Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Guide

Monster Hunter Switch Axe

Switch Axe is one of the “Technical weapons” in the Monster Hunter series. When it comes to difficulty, it’s has a lesser learning curve compare to Charge Blade, but still requires a great amount of practice to become the master.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Switch Axe has a boost to Offensive with new Silkbind Attacks, making it’s a superb weapon if you want to deliver a big amount of damage in a short time.
Switch GaugeA special energy gauge for Sword mode
Using Sword mode attack will gradually reduces this gauge
Maximum PotencyA mode that indicated by your Sword glowing orange with an arrow up at the end
This mode power up Element Discharge
To enter this mode, perform Heavy Slam (X after Wild Swing)
Element DischargeRelease stored energy in Sword form to unleash a powerful explosion.
Wild Swing & Axe SlamMadly swing your axe around
Finish with an Axe Slam by pressing X.
Invincible GambitCost 1 Wirebug
A silkbind spinning attacks that ignore knockback, but you still take damage during this.
Switch ChargerCost 1 Wirebug
Quickly dash forward and recharge your Switch Gauge
Soaring Wyvern BladeInterchangeable with Invincible Gambit
Allow you to deliver a powerful explosion on the way down.
Switch Axe Quick Guide & overview Monster Hunter Rise

Switch Axe Control in Monster Hunter Rise

Switch Axe control doesn’t change much compare to Monster Hunter World. Even the new move Wild Swing and Heavy Slam are included in Monster Hunter Rise.

Personally, I feel Switch Axe’s control is generally easier to understand compare to Charge Blade. You power up your Sword mode using Axe’s attacks, and then switch to Sword mode when it’s full.

Switch Axe Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

  • Invincible Gambit – Ignore attack and deliver a spinning attack. Make sure to check your HP before using this though. While it’s look cool and all, you still take heavy damage from monster attack.
  • Switch Charger – Launch forward and regenerate your Switch Gauge, your Switch Gauge also won’t decrease for a short period of time. While this can be used as an escape move and regain your power, it can also be used as a starter for your Sword combo.
  • Soaring Wyvern Blade – Switch Axe’s Switch Skill. Fly up with a forward Slash, if the Forward Slash connect, deliver an explosion where it hit.

Switch Axe Combo & Playstyle

Switch Axe doesn’t have any evasive manuever or a trusty shield, so all of it moveset is all about offensive. Your best option is Wild Swing combo – This greatly build up Sword Meter, and can help you enter Maximum Potency with Power Slam.

Whenever the monster is down, make sure to Switch to Sword Mode and unleash your combo

Switch Charger can be used as a quick escape and regain your Sword gauge energy. After that, use Invicible Gambit to close in with style.

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