God of War – Niflheim – The Realm of Fog

So we know how to access the Realm of Fires and how to overcome its challenge in my previous post – God of War – How to unlock other realms. As mentioned, there is one more realm to be unlocked via rune cyphers (collected throughout your journey) This land is famous for its treasure and deadly mist – Niflheim.

Claiming the last cypher pieces for Niflheim also award you the trophy Trilingual. As the name indicates, you, or more precisely – Atreus is able to read the runes lies on the top of eight bridges entrances.

Niflheim – The Realm of Fog

SPOILER ALERT! The below may be considered as spoilers if you want to know more about God of war through exploring and enjoy the thrill of first time experience. Read at your own cost!

To unlock Niflheim, you will need to collect another four of the Cipher Pieces around Midgard. The guide to collect these ciphers are all around internet 🙂 here are some good examples:

US Gamer guide to unlock Niflheim

But I suggest keeping finding these small pieces as a joy to explore the game. Some hints though – you will get these if you explore every nook and corner during the second half (probably near the end as most of your abilities are acquired) of the game. When the water has been lowered to its lowest level.

The challenges

Similar to Muspelheim, Niflheim also contains challenges of its own. Due to the nature of this place (second elemental world after MuspelheimNilfheim Origin) This land is always covered in a poison mist and dangerous enemies.

Add into the twist is the maze-like arena that will change every time you visit this place. Finally, traps are also a specialty.

God of War - Challenges - Niflheim - The Poison Bar.jpg

The Poison will slowly build up until it’s affecting your HP directly – when the red bar run out

God of War - Challenges - Niflheim - Traps.jpg

Traps is a common obstacle here

However, every challenge has its own reason, lie in this land are many powerful artifacts and items that lure curious traveller to this dangerous realm.

God of War - Treasures - Niflheim.jpg

Treasures await the brave ones. Opening these chests along the way also gain you a small chunk of Mist Resistance

The main objectives

Upon visiting Niflheim, you will be greeted by Sindri, and trigger a favour that will open the center chamber of Niflheim where all the rewards lie in wait. Unlike other chests, these shiny chests require a “currency” to open – Mist Echoes – a mythical materials gathered from chest along your way through the maze.

God of War_20180505221240

Mist Echoes are required to open up the chest in the center chamber, the number needed is showing when you approach any chest.

Mist Echoes is also the main materials needed to craft the “Mist Set” There are three variations which gives you a bonus to several stats of your choices accordingly while giving you protection from the deadly mist.

God of War - Challenges - Niflheim - Ivaldy Amor.jpg

These armor set will be unlocked upon visiting Niflheim, however, require some time to gather all the materials

Last but not least, in this chamber, there are also three Ream tears that require Mist Echoes and a special item Anchor of Fog to open up. This item is a legendary artifact and can only be retrieved after you spend enough time in the Mist (the chances to get this item increase with each opened chest)


God of War - Items - Niflheim - Anchor of Fog.jpg

Anchor of Fog – three are needed to open all the realm tears in the center chamber


The journey in Niflheim favors progression more than one time challenger. Your utmost priority should be crafting the full Mist Armor before venture deeply into the maze. The time you spend in the Mist is indicated by the Red bar when you start. This precious bar will gradually reduce as long as you stay inside the fog. This resources and Kratos’s health will recover if you go back to Sindri’s location or the Center Chamber. You will also be rewarded by the amount of Mist Echoes collected.

Again, knowing the enemies is also the critical element to survive the challenges. The combination here is more deadly compare to Muspelheim as you are also fighting the most powerful enemies – Time.

Aside from your common Draugr – which already been noted in my previous post – God of War – How to unlock other realms.

Here are some key enemies that you will face in this Fog:

  • Dark Elf Warrior – First encounter in Alfheim, these nimble warrior attacks with deadly thrust and projectiles that can cause blind to Kratos. Try to parry their normal attacks and evade the projectiles.
God of War - Enemies - Niflheim - Dark Elf Warrior.jpg

Dark Elf – Famous for the speed and deadly spear.

