Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an Action RPG Game developed by From Software.
It is currently considered as 2022 Game of the Year

Elden Ring Katanas – Serpentbone Blade
Serpentbone Blade is a Katanas in Elden Ring. A Katana with both Bleed and Poison. This Katana
Elden Ring Katanas – Hand of Malenia
Hand of Malenia is a Katanas in Elden Ring. This katana is one of the best Katana in Elden Ring. One reason is because of it's powerful weapon skill, another reason is that it's once belong to the goddess Malenia...
Elden Ring Katanas – Dragonscale Blade
Dragonscale Blade is a Katanas in Elden Ring. Dragonscale Blade can inflict both Lighting and also causing Frostbite on enemies. This makes the weapon a suitable choice for any aggressive builds that want to utilize the damage from both Bleed and Frostbite. 
Elden Ring talismans – Erdtree’s Favor
Erdtree's Favor is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Erdtree's Favor +2 is also a very popular talisman in many builds. Erdtree's Favor +2 provides 4% HP, 9.6% Stamina & 8% Equip load
Elden Ring Bloodflame Blade Guide and Builds
Elden Ring Bloodflame Blade is an Incantation in Elden Ring. It is utilized in many Elden Ring builds to enhance the Blood loss build up of builds.
Elden Ring talismans – Arsenal Charm
Arsenal Charm is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Arsenal Charm increase maximum equipment load by 15%. The +1 version increase this by 17%
Elden Ring Golden Halberd
Golden Halberd is a Halberd in Elden Ring. Elden Ring Golden Halberd (weapons - Halberds) in game description: Weighty halberd forged of gold. Wielded by the Order of Tree Sentinels, heavily equipped knights.Deals holy damage.A masterfully crafted weapon that lives up to its heft, but is difficult for one mere human strength to wield.
Elden Ring Incantations – Rotten Breath (Patch 1.08.1)
Rotten Breath is an Incantation from the Dragon Communion. This spell ise used in many builds as powerful spell to incorporate new damage source.
Elden Ring talismans – Crimson Amber Medallion
Crimson Amber Medallion is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Crimson Amber Medallion +2 is one of the best talisman for HP in Elden Ring, but the location is related to story progression. Progress with spoiler alert!!
Elden Ring Greatswords – Sacred Relic Sword
Sacred Relic Sword is a Greatswords in Elden Ring. Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword (weapons - Greatswords) in game description: Sword wrought from the remains of a god who should have lived a life eternal.Thoughts on what the weapon portends are many and varied. Some consider it the mark of a great sin, or a sign of great devastation. Some think of it as the end of an age, while others; the beginning.

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