God of War – Valkyries and How to fight them

As you may already know, God of War this time is huge. The game favor the “semi-open world” gameplay, which you can explore freely yourself, but there are some limitation here and there, you will not see the vast maps with landmark and strange legend like other open world game, but rather a more personal approach when each location has a background to it, and you will have the chance to explore deeply to Norse mythology with Kratos & Atreus

God of War - Dwarf King Story Arc

Side story arc provide additional lore to the game world.

Most of these locations are accessed through “Favors” – how God of War call the side quest this time.

These story arcs are all carefully crafted and provide additional lore to the game world. One of the most memorable ones is the one about Valkyries, where you need to “free” the Valkyries that are trapped in physical form, and of course, at the end of this Favor, you will obtain one of the most powerful armor set and a bunch of legendary, epic items.

God of War - Valyries - Rota.jpg

Each time you find a Valkyries, an HP Bar will appear…

SPOILER ALERT! The below may be considered as spoilers if you want to know more about God of war through exploring and enjoy the thrill of first time experience. Read at your own cost!

Landing this feat will also net you the Chooser of the Slain Trophy – a trophy for freeing all nine Valkyries sisters, as sweet reward of course.


Your first encounter with these powerful goddess should be right after you claim the Chisel at the Giant Corpse, at this point, you will know that these Chisel will have the power to unlock those door with the magical seal (more like a mirror to me)

God of War - Valkyries - Chisel Door.jpg

A type of “lock pick” in God of War

Upon exiting this area, you will see another Door, and be prepare for your first encounter with Gunnr. Facing Valkyrie the first time will be a challenge if you are not well prepare, but take this chance as a practice for the upcoming sisters.

After this fight you will know that their are total eight Valkyries, which mean you have seven left to hunt, for a quick summary, here are where you will find these sleeping “beauties”

Four of the Valkyries will be found in Midgard

  • Gunnr – Location: Thamur’s Corpse – Hidden Chamber of Odin
  • Geirdriful – Location: Foothills – Hidden Chamber of Odin

God of War - Valkyries -Geirdriful.jpg

  • Eir – Location: The Mountain – Hidden Chamber of Odin – This door is located at the base of the mountain the where you are on the path to visit Mimir the first time.
  • Kara – Location: Witch’s Basement – Hidden Chamber of Odin – At the lowest water level, access to this Chisel Door will open, at this stage, you will also have a special tool to advance.

The remaining four is sealed in other realms:

  • Rota – Location: Helheim – Hidden Chamber of Odin – Revisit this realm with Atreus will help you easily located this Valkyrie.

God of War - Valyries - Rota.jpg

  • Olrun – Location: Alfheim Light Elf Shore – Hidden Chamber of Odin – This is the only shore in this location, you will find a Realm Tear and a Chisel Door the first time you visit here.

Most of these locations are not accessible the first time you visit them due to some blockers that require special items that can be obtained later game. So taking on these Valkyries can be put toward near  the end of the game, when you have the chance to freely explore the maps with no restriction.

How to fight them

In Norse mythology, Valkyries is the goddess to guide (or more precisely, choose – Valkyrie – Norse Mythology)the warriors who dies in battle to Valhalla. In God of War, the Valkyries are trapped in their mortal (physical) form and has been long corrupted and neglect their duties. However, they still keep the same fighting prowess and can give Kratos & Atreus some nail-biting experiences.

All Valkyries share some basic moves and each of them are capable of some different attacks, getting used to these patterns is the only way to defeat them.

Basic Attacks

All Valkyries are capable of these moves and will incorporate these into their attacks pattern.

  • Wing combo – The Valkyries will attack with their wings. Your shield can counter this, but the attack range is wide and commonly a starter for another deadly hits.
  • Wing projectiles – At a certain range, the Valkyries will flap their wing and shoot our several knives toward Kratos – Block this with your shield.
  • Forward Stab – Occasionally, the Valkyries will quickly lunge forward and stab you with their right-wing – These attacks look simple, but they often came out very suddenly and is unblockable. You can only dodge this attacks by swaying to the right of Kratos (Press X + Push Right on the analog) as Left is their range of attack.
  • Forward Scythe Strike – At far range, the Valkyrie will lunge forward and attack with a Scythe Swing. This will break your stance if blocked, try to parry this lunge attack instead.

Advanced Attacks

More deadly attacks and typically see in later Valkyries:

  • Ring Projectile (Flying) – The Valkyrie will be airborne and throw a barrage of rings toward you. Raise your shield during this attack because if you miss the first ring, there are very high chances that you will receive all the subsequent hits as the fire rate is very ridiculous. Don’t try to dodge this attacks either.
  • Ring Projectile (Flying, Unblockable) – Same as the above, but this time there will be a red prompt (unblockable) Your best option is to evade this one
  • Scythe Strike (Flying) – Fly up and strike with the scythe at very fast speed. Try to parry this one.
  • Scythe Explosion (Flying) – This is one of the most powerful attacks with a super wide area of effect and also is unblockable. The best way to counter this is to throw Leviathan axe right to their face as soon as you see they swing the Scythe in a circle.