  • Dark Elf Lord – This should be your priority when you encounter ones. These guys attacks relentlessly and mostly can’t be flinched. Did I mention they shoot three projectiles at once? Try evade their attacks and use your axe throw to disrupt them.
God of War - Enemies - Niflheim - Dark Elf Lord.jpg

Armored” Dark Elf – more HP, more powerful attacks…

  • Revenants – These “witches” somehow appear more frequently in Niflheim than normal,maybe due to its “poison” nature. Try to kill them as quickly as you can as they are very powerful with those poison attacks and summon (occasionally) Remember to shoot them with Atreus’s arrow first! Otherwise, you cannot hit this tricky foes.
God of War - Enemies - Niflheim - Revenant Poison.jpg

Protected by a poison mist around the body, shoot an arrow to remove this mist

  • Nightmare “families” – These small eyes could be a trouble if not putting them in sight. Focus on these foes to prevent backstabbing.
God of War_20180512180355

What could be worse? Being hit by a projectile while punching that Draugr?

  • Tatzelwurm – Another beast that causes disruption to your attacks. These cat-like creatures able to bury underground and shooting poison. One more time, try killing them firstly when you see them in a group
God of War_20180512180420

Fast and dangerous, these cats should be taken care of firstly

  • Viken – or Triple Vikens at a time is also a thing here. You will have already faced this enemy a lot at this point. These guys attack with their powerful slams and occasionally – triple slams which are unblockable. And well, they also use magic to restore their HP. Try to give all of your Runic Attacks while they are grouped, and evade all the attacks.
God of War_20180512180410

Viken – not sure why they are named like that also.

  • Wolfs & Wulvers – This is also a very common combination in Niflheim. These enemies are fast and capable of delivering deadly attacks when they are angry, try evading the Wulvers frenzy attacks and give those wolfs some attentions.
God of War_20180512180433

No need for explanation…


God of War - Screenshot - Leviathan Axe Strike 2.jpg

Let’s see who is faster!


Well, that cover your most common enemies in Niflheim, but you still need to face the deadly poison. Here are some tips to give you a better chance surviving the mist while gathering enough Mist Echoes and various valuable items:

  • Bring in your gears – Crafting the full Ivaldi set should be your first priority, as it helps you slow down the poison build up and also give Kratos very nice stat. Later you will also obtain Eye of Niflheim (from the 2500 Mist Echoes Chest in the Chamber) an enchantment that increases resistance to the mist.
  • Don’t wander to far when you are not ready – If you are not familiar to this map, there are very high chances to get lost in this place at the risk of loosing all your Mist Echoes. Be cautious when venturing and get out alive.
  • Try killing the enemy as fast as you can – As your HP will constantly dropping, getting gang up by two or more enemies is a big NO. Focusing on the easier enemies or put your priority correctly.
  • Choose the right Runic Attacks – In line with the above, to kill the enemies effectively, you will need the right tools. Favor the powerful area attacks and timing these fancy Runic Attacks at the right time.
  • Set your goal correctly and go with it – There are many times I end up lost in the mist and loose all my hard working Mist Echoes and items due to aimless wandering and not return on time. Try setting one goal at a time and get out when it’s done. It could be a Mist Echoes collect run, or simply an Anchor of Fog collection run. Either one, you need to get out as soon as the job done.
God of War - Challenges - Niflheim - Runic Attacks (2).jpg

Unleash your most powerful attacks when having the chance to destroy the enemies faster

Guess who?

Sooner or later, you will have the endurance to venture further to this never-ending realms. But just like before, new challenges await. Rooted in the deep fog is another familiar face, a Valkyrie. This is Hildr – an ice Valkyrie that has been sealed here. Facing her should be your greatest challenge in Niflheim, prepare everything before jump in this battle.

God of War - Valkirie - Hildr.jpg

Hildr – one of the eight sisters

This typically the final Valkyrie (out of eight before facing the last one) to many players. As Nilfheim require a lot of preparation and familiar with the map. This Valkyrie also rewards you with the Valkyrie Cuirass – one of the most powerful armor in the game.

What’s next?

God of War - Screenshot - LAx inaction .jpg

I welcome the challenge!

This, in turn, covered the two unlockable realms in God of War and their challenges. In my next post, we will take a look at my journey of conquering the nine Valkyries and obtain the Chooser of the Slain Trophy!

God of War - Screenshot - Leviathan Axe 2.jpg






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