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Monster Hunter Rise Bow Build

With the release of Monster Hunter Rise (and the Sunbreak Expansion) to other consoles, let’s take a look at the current Monster Hunter Rise Meta builds. This is part of a series to list down all the best meta builds in Monster Hunter Rise. All the Tribute go to Tidus 69

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Monster Hunter Rise Bow Build

Monster Hunter Rise Bow is the best version of this weapon in the series. In Monster Hunter Rise, Bow is now divided base on the Charged Shot type, you can pick between Rapid, Spread, or Pierce – Shooting the arrow through the monster.

For this Monster Hunter Rise Bow Build, you can pick any of the below bows

Monster Hunter Rise Best Rapid Bows

  • Hyperion Bow – Silver Rathalos Weapon
  • Elysian Manna+ – Mizutsune Weapon
  • Thundering Strikebow – Tobi-Kadachi Weapon – A very budget Bow that can be used pretty early on
  • Heaven’s Breath – Ice Bow
  • Auftauchen/ Disparition – Chaotic Gore Magala Weapon – A little hard to get the first time, but is by far the best raw damage Bow in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Best Spread Bows

  • Queen’s Rhapsody+
  • Chelae Warbow
  • Khezu Que C’est+
  • Amber Arc Valanga
  • Crimson Plume

Monster Hunter Rise Best Pierce Bows

  • Creeping Darkness
  • Drothdymion+
  • Oppressor’s Answer
  • Daora’s Toxotes
  • Arko Tre Black

Monster Hunter Rise Build – Best Armors for MHR Bow Build

For Armors, you can either pick Dereliction or Berserk – These two special armor skills focus on Damage and provide

Monster Hunrer Rise Bow Dereliction Build

This is a buid using Dereliction –  Dereliction will drain the user’s health but bolster their attacks. This skill has 3 Levels. 

Level 1: Using Red Scroll: Increased elemental and status values. Using Blue Scroll: Increased attack and stun potency

  • Chaotic Helm – Provide Strife (Lvl 1) Element Exploit (Level 1) & Critical Eye (Level 2)
  • Chaotic Mail – Provide Strife (Lvl 1) Critical Boosts (Level 2) & Critical Eye (Level 2)
  • Silver Solbraces – Critical Element (Lvl 1) Element Exploit (Level 1) & Constitution (Level 2)
  • Sinister Grudge TassetsMail of Hellfire & Coalescence
  • Archfiend armor ScerosDereliction (Lvl 1) & Resentment (level 1)

Monster Hunrer Rise Bow Berserk Build

Berserk Switch to the Blue Swap Scroll and all vitality will change to red gauge and start decreasing. As long as you have red you cannot faint

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Build Core Skills

  • Stamina Surge
  • Constitution
  • Spread Up
  • Weakness Exploit
  • Critical Boost
  • Bow Charge Plus

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Build Secondary Skills

  • Thunder Attack
  • Critical Eye
  • Strife
  • Element Exploit
  • Reload Speed
  • Critical Element
  • Mail of Hellfire
  • Resentment
  • Coalescence
  • Burst
  • Dereliction

Qurio Skills

  • Bloodlust
  • Slot Upgrade
  • Level 2 Skills

For the special buffs from Hinoa, Minoto & Utsushi, you can just pick Hinoa & Utsushi buff

Hinoa: Health regen, Atk & Def up

Utsushi: Nullify elemental blights (also +10 to elemental resistance), Atk up, Elemental up (the song also works for status like poison/blast etc.)

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