Insect Glaive Builds Compilation [Fatalis + AT Velkhana Meta]

Insect Glaive Builds | Kinsect Guide

The biggest difference between Insect Glaive compare to other melee weapons is the Kinsect. The number of Kinsects is almost equal to the number of Insect Glaive you can craft. While this may overwhelm new players, trying to categorize and pick Kinsect base on there three main stat is easier to understand

  • Power – Affect the damage of the Kinsect
  • Speed – The time when your Kinsect return to you to give you the buff it collected
  • Heal – The amount of HP restore when your Kinsect collected HP.

For new players to Insect Glaive, Speed can be the priority when picking Kinsect, because this will shorten the time you need to get the boosts when Kinsect hit certain parts of the monster.

With that said, below are some of the widely used Kinsects, base on their stat of Power, Speed and Heal

  • Vezirstag III Forz – Highest Power Kinsect Glaive. This Kinsect has the highest damage of them all (look at those horns! Or it’s teeth?) As a result of this, the Speed capacity of this Kinsect is mediocre, which mean you will need some trick to get the most out of this Kinsect (Positioning yourself and staying near the monster to get the buff faster)
  • Foliacath III Forz – Look at those wings, this is the fast and furious Kinsect, for those who just want the buff, and the buff only. This kinsect also has a moderate Power level, making it’s a pretty easy pick if you just want to get it over with.
  • Valorwing III Medis – For those who prefer more recovery. This also has high speed (same level with Foliacath III Forz) but has a mediocre Power level. The compensation for this probably is the stunning capacity of this Kinsect.

Insect Glaive Builds | Armor Set

Similar to other melee weapons build (Great Sword, Long Sword, SnS, Dual Blades…) Insect Glaive benefits from below armor sets.

Raging Brachydios + Teostra Armor (Master Touch)

Raging Brachydios update gives you one of the easiest armor set to pick in MHW Iceborne. Agitator joins the meta just because of this set’s bonuses.

Kaiser Armors are still used for Master Touch, which is a must for more DPS.

Safi’jiiva Armor (True Dragonvein Awakening)

The True Dragonvein Awakening boost from Safi’jiiva armor increase both your standard Attack and Elemental Damage. The HP drain also syncs well with Resentment.

However, the HP drain can be pretty annoying if you are new to Insect Glaive. Some counter this by augmenting their weapon, but this will negate the Resentment bonus, so pick your poison.

Fatalis Armor (Unlock Skills Level Cap, HP + Stamina & True Razor Sharp)

This is the current meta of MHW. Fatalis armor provides HP & Stamina bonus, as well as level 4 decoration slots for all of your needs on Armor Skills.

The 2 pieces bonus of Fatalis (Inheritance) also unlock skills level cap, open new possibility to mix and match armor.

Insect Glaive Builds

Insect Glaive Raw Damage Build

Lightbreak Press from Raging Brachydios dominates this build. Lightbreak Press is easier to craft compare to the Shatter Glaive and has a higher Blast element with Purple Sharpness.

For general play in Guiding Land and for almost all monsters, this build is the easiest one to pick for Insect Glaive (before Fatalis)

You can switch Lightbreak Press for the infamous Safi’s Shatterspear – which is the previous meta Insect Glaive. Safi’s Shatterspear has significantly lower Sharpness, but can be compensated by two (or 3) Sharpness V.

Anti Alatreon Insect Glaive Build

As mentioned in Alatreon Guide, Alatreon can start in either Fire or Ice Active mode depend on the mission. In the Special Assignment, he will always start with Fire Active, so an Ince Insect Glaive is your best option for this.

Check out other weapons builds against Alatreon (Anti Alatreon Builds for Dual Blades/SnS/ Great Sword/ Longsword/ Hammer)

Ice Insect Glaive Build | Kjárr Glaive “Ice”

Fire Insect Glaive Build | Kjárr Glaive “King”

Both of the above build using the standard best element weapon – The Kjárr weapon. One unique thing is that you don’t actually need elemental decoration. The reason for this is because the Kinsect from Insect Glaive is capable of dealing pretty impressive elemental damage, making it’s a huge asset for the fight against Alatreon.

Anti Alatreon Insect Glaive Build with no Kjárr Insect Glaive?

Don’t like farming for Kjárr Insect Glaive? Aside from using craftable elemental Insect Glaive like Wise Fylos (Velkhana) or Fenrir Rose (Frostfang Barioth) you can check out some of the most unique Anti Alatreon Insect Glaive build here.

u/EchoesPartOne reveal one of the best secret regarding the best Elemental Insect Glaive. It’s the Kinsect!

Check out his analysis here

Insect Glaive Fatalis Build

The Black Dragon Armor and Weapon deserve a whole section to explain why it’s meta!

True Fatalis Dyaus

Wanna get technical with all the frame data, hit zones? Check out this data table from Kiranico

The Fatalis Insect Glaive comes with 1101 base damage. This makes this weapon become the new Raw Damage Insect Glaive despite it’s Dragon Element, the True Raw added with this number damage simply overcomes the 300 Blast Proc from your typical Blast Insect Glaive build. To negate this overpower damage a little, this Insect Glaive (as well as other Fatalis weapon) comes with negative -30% Affinity, making hitting 100% Affinity require some trick)

Fatalis Armor

Your best option is a full set of Fatalis armor. However, if you haven’t beat the final boss of MHW, you can gather his material for two pieces to unlock the Inheritance bonus.

Insect Glaive Fatalis Build (AT Velkhana + Fatalis Armor)

AT Velkhana Helm (Gamma) give you a full boost to Coalescence, which can boost your

The rest will be Dragonhide Beta, Dragonclaws Alpha (For Handicraft 3), Dragonbarbs Alpha (For Weakness Exploit) and Dragonfeet Beta.

This Insect Glaive builds max out Agitator & Attack Boost and give you more survivability with Divine Blessing level 5. The sharpness is also covered by Handicraft. This is your go-to build when you reach Fatalis.

While Coalescence boosts your DPS to a new level, it could never proc for monsters that don’t deal elemental blight, so you can swap out the Helm for Dragonhead Beta, which gives you a nice level 3 Stun Resistance.

Insect Glaive Fatalis Build (2 x Fatalis + Teostra Armor)

Before Fatalis, you are good to go with the standard Lightbreak Insect Glaive Build utilize Master Touch and Agitator.

If you haven’t been able to beat Fatalis, failed runs can also gather enough material for crafting two pieces of the full armor, which gives you the inheritance bonus.

This set can easily give you Divine Blessing 5, and if you prefer some utility, slot in jewel for Tool Specialist 5 – which can reduce the cooldown of Mantles – let you have more time to deal with damage to Fatalis.

Anti – Fatalis Insect Glaive Build

Tribute to u/EchoesPartOne for this build

Technically, Fatalis is pretty hard to build an Anti set for. Even with maximum Fire Resistance, most of his damaging attacks can still cart you if you are not careful. A typical Anti Fatalis build will often rely on QoL skills like Divine Blessing, Power Prolonger & Health Boost.

This is all about survival. Golden Lunemail was used to unlock Divine Blessing 5, and it also comes with Health Boost. Challenger Jewel 4 will require some grinding to get, but overall, this set gives you the best chance to survive Fatalis while dealing enough damage to slay the beast.

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