Elden Ring Katanas – Uchigatana

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Uchigatana Requirement

Str: 11
Dex: 15

Uchigatana Scaling

Str: D
Dex: D

Uchigatana Attack & Guard
Phy: 115
Mag: 0
Fire: 0
Ligt: 0
Holy: 0
Crit: 100
Phy: 45
Mag: 30
Fire: 30
Ligt: 30
Holy: 30
Boost: 30

Uchigatana is a Katana in Elden Ring. Uchigatana has Slash Damage Type and come with the skill Unsheathe

A katana with a long single-edged curved blade.A unique weapon wielded by the samurai from the Land of Reeds.The blade, with its undulating design, boasts extraordinary sharpness, and its slash attacks cause blood loss.

Elden Ring Uchigatana Location

Uchigatna is a Starting Equipment for the SamuraiClass. It can be found inside the Deathtouched Catacomb sin Stormhill, Limgrave. You need to turn the lever down in order to unlock the door of one of the previous halls. You will find the Uchigatana on a dead body hanging over the edge of the platform.

Elden Ring Uchigatana Guide

WeaponSkill: Unsheathe

This weapon can be infused withAshes of War.

Uchigatanacan be upgraded by usingSmithing Stones

CausesBlood lossBuildup:(45)

You can powerstance with otherKatanas.

When infused with Heavy upgrade, it receives A scaling for Strength starting from +23, whereas, with Keen upgrade, it receives A scaling for Dexterity starting from +23, making it viable for both pure Strength and pure Dexterity builds.

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