Notes: These flying attacks can be easily countered by throwing Leviathan as soon as the Valkyrie fly up, this will stun them and causing the attack to be interrupted, however, try not to spam these axe throws as you will be caught off guard.

  • Scythe Slam (Unblockable)   – A forward slam that causing blind to Kratos (Unable to lock on target and stunned for a brief of time) and deal high damage. The area of this attacks is also large, try roll out of the way as soon as you see they approach, if you got hit by this, try roll out immediately as they will follow with another attack right after.
  • Scythe Shockwave  (Unblockable) – Using the scythe and send out a shockwave toward Kratos, these attacks are also unblockable, so dodge this, but they will follow up with a Forward Scythe Strike.
  • Wing Protection – When struck, the Valkyrie will cover themselves by the wing and deflect your attack. As soon as you see this, roll out immediately as they will release their wings and dealing some serious damage.
  • Cyclone Attacks (Melee & Range)- A very fast spinning attacks using the wing, kind of unblockable as you will receive the rest after getting hit by the first hit, but can be easily dodged. There is another variation in range, which shoot out a volatile of projectiles when you are far away.

This time the Special Attacks are also available to Sigrun, and she will use it a lot during the fight.

Special/Ultra Attacks

These attacks are only used by some specific Valkyries (Goldul, Hildr) or shared between some later sisters, all are very powerful.

  • Ice Projectiles – Hildr – She will shoot out a volatile of ice shards, Kratos can block these at ease, but she will finish with an unblockable big shard – Dodge as soon as you see her body glow Red.
God of War - Valkyries - Ice Attacks.JPG
You can block these, but she will finish with a surprise unblockable shard


Having trouble with Hildr? Check out my fight below:

  • Meteor Strikes – Goldul – She will call forth several meteors and strike down in a line. As you surely cannot block a meteor, you can only roll out of the line, be careful to not to step to the ground affected by the meteor, it will also cause burn damage continously.
God of War - Valkyries - Meteor Attacks.JPG
As soon as the fight started, she will greet you with this shower
  • Flying Grab – These attacks are first used by Rota, where she will fly up and approach toward Kratos at high speed. You cannot block these attack, as soon as she hit, she will grab Kratos and deliver a very powerful strike. Make sure you are out of her flight path, this attacks often last for three rounds. Most used by Rota, Goldul and Hildr may occasionally use this as well.
  • Divebomb Grab – This is the name I made up, you can also name this “Super Grab” This attack is very quick, one of the quickest in this list also – The Valkyrie will disappear and jump down on you in a split second, as soon as you hear “Vahalla!” hit X immediately, you may also want to hit X three times in a row, as they will continue this attacks two more times. Another iconic move of Rota & Goldul.
God of War - Valkyries - Dive Bomb Grab.JPG
  • Summoning! – Only used by Kara. No more explanation in this, she has her share of some basic & advance moves, but have this trick up her sleeves, during the fight she will summon Draugr in various types, from the most basic ones to the more annoying projectile Draugr. Countering her attacks may be easy, but to be surround by these aggressive minions is another thing. I did try to kill all the minions, but to cope with her Rings attacks is a nightmare.
    The tip to fight her is to keep the first wave of minions while focusing on dealing damage to her, as the minions will change each time she summons new ones.

God of War - Valkyries - Summon Meme.JPG

Prepare for the battle!

Valkyries are all formidable foes, prepare yourself before facing these goddess is a must. Some tips to help you have some easier time getting those helmets:

  • Be at least level 6 – In God of War, Kratos’s level is defined base on the gear equipped, gear up yourself with some good armors. Some good set: Traveler set, Mist Set
  • Choose the Right Runic Attacks – The Valkyries is very durable, if not tanky. Runic Attacks deal more damage but you will need the one that favor one target. Some good Runic Attacks:
  • Choose the right runes for your armor – If you want to maximize Runic Damage output, try putting the Frost Damage/ Burn Damage runes to the armor
  • Don’t forget your shield Runic! These are very situational, you can opt for some Health Regeneration with the Vitality Talisman, or put in some Rage by the Rage Talisman.
  • Don’t be cocky on your attacks – When the time comes (after parrying, or successfully dodge their attacks) Try swinging a good combo like R1 x 3 >> R2, or deliver one or two hits, they will comeback very quickly, you don’t want to be caught by that unblockable thrust or that “Valhalla” grab…
  • Try to get the first hit – All Valkyries will be in the protective form (Wing closed) when you encounter them, try using this time to deliver all your Runic Attacks. (You can see that in my video)
  • Use your Axe throw – All of the flying attacks above can be negated by Leviathan throwing attacks, you can prevent most of these deadly attacks by throwing the axe without worrying about dodging or parrying. However, the Flying Grab cannot be interrupt.

What’s next?

After defeating three or more Valkyries, you will trigger the quest line to recover all eight Valkyries helmet and placing them at the Valkyrie Council. What will happen after all eight helms are placed? Find out in my next post!

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