your Runic Attack Damage, either by elemental increase enchantment or stat increment (Tyr’s Shard).

For Runic Attacks, you will want the ones that favor quick execution and can deal high damage in short burst.

I personally use these:

Leviathan Axe

  • Light Runic Attack – Strike of Utgard
  • Heavy Runic Attack – River of Knives

Blades of Chaos

  • Light Runic Attack – Nemean Crush
  • Heavy Runic Attack – Prometheus Flame

Unleash your Runic Attacks when chances show up!

Shield Talisman

Anything that suits your play-style. I personally use the Health Regen Talisman, but any Talisman that can give you some more boost in damage is a welcome addition.

Don’t forget your Spartan Rage. Use this when your health is low. All your attacks during the rage will recover a bit of the HP in turn give you some extra time to grab those Health stone on the ground.

Last but not least should be a resurrection stone. You can purchase the ultimate resurrection stone (10,000 hacksilver from Brok brothers) This will resurrect Kratos at full Rage, giving you another chance to sustain the fight.

Notes: The damage Sigrun receives will reduce over the time – as her defense will go up when the HP drop, later of the fight, all your attacks will deal less damage and she will deliver more deadly attacks. Be extra careful when her health is low!


After around 15 minutes (Assume all things goes well. I personally take three hours to finally win this fight in Give me Challenge difficulty) You will defeat the queen of the Valkyries and obtain the following reward:

  • Sigrun’s Helmet
  • Asgardian Steel – Resources to upgrade Valkyrie armor/ items.
  • Perfect Asgardian Steel – Resources to upgrade Valkyrie armor/ items.
  • Retribution – The Retribution axe pommel makes your R1 axe throw and recalls incredibly powerful. Low perk activation chance to strike with a massively damaging explosion on any successful hit.
  • Njord’s Temporal Stone

This is by far the hardest fight in God of War. Be ready for a long fight and some frustrating death. However, beating this will also net you the “Chooser of the Slain” a trophy that took inspiration from the job of the Valkyries.


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