Monster Hunter Rise Lance Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Lance

Lance remains the best weapon when it comes to Defense. With Monster Hunter Rise, Lance receives various boost to it’s shield gameplay, as well as a boost to mobility with Wirebug.

One of Lance Silkbind attack also put a very unique twist to the term “Stick to it!”
Mid Thrust/ Hight ThrustX & A respectively change how high you thrust.
The classic combo for Lance is still there
Thrust Thrust Thrust > Hop > Repeat
Wide SweepA slow attack that covers a wide area in front of you
Good for clear out small monsters or put a reset to your combo
Guard DashDash forward with your shield up
Twin VineStick a Kunai to your target and create a link
Pressing ZL + B will let you leap forward to that target
Anchor RageThis may look similar to Heavy Bowgun Anchor Guard, but instead of a shot, you can counter with a big attack
Spiral ThrustInterchangeable with Anchor Rage
A parry counter attack
Monster Hunter Rise Lance Quick Guide

Lance Control in Monster Hunter Rise

If this is your first time playing Lance, you may be quickly bore by the fact that X & A are just simple thrusts with no additional mechanic (No explosion at the end of the thrust, there are nothing to charge up…) But don’t let this turn you down.

Lance is best played with it’s big shield in mind, as soon as you hit the ZR button and combine it with directional + A and you can perform some unique moves of Lance

Power Guard are still here to let you withstand the most devastating attack from monster. Remember to keep a check on your stamina though.

Lance Silkbind Attacks | Monster Hunter Rise

  • Twin Vine – Lodge a Kunai to your target, creating a bind in the process. Press ZL + B during this to quickly launch yourself toward the target

One of the thing that turn me down on Lance in previous entries were mostly it’s speed and mobility. Look like that is gone now. Imagine a tank that jumps toward you…

  • Anchor Rage – A powerful counter attack using Wirebug. This also increase your attack power.

“The strength of the boost depends on the power of the attack” – This does sound good to my ear…

  • Spiral Thrust – This can be changed with Anchor Rage. This Silkbind attack is more on the offensive.

Lance Combo

Lance doesn’t have many fancy attacks, most of Lance’s moveset is a combination of High and Mid Thrust. The best way to play Lance is to utilize your beefy defense and counter attack when possible.

Lance is not the best weapon for speed run and stuff, but if you require a good weapon to play through without worrying much on evade, then lance is your best option.

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