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Fatalis has becomes the meta now!

If you are looking for the meta Lance Build now, check out the Fatalis Lance Build section. This post will cover the pre-Fatalis meta, which can be served as a progression build guide for Lance players.

Lance Build | Armor Set

Similar to other melee weapons builds, Lance build benefit from the Master Touch & Agitator Meta (After Raging Brachyidos updates) Below are some armors combination that you often see in Lance Builds

The below armor set is ranked base on the following criterias

  • Comfy – The overall comfortable level when wearing the armor (Number of decoration slots, the addition of skills like WEX or Critical Eye…)
  • Elemental Damage – The support for Elemental build (Silver Sol Armor, Azure Age Armor…)
  • Raw Damage – Support for Raw Damage Build (Blast, WEX, Critical Boost…)
  • Craftable Difficulty – The materials/ luck it requires to get the armor, as well as the difficulty of monster (While Raging Brachydios or Teostra is pretty challenging, it is generally easier to get their armor/ weapons compare to the like of Safi’jiiva, Alatreon or Fatalis)

Raging Brachydios + Teostra Armor



Elemental Damage

Raw Damage

Craftable Difficulty

Key Skills – Agitator Secret + Master Touch

Why this is used – The meta is always about to maximize the number, Agitator level 7 allows you to do just that. At level 7, Agitator provides +28 to Attack and a 20% bonus to Affinity. Raging Brachydios set also provides several starting points for skills like Weakness Exploit

Safi’jiiva + Raging Brachydios


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage

Craftable Difficulty

Key SkillsDragonvein’s Awakening + Agitator Secret + Resentment

Why this is used – Dragonvein’s Awakening increase your Attack, Elemental & Ailment status when the weapon is drawn. This skill also drain your HP, making it syncs perfectly with Resentment (Increase Attack while you have the red part on your HP gauge) This build is often used with elemental Lance to increase the damage from Elemental poke.

Safi’jiiva + Teostra Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage

Craftable Difficulty

Key SkillsMaster Touch + Resentment + Dragonvein’s Awakening

Why this is used – Aside from Dragonvein’s Awakening bonus, you also don’t need to sharpen

Full Safi’jiiva Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage

Craftable Difficulty

Key Skills – True Dragonvein’s Awakening

Why this is used – If you reach a certain level with Lance, use this armor set for DPS. This is by far the best increment in DPS (both raw and elemental) skills regardless of the weapon you used. However, if you are not careful, the HP drain can kill you in just a matter of second!

Fatalis Armor


Elemental Damage

Raw Damage

Craftable Difficulty

Key SkillsInheritance, Transcendence (QoL skills) & Whatever you want

Why this is used – All Beta variant of Fatalis Armor gives you three Level 4 Decoration slots, basically let you use whatever you seem fit for the builds. The 2 pieces bonuses Inheritance unlock skills like like Agitator to it’s max level. The icing on the cake is the HP, Stamina and Razor Sharp bonus from Transcendence (4 pieces bonus skills) This should be your go-to as soon as you reach end game. It is recommended to face Fatalis only when you unlock Augmentation for Rarity 12 weapons.

Check out more detail on Fatalis on this guide.

Lance Builds Compilation

Aside from your typical DPS boost skills like Attack Boosts, Critical Eye/Boost, Weakness Exploit (WEX) Agitator… Lance build is often come with Offensive Guard

  • Offensive Guard –

This is a must have skill for Lance. Mastering this skill give you both the damage boost, and increase your Lance gameplay skills.

Raw Damage Lance Build #1 (Safi’s Shattersnout/ Lightbreak Lance + Master Touch & Agitator Secret)

Both Lightbreak Lance and Safi’s Shattersnout can interchangeably be used for this build. Lightbreak Lance is generally easier to get than Safi’s Shattersnout – which requires you to beat Safi’jiiva, grinding it for material, and some luck to get all those Awaken Skills.

This build is all about comfort, it can be used for Guiding Lands, and is a matchup for almost all monsters (Except those are immune to Blast or Alatreon) Coalescence (Phoenix Jewel) can be swapped out for other QoL skills if you face monsters like Diablos or does not inflict any abnormal status.

Agitator Secret combine with your typical Attack, Critical Eye, Critical Boost & WEX add a huge boost to your DPS. Combine the 100% Affinity with Master Touch and you will never need to bring out that whetstone again, letting you focus on dealing more damage during the fight.

If you already skip the Safi’jiiva siege, I suggest just go straight for Lightbreak Lance and follow through till Fatalis.

Raw Damage Lance Build #2 (Safi’s Shattersnout/ Lightbreak Lance + Master Touch & Dragonvein’s Awakening)

This build boasts some very good damage for anyone that can overcome the HP drain from Dragonvein’s Awakening. This is a good addition to any Elemental Lance (without Critical Element) However, as Lance does have lower mobility compared to the like of SnS or Dual Blades, the HP drains can turn a lot of players down.

Elemental Lance Build | Anti-Alatreon Lance Build

Despite the slow attack speed and initial bulky impression, Lance can still be used for Elemental Builds, especially for monsters like Alatreon.

The easiest way for an elemental Lance build is to used Kjárr Lance, which requires some serious grinding to get the correct one (Kjárr Crest “Stream” or “King”)

This Lance build utilizes the classic Master Touch + Agitator Combo from Raging Brachydios and Teostra Armor. Critical Element from Kjárr Crest will help you to topple Alatreon in battle.

Anti-Fatalis Lance Build

As explained in my Insect Glaive Build Guide, aside from boosting your DPS (either by raw or using Dragon weapon) Survivalbility skills are a must against Fatalis.

The typical approach for an Anti-Fatalis Lance build is to max out Divine Blessing, Guard & Fire Res. If it takes you too many times to goes against Fatalis, try getting two pieces of his Armor from the gathered material for a better run.

Anti-Fatalis Lance Build #1 (Alatreon Gleam + Agitator)

You will need an Elemental Resistance meal for this. The boost from Element Conversion can give you some more Dragon Damage out of this Lance. This build dropped the typical comfy Master Touch and aim for more survivability (Divine Blessing, Guard, Guard Up & Evade Window) as well as a little focus on Damage (Dragon Attack + Attack Boost)

Check out our detailed Fatalis guide for more tips on how to fight Fatalis.

Fatalis Lance Builds

The Black Dragon deserve an entire section to discuss why it’s meta.

See all those slots?

Fatalis Armor Set Bonuses

Basically, you will get HP + Stamina Boosts & Razor Sharp for 4 pieces of Fatalis. This comes with the ability to unlock the maximum level of skills that require secret.

True Fatalis Lance

Arch Tempered Velkhana

The latest update introduces Arch Tempered Velkhana – which come with a pretty decent armor set that let you combine for some unique skills together

Fatalis Lance Build #1

DPS, Comfy, QoL… you name it. This is the best as it get, unless you want to min/maxing some number.

Fatalis Lance Build #2

Peak Performance is alway a nice boosts to DPS if you are at a good level with your current weapon. Rimeguard Greaves gives you maximum Peak Performance along with Quick Sheath – a nice addition for Lance.

All about MHW Meta

With Arch Tempered Velkhana, we officially approach the end of MHW Meta now, check out all the best weapons and builds for your favorite weapons in below posts!

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