Elden Ring Katanas

Elden Ring Katanas – Uchigatana
Uchigatana is a Katanas in Elden Ring. The Uchigatana has long been one of the traditional katana in the Souls series.
Elden Ring Katanas – Serpentbone Blade
Serpentbone Blade is a Katanas in Elden Ring. A Katana with both Bleed and Poison. This Katana
Elden Ring Katanas – Dragonscale Blade
Dragonscale Blade is a Katanas in Elden Ring. Dragonscale Blade can inflict both Lighting and also causing Frostbite on enemies. This makes the weapon a suitable choice for any aggressive builds that want to utilize the damage from both Bleed and Frostbite. 

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