Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Builds | Wilhelm Enforcer Builds and Skills Guide

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The Enforcer Wilhelm

Wilhelm first appearance is from Borderlands 2 as a boss. Return to Pre-Sequel, he is now one of six playable characters. Wilhelm focus on summoning his drones for combat.

Borderlands Wilhelm Skills Overview

Wilhelm’s action skill is Wolf and Saint. This summons Wolf to attack enemies, and Saint will restore your Health. The cool down is 42 Seconds after activate, but you can recall Wolf and Saint to restore some cooldown.

HUNTER-KILLEREmpower the Wolf drone. Enhance Wolf’s attack power, abilities and add elemental attack to Wolf’s arsenal
CYBER COMMANDOThis enhances Wilhelm own abilities in combat increase gun damage and fire rate. Some skills allow you to add augmentation to Wilhelm’s body
DREADNOUGHTEnhances defense capacity. Increase Saint abilities and add more buff every time Saint is summoned.

Borderlands Wilhelm Best Skills

The below listed out the best skills for Wilhelm only, for the full list of Wilhelm’s skills in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, check out this skill tree tool by lowlidev

Best Wilhelm Skills | Hunter-Killer

  • Afterburner

Enhance Wolf’s speed, your Reload and Bullet Speed. This is good to have for all builds

  • Fire Support

Increase damage for both Wilhelm and Wolf. More damage.

  • Laser Guided

A pretty powerful skill for boss fight and harder raids. This marks a target and increase damage deal to that target.

  • Rolling Thunder

Another Damage Boost for Wolf. This is an easy pick for the build.

  • Scramble

Replace Wolf when it dies and add more time to Wolf and Saint’s Duration. Whatever your build is, put one point to this is always a good idea

  • Omega Strike

It does sound good to have more missiles in your arsenal. But similar to the Turret’s missile, the damage late game may turn some people off. However, combine this with a boost from Rolling Thunder or similar skills, Omega Strike can still deal some impressive damage.

Best Wilhelm Skills | Cyber Commando

  • Laser Focus

Good for anyone love Laser Guns. Otherwise, it’s a pretty basic skill, can drop if you like other guns

  • Targeting Scope

This sync well with Escalation and 50% more damage on Crit is always welcome.

  • Emergency Response

This increase your Fire Rate and Reload speed every time your Shield is depleted for 15 seconds. Good for survivability.

  • Divert Power

Another skill that syncs with Emergency Response and can quickly return you back to combat.

  • Welcome to The Gun Show

Increase overall Gun Damage (15% at level 5) and Reload Speed. The Magazine size and Accuracy is hard to notice, but this is a good pick if you don’t have anything else to spend on.

  • Vengeance Cannon

Add shoulder mounted cannon to your body. This shoot along side with your current equipped weapons. Players reported that you need to stop shooting for the cannon to fire. This is kind of a bummer though.

Best Wilhelm Skills | Dreadnought

  • Auxiliary Tanks

The best skill to boost your Wolf and Saint. This reduce the cooldown and increase the duration of the Action Skill. Given that Wolf and Saint is the core mechanic of Wilhelm, this is a must for any builds

  • Fortify

Good bonus for Gun Damage. The Health increase is a nice bonus

  • Energize

Great for co op play. This skill enable Saint to restore both you and allies shield. The bonus charge rate is also welcome.

  • Rapid Reinforcement

This boost your movement speed and reload speed for every enemy you kill. Wolf and Saint cooldown is also reduced

  • Overcharge

The ultimate of Saint. This is by far the best skill in Wilhelm skill tree. This also affects nearby allies.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Builds | Wilhelm Builds

This build focus on powering up Wilhelm himself and some of his two sidekicks (Wolf and Saint) abilities. Most of the skills in Cyber Commando are picked for this purpose.

You can start off this build either by the Hunter Killer or Dreadnought skill tree. If you prefer a head start in Damage for both Wilhelm and Wolf, pick up Fire Support as soon as you reach level 3. If you prefer to use the active skill more often, Auxilary Tanks from Dreadnought can also be picked.

Dreadnought Overcharge should be your priority as soon as you get enough level. These skills enhance your experience in both solo and coop play. Moving to this skill also increases the durability of Wilhelm and both Wolf and Saint.

After that, both Rolling Thunder and Omega Strike can be combined to have an advantage in combat for Wolf

The rest of the skills are dumped to Cyber Commando – to increase Wilhelm’s mobility, damage and offensive capacity.

This build sync well with Celestial Enforcer class mod.

Borderlands Best Gears for Wilhelm

Below are just some of my personal picks. For the best guide on Borderlands Gears, check out this post

I prefer using Laser gun for Wilhelm, as this sync perfectly with his Laser Focus, and also give Wilhelm an unique appeal compare to other character.

Absolute Zero (Laser Gun)

A legendary drop. Aside from the ridiculous damage number, you also got a nice chance of freezing and a reasonable recoil.

Niveous Mining Laser

This is a perfect pick if you are still on the quest for the best legendary drops. This is the mission reward from “Infinite Loop”

Major Tom (Assault Rifle)

If you prefer some classic pick, this is for you, Major Tom has a unique projectile mechanic, and is super powerful on boss fight

Doc’s Flayer (Shotgun)

A rapid fie shotgun? Enuff said…

Quasar (Grenade mod)

The number are great, but this has a aesthetic syncs with Wilhelm playstyle.

Borderlands Builds Guide

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Builds

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