MHW Best Hunting Horn Build [Fatalis & AT Velkhana Meta]

Fatalis has becomes the meta now!

If you are looking for the meta Hunting Horn Build now, check out the Fatalis Hunting Horn Build section. This post will cover both the pre-Fatalis meta and the Post Fatalis Hunting Horn Build, which can be served as a progression build guide for Hunting Horn players.

Hunting Horn Build | Armor Set

Similar to other melee weapons builds, Hunting Horn build benefit from the Master Touch & Agitator Meta (After Raging Brachyidos updates) Below are some armors combination that you often see in Hunting Horn Builds

Raging Brachydios + Teostra Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key Skills – Agitator Secret + Master Touch

Why this is used – The meta is always about to maximize the number, Agitator level 7 allows you to do just that. At level 7, Agitator provides +28 to Attack and a 20% bonus to Affinity. Raging Brachydios set also provides several starting points for skills like Weakness Exploit

Safi’jiiva + Raging Brachydios


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key SkillsDragonvein’s Awakening + Agitator Secret + Resentment

Why this is used – Dragonvein’s Awakening increase your Attack, Elemental & Ailment status when the weapon is drawn. This skill also drain your HP, making it syncs perfectly with Resentment (Increase Attack while you have the red part on your HP gauge) This build is often used with elemental Hunting Horn to increase the damage from Elemental poke.

Safi’jiiva + Teostra Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key SkillsMaster Touch + Resentment + Dragonvein’s Awakening

Why this is used – Aside from Dragonvein’s Awakening bonus, you also don’t need to sharpen

Full Safi’jiiva Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key Skills – True Dragonvein’s Awakening

Why this is used – If you reach a certain level with Hunting Horn, use this armor set for DPS. This is by far the best increment in DPS (both raw and elemental) skills regardless of the weapon you used. However, if you are not careful, the HP drain can kill you in just a matter of second!

Fatalis Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage


Key SkillsInheritance, Transcendence (QoL skills) & Whatever you want

Why this is used – All Beta variant of Fatalis Armor gives you three Level 4 Decoration slots, basically let you use whatever you seem fit for the builds. The 2 pieces bonuses Inheritance unlock skills like like Agitator to it’s max level. The icing on the cake is the HP, Stamina and Razor Sharp bonus from Transcendence (4 pieces bonus skills) This should be your go-to as soon as you reach end game. It is recommended to face Fatalis only when you unlock Augmentation for Rarity 12 weapons.

Check out more detail on Fatalis on this guide.

Hunting Horn Builds Compilation

For Hunting Horn, aside from meta skills (Critical Eye/Boost, Attack Boosts, WEX, Peak Performance) additional skills to boost/ extend the power of the song is also needed.

  • Sonorous Jewel 4 – The one and only skill for Hunting Horn. All of Hunting Horn builds will need one slot for this decoration to max out Horn Maestro
Extend buff duration and Health Recovery. What not to like?

Another thing to note with Hunting Horn is the songs list that comes with the weapon. While Lightbreak or Safi’jiiva Hunting Horn still has similar base damage compare to other MHW Meta Builds, these Hunting Horns are not picked because it does not come with Attack Up (L) song, which can significantly boost the damage of your team.

Despite having the same base damage and definitely better Sharpness, Lightbreak Timbre is not ideal for your build mainly because of the bad song combination (no Attack Up song) Kjárr Pipe “Crusher” is the winner here.

Raw Damage Hunting Horn Build #1 (Kjárr Pipe “Crusher”/Safi’s Shatterhorn + Master Touch & Agitator )

High Affinity, max out Agitator and Attack Boosts, Attack/Defense/HP Up L Melody. This is your best option for both solo and multiplayer play before Fatalis.

Both Kjárr Pipe “Crusher” and Safi’s Shattershorn can interchangeably be used for this build. Safi’s Shattershorn will need one Attack Melody IV in the Awaken Skill slot for Attack Up. It also has better sharpness compare to Kjárr Pipe “Crusher”

Both these Hunting Horns require some serious grinding, so depend on your preference, you can pick a monster to farm for (Kulve Taroth or Safi’jiiva) If you don’t like either of them, stick to the old reliable Rasping Ballad

Raw Damage Hunting Horn Build #2 (Taroth Pipe “Sleep” + Agitator & Dragonvein’s Awakening)

This build utilizes Dragonvein’s Awakening bonus to cause the monster to Sleep easier. With the help of Agitator level 7, you also have a super-powerful Wake-Up attack.

If you are just doing some Guiding Land farming expedition, this is the build for you. The problem with this build is the HP drain from Safi’jiiva armor, which may take a while to get use to.

While you can augment your weapon with HP augmentation, it does not sync well with Resentment at all (causing Resentment to not activate)

Elemental Hunting Horn Build | Anti-Alatreon Hunting Horn Build

With Elemental Effectiveness Up, this is a pretty decent matchup for Alatreon (Fire Active) Crafted with Frostfang Barioth materials, this is also one of the best Craftable elemental Hunting Horn you can get.

This build combines Velkhana Bonus (Critical Element) and Safi’jiiva Armor bonus (Dragonvein Awakening) for a boost to Elemental Damage. You also get the song bonus from Bringuiro.

Fatalis Hunting Horn Builds

The Black Dragon deserve an entire section to discuss why it’s meta.

Fatalis Armor | King of MHW Meta

Aside from giving you the best decoration slots available, Fatalis bonus skills Inheritance and Transcendence unlock the level cap of any Secret Skills (Divine Blessing, Free Meal…) as well as boosting your HP/ Stamina to it’s max level when you start the fight.

Did I mention True Razor Sharp/ Spare Shot? Yes, Transcendence bonus also gives you this.

You are good to go with 4 pieces of Fatalis armor. As Dragonhead provides you with Stun immunity, most players choose this in their build.

The remaining armor pieces depend on your preference and playstyle. Currently, there are two most common pieces of armor that are combined with Fatalis Armor

Kulve Taroth’s Wrath Alpha

A nice addition to max out Critical Boosts, this also has a boosts to Peak Performance. If you already Health Augmentation, Peak Performance is pretty easy to proc. If you don’t like Peak Performance, pick the beta variant and you will have a free level 4 decoration to use.

Rimeguard Greaves Gamma

From Arch Tempered Velkhana, this piece max out Peak Performance and add a nice utility skill – Quick Sheath.

Rimeguard Helm Gamma

Don’t like Peak Performance? Coalescence it is then. Rimegaurd Helm Gamma provide you max out Coalescence, increase your DPS when facing monster that love elemental blight (Rathalos, Velkhana, Namielle…)

Depend on your preference, check out the build template below for Fatalis Hunting Horn build

Fatalis Hunting Horn | Fatalis Menace Wailer

This is by far the best Hunting Horn in MHW right now. The base 1470 Damage allow this to be your main Raw Damage Hunting Horn Build.

Fatalis Hunting Horn Build #1

Yes, maxed out Divine Blessing and Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Agitator. This build is all about comfy and damage. You can swap out for Dragonfeet Alpha for a boost on Handicraft.

Fatalis Hunting Horn Build #2 | Dragon Build

This build utilize the Critical Element boost from AT Velkhana armor and the decoration slots of Fatalis. You still have a plenty of room for customization with the level 3 and 2 decoration slots in this build.

All about MHW Meta

With the announcement of Monster Hunter Raise and the final Fatalis update, our MHW journey has officially comes to an end.

Let take a look at the current meta, the Black Dragon!

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