Elden Ring talismans – Green Turtle Talisman

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Green Turtle Talisman

Green Turtle Talisman Weight

Affinity : 0.7

Green Turtle Talisman Effects

Affinity : Raises stamina recovery speed.

Green Turtle Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring.
Talisman provides effects and buff when equipped in Equipment slots, you can equip two Talismans at the same time

Green Turtle Talisman Effects – Raises stamina recovery speed.

A talisman in the shape of a green turtle.Raises stamina recovery speed.Turtles are known as a nutritious ingredient, symbolic of inexhaustible power.However, those who hold turtles to be wise creatures consider the practice of eating their meat to be barbarous.

How to find Green Turtle Talisman in Elden Ring

Summonwater Village. In an underground area on the outskirts of the village.Map Link.

Green Turtle Talisman Guide

While the exact increase in stamina regeneration is yet to be calculated, the effect is certainly noticeable enough for this talisman to be worth the slot.

Sell Value:500

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