Elden Ring talismans – Ritual Shield Talisman

Elden RingRitual Shield Talisman image

Ritual Shield Talisman

Ritual Shield Talisman Weight

Affinity : 0.9

Ritual Shield Talisman Effects

Affinity : Raises defense when HP is at maximum.

Ritual Shield Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring.
Talisman provides effects and buff when equipped in Equipment slots, you can equip two Talismans at the same time

Ritual Shield Talisman Effects – Raises defense when HP is at maximum.

A talisman patterned after shields used in ritual combat held to honor the Erdtree.Raises defense when HP is at maximum.The practice had died out by the age of King Consort Radagon, but remains of the arenas where ritual combat took place can still be found in every land.

How to find Ritual Shield Talisman in Elden Ring

In West Capital Rampart site of grace in Leyndell, follow the stairway to South-Southwest . You will find a Valiant Gargoyle near a Golden Seed. Continue toward the Colloseum, the talisman is a t the top of the hill, in front of the Colloseum.

Ritual Shield Talisman Guide

Sell Value:500

Reduces incoming damage by 30% while at full health. A Pair with Ritual Sword Talisman

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